A former Big Brother remembered her ordeal on reality TV: 'There were a lot of lies in the background'

A former Big Brother remembered her ordeal on reality TV: ‘There were a lot of lies in the background’

The House of Big brother It has been established as the most famous in Argentina, perhaps because of the controversial events that took place inside. Only those who lived it in their own flesh can be sure if it was a good experience or if it is better left in oblivion. and, although many belong to the first group, there are several who deny their time invested in the cycle. Pamela Bevilacqua is one of them and, eleven years after her participation, she decided to tell the horrors she lived.

A former Big Brother recalled his transition to reality

In 1999, a Dutch businessman had the idea of ​​creating an unprecedented television product.: gather a group of strangers, put them in a house without contact with the outside and make them live together by eliminating one by one. Whoever managed to reach the end would receive the heavy reward. However, what gave it the special touch was that everything would be transmitted in real time. It goes without saying that it was a success and that in a short time the format was reproduced in the rest of the world. In 2001, Big brother arrived in Argentina from the hand of Telefe and has become the most watched program of the moment. Its impact was so great that it had several seasons and even an edition with celebrities was organized.

The House of Big brother it was the scene of a hundred unprecedented moments. Romances, passionate encounters, fights, betrayals, boycotts and even the formation of great friendships. Audiences consumed it voraciously as the minute-by-minute rawness made it the perfect show to satisfy the morbidity that characterizes reality TV-loving audiences.

Big Brother started in 2001archive

The contestants quickly learned the rules of the game, and the more outrageous they were, the more fans they amassed. This way, each new litter was wilder and more controversial with the desire to become the best in the eyes of the public. People loved them and a special channel was even created to broadcast 24 hours a day what was happening inside the most famous house in Argentina. However, over the years, the testimonies of former candidates who have decided to make known the dark reality are multiplying. that they have had to face throughout these weeks.

One of them was Pamela Bevilacqua who agreed to conduct an interview with Juan Etchegoyen in miter live, the cycle of interviews broadcast on the Radio Miter networks. During the conversation, the participant of the cycle published in 2001 -and which consecrated Cristian U as the winner- shared unpublished details about his passage to the program.

Cristian U was the winner of the broadcast season in 2011
Cristian U was the winner of the broadcast season in 2011Archive

To stay in the middle, we had to agree and I kinda did it anyway. It also had to generate other very awkward content in a woman’s life. Quilombos or situations that didn’t fulfill me, it hurt me to have to do things that they didn’t want to happen. Lots of lies in the background”voiced the Cordovan, in reference to the multiple insignificant fights that took place in front of the cameras.

And he added: “There are women who do that, forced to be cool. You know they touch you too much and because of the possibility of getting something nothing ever happened to me in time but if I was talking to women who hadn’t entered the house because they were sleeping with someone I have known girls who even accepted because they asked for sex at the casting.

Pamela Bevilacqua spoke about her experience in Big Brother 2011
Pamela Bevilacqua spoke about her experience in Big Brother 2011archive

Likewise, he referenced Cristian U’s controversial triumph and hinted that everything was agreed from the start. “At the house of Big brother we weren’t allowed in the confessional all the time and he couldSo that seems wrong to me. And not to mention later when he left and returned when the contract was clear that a participant who left the house by choice could not return and that he did not respect it. That I win was fixed because I gave them a rating,” he said.

Finally, he said: “They don’t tell us what to say or what to do, but when I was outside I realized that they were editing what people were consuming, it was a lie that it was on the air. live 24 hours a day 24 hour service was sold for a signal When that didn’t happen my grandma told me there were times when the transmission was cut off.

However, Already far from the world of entertainment and after having put everything he has experienced into perspective, Bevilacqua said he was satisfied with his current life. She’s also grateful for staying away from the media and choosing a career that fulfills her.

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