A “deep cranial contusion”: they confirm the death of Debanhi Escobar, the young woman whose disappearance shocked Mexico

A “deep cranial contusion”: they confirm the death of Debanhi Escobar, the young woman whose disappearance shocked Mexico

The prosecutor’s office in the Mexican state of Nuevo León confirmed that the body found Thursday inside a water tank belongs to Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, the 18-year-old girl who disappeared on April 9.

As confirmed by the prosecutor Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero Gutierrez, the scientific tests carried out concluded that the cause of death was a “deep contusion of the skull”, although he stressed that no investigative leads were ruled out in the case.

“We will put all resources in our hands to determine the events that have occurred and, if these indicate a crime, they will be prosecuted to the full force of the law”, he assured in a message shared on the networks.

Debanhi Escobar disappeared almost two weeks ago in a section of the highway between Nuevo Laredo – Monterrey, a few meters from where his body finally appeared in an area that had already been searched by the authorities.

“I’m devastated inside because they killed my daughter, they killed her… I will continue this fight to find the culprits, ”said his father, Mario Escobar, who strongly questioned the work of the prosecution and categorically denied that it could have been an accident.

Asked about the official cause of death given by the authorities, he replied: “Well, they hit him on the head then. What they tell me is a lie. You all know they killed it or planted it, planted it. Don’t tell me now about the questioning of what the Public Prosecutor’s Office said (…). They planted it and killed it, and we need to bring justice to everyone who’s been there and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Hours earlier, Escobar had already shown suspicion that his daughter’s body might have been placed in the area later. “Why did it take so long? How many times did you come here? (…). Four times they searched [la zona]and why does it appear in the fifth? Question: did they plant it? Question: how did it happen?he wonders.

Debanhi’s body appeared in the premises of this hotelReuters

The prosecution confirmed that in the place where the body was found, a preliminary inspection was carried out in which different institutions and the family itself took part, which “did not make it possible to find the now located body “, without giving more details on the reason.

“This is not a circus, my daughter is killed by incompetents (…) Whoever must fall falls,” strongly criticized the father of the family.

Nuevo León is under the spotlight for the wave of disappearances of young women which has been experienced in recent weeks. Last Tuesday, the state government confirmed that so far this year there have been 327 reports of missing women, of which 33 remain unsolved and five appear dead.

Escobar’s case became one of the best known and received great public and media attention.

Debanhi Escobar's father has harshly criticized the authorities' role in the search for his daughter
Debanhi Escobar’s father has harshly criticized the authorities’ role in the search for his daughterReuters

“The father and a waiter want to know the truth: what happened. That’s why I respectfully urge the Office of the Prosecutor to let us know minute by minute, the videos, the photos, the evidence, the searches, the routines, because I firmly believe that we have the right to know what is going on. in this investigation so that the truth comes out”, asked the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia, before the prosecutor’s office confirmed Debanhi’s death.

Given the great importance and interest that the case has aroused, even the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He offered the help of the federal government to the state authorities so that what happened could be clarified as soon as possible.

“This case would also correspond to the office of the attorney general, if relatives and friends are considering it”, proposed the president this Friday.

What do we know about the case?

In the night of April 8 to 9Debanhi Escobar attended a party with two friends in the municipality of Escobedo.

The two friends returned home and left Debanhi there. According to the family, the friends called a “trusted contact” to pick her up from her car.

At dawn, around 4:30 a.m., this contact left the young woman alone on a road in the same town.

One of the most confusing moments of the affair then occurs: the parents receive a photo of the young woman alone on the road, supposedly taken by the driver, and sent by her friends.

From there, the search began.

Last photo of Escobar taken by the driver who picked her up and then dropped her off
Last photo of Escobar taken by the driver who picked her up and then dropped her offSocial networks

As her father announced this Friday based on a video he was able to see, his daughter was allegedly sexually harassed by the driver and that made her get out of the car.

A few minutes after that moment, a security camera recorded her driving to a nearby transportation company, apparently to try to contact someone, but she was unsuccessful. It was the last trace of Debanhi.

For two weeks, volunteers, dogs and even drones participated in their search.

Finally, this Thursday, the body of a woman was found in a water tank located in the facilities of the motel Nueva Castilla, just next to the area where Debanhi was reported missing.

The discovery came after motel employees reported foul odors in the area.

Faced with some of the versions heard in recent hours that raised the possibility that Debanhi accidentally jumped the wall of the hotel and fell into the four-meter-deep cistern, Escobar ruled out that his daughter could have accessed it for his own foot. . or that it was an accident.

“You couldn’t have climbed the fence [el muro perimetral del hotel]”, he claimed. When asked if he could have slipped up, he replied: “It’s a lie, it’s totally a lie, and you have to go to the last consequences so that it doesn’t continue. not to happen.”

Despite the criticisms received, the public prosecutor’s office assured in its message this Friday that accompanied Debenhi’s family at all times and that they will remain “close to them as has happened since the first moment of this investigation”.

In an interview with Mexican news outlet Milenio, Escobar described her daughter as a “sentimental, funny law student…a home girl who barely goes out.”

Nuevo Leon, in the spotlight

Nuevo León, one of the wealthiest states in the country, has been in the national spotlight due to the wave of disappearances of women for several weeks.

More than 20 women, including teenage girls, have disappeared so far this year. These are figures that add to the long list of missing men and women in the country.

Two days before April 9, she was found dead Maria Fernanda Contreras Ruizanother young woman missing in the entity.

At least 10 were found alive, but criticism continues against the authorities.

His mother, like other relatives and friends, actively participated in the search for Debanhi Escobar
His mother, like other relatives and friends, actively participated in the search for Debanhi EscobarReuters

Last Wednesday, Nuevo León decreed “urgent and extraordinary actions” to search for the missing and pay attention to feminicides.

And in a document published on April 11 and published this week, the creation of a “special group” to deal with these crimes was announced.

In addition, the establishment of a Task Force composed of several security institutions was also announced, which had just started its operations with the search for Debanhi Escobar.

While, the inhabitants tirelessly search for those who do not appearconfident that they are alive and do not join the list of victims of endemic gender-based violence in Mexico.

In recent weeks, several demonstrations organized in the country have demanded justice for the disappearances, in particular for the wave in Nuevo León.

During a press conference on April 8, the Secretary of State for Public Security, Aldo Fasci, ruled out the existence of a criminal gang dedicated to kidnapping women.

Since the 1990s, femicides and disappearances of women have increased in Mexico, a trend that has worsened amid the so-called War on Drugs.

Today, it is estimated that every day 10 women are murdered in the country.

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