12 years after the start of their relationship, Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez revealed lies and betrayals during their relationship

12 years after the start of their relationship, Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez revealed lies and betrayals during their relationship

12 years after their relationship, Sabrina Carballo admitted to having betrayed Chanchi Estévez (Video: eltrecetv)

In a new issue of The hotel of the famous, the participants accepted one of the challenges proposed by the production: a game of questions and answers. The one in charge of giving it to his companions was Maximilian Chanchi estévez, who is currently a staff member. And among the guests was an ex-girlfriend, Sabrina Carballo, Who was he in a relationship with 12 years ago?.

When the actress and the former footballer found themselves in front of the cameras, they managed to clarify certain situations of the time, but without giving too many details since both seek to leave their relationship in their intimacy. In the meantime, they cried when remembering it.

“What would you never forgive?”Carballo read in the role assigned to him. “Lie to me”, he answered categorically. Immediately, his teammate Martín Salwe -who was among the players- asked him if Chanchi Estevez he had lied to her when they were a couple. “He tried once, but I understood. He left and came back”the actress recounted the episode she experienced years ago with her then-boyfriend, with whom she had lived.

Then the former player approached the table and the participants invited him to be part of the game. Immediately he took on a role that turned out to be the same as that of his ex-wife, who attempted to alert the situation, but his colleagues still wanted him to respond. “What would I never forgive? Treachery. Not so much the lie. Treachery”Estevez responded emphatically.

“Sabri never betrayed you?” »Salwe wanted to know, under the watchful eyes of those present. The athlete, on the other hand, chose silence and continued his tasks inside the hotel located in the neighborhood of Cañuelas. “I have to take these elements,” he said, prompting the reaction of his companions, who immediately began to sing “traitor” to the actress. Then, in front of the camera and without his comrades listening to him, He admitted that he betrayed anyone his partner.

A few days ago versions emerged that Carballo cheated on Estévez with the actor Nicolas Cabre, with whom she then had an affair for two years. And while in D-moment -the program that Fabián Doman hosts on the afternoons of El Trece- gave different information involving Chanchi and the actor, the driver read on the air a message he had received concerning an episode that had took place in a bowling alley frequented by footballers.

“The one who hit Nico Cabré is the son of a football coach, a friend of Chanchi. When Chanchi went outside to play, he and Sabrina were already fighting, which is why she didn’t travel. She waits for him to come back to separate well. Nico was leaving the bowling alley, the technician’s son berates him, Nico jumps and charges there», the journalist repeated the information he received.

As, Roller Darian Schijman assured that “In addition to Sabrina, Chanchi was with another of the girls who are currently in the Hotel of the Famous. “He’s an excellent person, but he’s unruly,” said the panelist.

Nicolas Cabre

Your love story. Both cultivate a low profile, to the point that the time they were together they did not give interviews or talk about their private lives. There aren’t too many magazine photos either, just the ones they took in the couple’s intimacy, but which will justly remain in everyone’s memory. By then, both were more than consolidated in their respective professional careers: she as an actress and he as a footballer.

Without knowing the exact date, the romance was born in a bowling alley located at olives, in the north. It was between 2005 and 2007, according to what they themselves have told publicly. And the relationship lasted four years, according to the former footballer himself, he told the reality show El Trece. At first they kept it a secret, at least they didn’t go to public places. The first place they went and where they showed themselves as an already consolidated couple was on the anniversary of Alexandra Romeroformer girlfriend of Rodrigo Bueno.

Thanks to Maxi I believed in love again. He is very nice and a very nice guy. That’s what matters most to me about him, that he’s a good person.”Said Sabrina in one of the rare occasions that she allowed herself to speak publicly about her relationship, the one she loved from the start.

During the four years they spent together, Sabrina and Chanchi shared life and couple projects: they made the bet to live together and expanded their family with the company of pets. They also shared the different family events, like any couple.

The reunion of Chanchi Estévez and Sabrina Carballo (Video: “The Hotel of the Famous”, El Trece)

The break came when the athlete went to play abroad, and she stayed in Argentina to fulfill her professional commitments. They thought they could get over the long-distance relationship, but it didn’t go the way they planned. “The relationship was exhausted”, he declared in front of his ex, but also in front of his comrades. In 2008 he starred in Cerro Porteño de Paraguay then, in 2010, he defended the Gela Calcio jersey, in Italy.

In 2011, he returned to play for the country, but at that time the relationship had no return. She had made the decision to separate and end it, and from a distance. Meanwhile, in the division, they had managed to reach an agreement. “I kept the dog and told him to keep the apartment because I didn’t want anything”said the actress.

Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez remember their love story (Video: “The Famous Hotel”, El Trece)

“It’s a bit intense. I put up with it so long, I put up with it a little longer, that’s all”, Estévez joked about reuniting with his former partner 12 years later and on the reality show. In it, a series of intimate interviews were given in which, far from wanting to delve into too many details, the former couple broke down in tears as they recalled their experiences. “The important thing is that I love him. He was never finished. He is my family. If he needs an organ tomorrow, I will give it to him. I really love him”Sabrina assured, showing security and sincerity in her words.

Then, and already in tears, he admitted he felt guilty for deciding to end the relationship despite wanting to fight for his love at the time. “I love him and feel like I broke his heart. We both feel really bad.”he remembers lamenting and seeing the ex-footballer dry his tears. “I like him a lot and I’m also a guy who gets excited“, he argued.

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