A hidden letter revealed infidelity: The story behind the viral video of a mother singing with her daughter

A hidden letter revealed infidelity: The story behind the viral video of a mother singing with her daughter

Nearly two years after his father’s infidelity came to light, Guadalupe is spending a lot of time together and having fun

“And I warned you, you screwed up, you slept somewhere else, you burned with me, now go to Mars, here, I don’t want you here”, sang in chorus mother and daughter, inside of a car, the theme March by Sofia Reyes and Maria Becerra. The recipient: the father of one, the unfaithful ex-husband of the other.

The TikTok video has gone viral. And she, user @armandoadiego, shared another video at the request of his large audience. This time on the story of deception. His supporters wanted to know the reason for the separation. What had happened to a daughter to encourage her mother in this catharsis that was all the rage in this network.

“I told my mother that this letter was written for her, that she learns it, that she wears it all day so that she can release her emotions. Later it made me laugh because when we recorded I changed the lyrics, he didn’t know it well. We always sing together in the car, my mother has been a number one fan of Luis Miguel since she was eleven, and I know the lyrics, so we sing his songs; or we listen to Ricky Martin songs”.

Guadalupe (21), that’s the name of the tiktoker, did not hesitate to tell the story that triggered the separation of her parents, because she is used to telling bluntly everything that happens to her. For her, her followers are a safety net, never leaving her alone. On the contrary, they send her messages that strengthen her. This is how he was encouraged to tell them a few months ago that he suffered from depression and later anorexia. “For me, it’s also a way of accepting the problems we have,” he explains about his attitude on the networks.

By telling Infobae the facts of how his mother Gabriela (48) found out about his father’s infidelity, his voice is cut off, she is still losing it due to anguish. A grimace of sadness invades her mouth, because the separation from her parents, in 2020, put her on edge. “I love both my parents, it’s not the death of anyone that the parents separate, but for me it’s the worst thing that has happened to me,” he says.

María Becerra shared viral video of mother and daughter singing the song Mars which they dedicated to her cheating ex-husband and father

Until the end of 2019, he says, his family was “like the Ingalls”. An indestructible block of four (He has a brother a year older). Guadalupe mispronounces the name of the series, she barely knows who they were, but she is clear that they were very close like her family. That when something happened to someone, everyone was there to help and support them. “In the afterlife, my parents were great partners. On Sundays, we would go out to eat. So, one day of the week, my father would receive cinema tickets so that the four of us could go”.

The tiktoker, who in other times witnessed the separation of the parents of her friends, thought she was not going to understand. “Mine will never separate,” I said. But it so happened that I had just come from an exchange trip to Australia for two and a half months and I immediately learned that my parents were separating. For me, it was a bucket of cold water. my life has changed forever“, he underlines.

For the young woman, her parents were the protagonists of a great love story. He was a coordinator in Bariloche during his mother’s graduation trip. Since that trip, they were together. “It was a love movie. And my mother had it. It will have been beautiful to experience that, that your coordinator gave you the ball. In reality, my father had fallen in love with her and she was pretending to be important,” she laughs, enjoying the story. Guadalupe wanted to repeat history on his graduation trip to Porto Seguro. But that didn’t happen.

One of his mother's happiest days, dancing the waltz with his father, on his wedding day with the coordinator of Bariloche

One of his mother’s happiest days, dancing the waltz with his father, on his wedding day with the coordinator of Bariloche

He says his father, 55, has always had the gestures of a very loving man, as he once unexpectedly invited his aunt from the United States to please his mother. Sometimes he received tickets for a dinner show to listen to Luis Miguel, his idol.

the impossible card

“One day my mother, while arranging the family’s work papers – before my father’s office was inside the house – she found a letter and on the third page it was written: “You are the love of my life, I only want you for myself, you make me super happy.” And my mom was excited, because she thought it was for her. Then he looked for the first leaf and found the name of the mine. It was ugly. It’s been two years since that happened.”, remember. The family has a business dedicated to providing food for schools. The new love of the father turned out to be the teacher of one of these schools.

Guadalupe had arrived from her exchange in Australia the same week. As if everything was prepared for her to be at her mother’s side at a critical moment. “I was at home and I heard a cry of pain and it was my mother crying. I read the letter and my world fell apart. My father was my hero. My example to follow. Finding this was very difficult. And for my mother, this 18-year-old girl who fell in love with her coordinator and spent 30 years with him, it was very painful. He didn’t see it coming. They had just come from a trip to Spain and never imagined that my father would do this. The story began a week before my father’s trip to Japan in November 2019, and the letter was found in April 2020. The letter was on the desk the whole time. It was really inexplicable,” he said.

When she found out about the infidelity, Guadalupe's world crumbled, but today she continues to have a close and loving bond with both of her parents.

When she found out about the infidelity, Guadalupe’s world crumbled, but today she continues to have a close and loving bond with both of her parents.

“Fortunately I was accompanied in all of this by my brother who did everything so that I moved forward and that I did not suffer so much. I fell into what I fell into, because I was trampled on by d “other problems. I was going through my own separation. I started to look bad in the mirror. My brother, who is a warrior, was by my side while my mother couldn’t even enter the house, because he was very difficult to get into the place my father had always dreamed of,” he says.

And he continues: “Little by little, I began to understand that my father is a person who has feelings. It’s not that he stopped thinking about me. I know he loves me and always will. I realized that I missed my father and needed him at home and was very angry. But for something, life wanted us to learn this. He gave us a slap that made my brother and me grow very fast. But my father is human. He hurt, but he apologized to my mother.

“I made the video with my mum because the separation made me angry with her too, I don’t know why. These are things that happen in life and it can happen to anyone. I started to get addicted to making videos and singing songs with her. When I lost myself in depression and slipped into anorexia, my mom taught me to have fun. And I I was like, ‘Why don’t I do this with her and we both move on?’ “.

His mother Gabriela had lost 15 kilos after the separation. His daughter assures that he overcame depression but has not found the smile of before. So why not sing?

Mother and daughter spend a lot of time together and support each other

Mother and daughter spend a lot of time together and support each other

Guadalupe now lives with her mother and they are encouraged to leave whatever has caused them sadness. They share weekends, dining out, girls’ nights out, and the series. The mother is also always present during her treatments and when she cannot sleep alone. “I am a technician in the design and management of aesthetics for fashion. Now I study digital graphics. I’m into editing videos and generating content for brands,” he says of his activities.

What happened when your dad found out about the viral TikTok video from the media? “He didn’t bother except for the title I put on it (‘To my dad who cheated on the best woman in the world’). It’s a title I didn’t think much about. Beyond that, later on, it was funny to see me laughing with my mom and them calling me media,” says Guadalupe.

“Today I’m going to see Estudiantes with my father, even though I don’t like football,” he said. Despite the fact that her TikTok account references Maradona, opening it was nothing more than a device to get the attention of a boy she liked. “It served me as a joke to get a child up. Diego Maradona does not attract my attention, he never moved me a hair“, he says.

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