a double promotion with exceptional discounts

a double promotion with exceptional discounts

PlayStation invites us to dig into the bargains with two events, Golden Week and Games Under €20.

We must be careful to all news published by play station. And it’s not for less, because the Japanese company is raising public expectations for the launch of its new ps plus and, added to that, he has already moved us forward the first games who confirm their presence in the service. Despite this, the Japanese company is aware that players are moved by the experiences they have in video games, and that is why it opens access to its titles with a good assortment of offers.

On this occasion, PlayStation treats us to a double promotion: the golden week and the Games under €20. The first event offers discounts on more than 400 titles of Japanese origin for PS4 and PS5, while the second lives up to its name with sales that reduce the price of many titles to less than 20 euro. Keep in mind that if you want to take advantage of a good deal, you have time until May 11.

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You already know our habit of collecting some of the most interesting offers. On this occasion, we were forced to make a pot pourri with some of the most notable discounts from both promotions, though we still recommend take a look at the PS Store to discover other hidden gems.

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