A federal chambermaid assured at a conference that Cristina Kirchner is a victim of the law and of gender-based violence

A federal chambermaid assured at a conference that Cristina Kirchner is a victim of the law and of gender-based violence

Maid Roberto Boico says Cristina Kirchner is a victim of gender-based violence

the maid Roberto Boico he said that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is persecuted by justice and reiterated that she is a victim of the law. The judge, member of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires since March 2021, participated this weekend in a videoconference organized by the Group prerogativesa Brazilian space “to exchange ideas and opinions always with a progressive vision” -according to its own definition- composed of lawyers, judges, professors and official defenders.

Boico began his speech by defending Cristina Kirchner’s participation in the hearing before the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation in the “Future Dollar” case, in March last year. He denied that the vice president’s speech was political. “What happens is that when a phenomenon such as lawfare comes to light in legal discourse, it is usually we say ‘it’s a political defense’ because it can’t be defended from a legal point of view”. In this sense, he pointed out that law is “the construction of a crime -usually linked to corruption issues- that if we approach it at the usual legal level, there should be no type of cause.

He pointed out that this is a global phenomenon, a new way to exercise political discipline which has two ways of presenting itself. The first -according to Boico- is to try to criminalize those who are already in positions of power, “then those who have or have had or could have power are subject to these judicial processes”.

He also spoke of a preventive law through the legislature “with the enactment of certain laws which will later open the way for the pursuit of law and the judicial persecution of politicians.”

The maid said that an example of preventive law is the law of repentance that, according to him, criminal law and constitutional law pose many problems. “It may be thought of as a bland and innocuous instrument, with little power to generate what comes next, but used in the wrong hands it can be an atrocious tool of persecution”Boyco said. He did not hesitate to attack the judges and the press by taking “This instrument in the hands of judges and prosecutors and dangerous journalism can generate disasters, and in Argentina it has generated them.”

He also questioned the bill of “clean tab” because as he said in Argentina it is very easy to open a criminal case. “One appears in court, takes a journalistic note and says ‘here the journalist said this, this and that, investigate the possibility of a crime by so-and-so. From that moment, a person is, in principle, the subject of an investigation… and with that ends the own file. “Be careful with this, lest because of this sane assertion we enter a scenario where there is precisely persecution for this sane idea that candidates are clean,” Boico said.

Judge of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires Roberto Boico

Elsewhere in his presentation, the judge returned to the issue of law, stating that “it is true that the flag of the fight against corruption is a good title to start generating this climate. In honor of this fight against corruption, the greatest failures or violations of the rule of law and the Constitution are produced. And he added that a feature of the law is that, under the guise of fighting corruption It’s like I have a green light, a clear path to do with the law what I want”.

In another part of the talk, Boico said that “justice is a problem, it is urgent and it must be solved”. Regarding the judiciary, he said that there is a legal culture of privilege, of estrangement from society, which the street does not know. So there is a lot to do and The first thing to do is that everyone can participate in the administration of justice., said the waitress.

Finally, Boico said his former client Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is not only persecuted by judges but also a victim of gender violence. “With Cristina, there is also a particular cruelty which manifests itself in the way some published rather than public opinion refer to this political leader. With a situation of hate too It affects some basic postulates of gender equality that are absolutely violated in this consideration towards Cristina Fernández”said the waitress. In this sense, Boico said that there are some similarities with what happened many years ago “with a great political leader who was Eva Perón”.


Cristina Kirchner’s attorney sworn in as Federal Chamber Judge of Comodoro Pyand

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