8 Things I'd Like To See In Dead Island 2 And 3 That I Don't Want To See In Paint

8 Things I’d Like To See In Dead Island 2 And 3 That I Don’t Want To See In Paint

Dead Island 2 is, by substance and anticipation, one of the most anticipated games of 2023. From its announcement until today, the bizarre action, gore, and zombie adventure has overcome so many problems that it is difficult to count them on the fingers of one person. hand. Therefore, today I reflect and digress from what I would like to see and what I would hate to find in the long-awaited sequel.

It seems like yesterday that Sony, during its E3 Conference 2014confirmed that dead island 2 would be one of the surprises of 2015. Now, over 8 years later, more information is starting to trickle in about a project that seemed destined for ostracism. After several developer changes, the project ended fall into the hands from Dambuster Studios, the controversial British studio Home front: the revolution. And this one, finally, was able to get to work with a project that was meant to get lost forever in limbo.

So the Dambuster Studios team salvaged the pieces of Dead Island 2 in order to piece together their particular “Frankenstein’s monster”. In this way, the company was entered into a titanic challenge that had ended the patience of Yager, known for the height Special operations: the lineand of digital sumo, another British company with almost two decades of experience behind it. For this reason, when it was confirmed that the project had passed into the hands of a new company, fans of the original 2011 title returned to fear the worst And they just quit. However, the situation ended up being different since a few years later his death was confirmed. release date and other features.

For this reason, I decided today to compile a series of elements that I would like to see in Dead Island 2 and, in turn, another aspect that I would not like if it appeared in the title. After so many years of waiting and checking the result of the proof to which my colleague Iván had access, the truth is that the followers of the franchise had time to reflect and organize our wishes. For this reason, below I will capture all that come to mind.

8 things I would like

  • Real change between characters
    One of the main attractions of The first delivery it was the difference between the 4 main characters: Purna, Xian Mei, Sam B. and Logan. Instead of being skins with little or no change, they were protagonists with personality, character, and enough differences to justify selecting one or the other depending on your playstyle. For this reason, I hope that the second part will follow this trend and, despite expanding the list to 6, will not lose its essence in this regard.
  • Prove it’s a sequel
    Although the popular saying goes that “second parts were never good”, there are plenty of examples to prove otherwise. So, although apparently a revolution is not expected so far —and the truth is that the formula does not need it—, I would like to see several compelling reasons that justify the existence of this new opus: a greater variety of enemies, new mechanics, nods to the first installment and even takes advantage of the story of the protagonists, a group of immune infected who take advantage of the best of humans and zombies.
  • Los Angeles Representation
    Hell-A is where the events of Dead Island 2 take place. However, any fan of American geography, so many other video games in the industry (as is the case with GTA V) or game-related news, you will know that it is in Angels. Or, at least, a somewhat dystopian depiction with several zombies walking its streets. Therefore, I’d like to see some character-defining elements of the city beyond those shown in trailers and previews.

  • Loyalty of each weapon
    One of the factors that surprised my colleague Iván the most in his review of Dead Island 2 was the differences between the weapons available. So both the use and outcome of a hammer, sword, or axe, for example, fell far short of the other options present in the game. To the detriment of what I could see when the game will hit the market, I think that’s one of the ideas that piques my curiosity the most.
  • Good use of the open world
    It’s been so long since the first Dead Island was released that we’ve partly forgotten what industry we had back then. For many years, the boom in open worlds has caused many experiences to put aside their usual formulas and capitalize on this growing trend. Today, fortunately or unfortunately for some, it seems that this option has been relegated to the brave who want to use it. For this reason, I really want to see what the sequel to a title that more than ten years ago understood so well is capable of. the virtues of the open world. For examples of successes and failures other than.
  • Leverage the next generation
    Dead Island 2 will arrive in the first months of 2023. This means that by the time of its release, the new generation will have already passed two years of life and will be approaching its third. For this reason, one of the situations that would fascinate me the most would be to discover that the team has taken advantage of the characteristics that it offers with lighting, environment, draw distance, loading times or some facet important as sound designthe key to experiences like this.

Dead Island 2 PC

  • Fun galore
    If anything characterized the original episode, it was the countless fun times. Both in its gameplay and in the personality and comments of the characters, Dead Island stood out in this crucial aspect which arouses so much interest among players. Therefore, in addition to creating a school for other pranks such as Overdrive at sunsetI hope that this trademark is also present in the long-awaited sequel.
  • Great use of management
    Crafting is intended to be one of the most important functions of the future title. Thus, as a player, we will have the possibility of improving and taking care of our weapons, obtaining resources, crafting weapons and other types of virtues that will improve immersion and the experience. This, added to the design of strategies based on the mission that we have to face and the correct use of the skill system, I consider that it can be crucial to take full advantage of the proposal.

3 things I wouldn’t like

dead island 2

  • Repetitive missions and excessive padding
    There’s nothing I hate more in a video game than feeling like I’m wasting time keep him away. As a general rule, I avoid proposals that take a hundred hours to tell you what they could have told you in several dozen (or even less). So, if Dead Island 2 falls into this error and asks the user for more time than necessary, I think that would be a negative aspect that is hard to ignore.
  • Misuse of first person camera
    Living in a post world Resident Evil 7 It made me realize that there are many ways to understand first person gameplay. In Capcom’s experience, without going into much detail, the Japanese team put all the meat on the grill to make the player feel like they were active part of the game. In a title that arrives more than five years later, as is the case with Dead Island 2, I hope that is the least they offer us.
  • That the wait wasn’t worth it
    I admit that this last thought is more poetic than rational. The next installment of Dead Island is one of those cases in a million, a rare industry bird that keeps a project dancing between companies with no apparent direction for years. Unfortunately, situations like this cause confusion for players and, in the end, a shower of thoughts and ideas in their head. And, in a situation as compromised as that of Dead Island 2, it is possible that when the time comes we will have to face reality. A time for which, warning now, I’m not ready.

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