A never-before-seen photo of Ricardo Fort and Guido Süller appeared when they were a couple

A never-before-seen photo of Ricardo Fort and Guido Süller appeared when they were a couple

Ricardo Fort and Guido Süller were a couple when they were young

At first glance, the photo shows two young men dressed as Egyptians, with very little clothing, hugging and having fun at a party. But if we look closely at their faces -heavily made up, by the way- there is no doubt about their identity: they are, neither more nor less, than Fort Richard Yes Guido Suller. The image is unpublished and came to him anonymously and by private message from instagramto the media

I do not have the original of this photo. Someone sent it to me, I wrote to that person, but they didn’t answer me anymore. Either he blocked me or he didn’t follow me anymore, it seemed very strange to me. It has to be a person of my age more or less, the age of Ricardo”, confirmed Süller in dialogue with TV show. And, in that sense, he pointed out that it’s not faked: “I know my body and that of Ricardo. It’s authentic and I also remember it perfectly, because it was the second time we dressed up as Egyptians. The first time we dressed in different outfits, but he was annoyed that I was showing too much, he tore my outfit and we argued that we couldn’t go. And the second part we agreed that we were going to go there the same two”.

But beyond the origin of the postcard, seeing it brought back countless memories. “It gave me a lot of emotion because there are things in my memory that are gradually being erased and suddenly it appears, a fan has opened up for me. I remember a young man, laughing, dancing, seducing everyone, happy and full of this freedom which had been forbidden to us during our adolescence. It was very exciting to see her, that’s why I tried to communicate with this person, who had a private account and did not have a photo. But it must be someone who was at the party that day.”

The unpublished photo of Ricardo Fort and Guido Süller during a costume party

The unpublished photo of Ricardo Fort and Guido Süller during a costume party

And he detailed the context of the image: “It happened more than 30 years ago, in 1988. Argentinian gay millionaires threw parties and invited cute boys, and we were the cute boys. But we weren’t prostitutes, we were terribly seductive and we wanted everyone to die for usbut in reality we were a couple, so we never went with anyone.

Guido remembers that in those years, just after the end of the dictatorship, it was very fashionable to dress up. “We came from the time of the military, that nothing could be done, and suddenly there was a kind of joy among the Argentines because we had recovered democracy and one way to celebrate it was to dress up, to painting and putting things in. We were young and pretty, that’s why we are half-naked, because we were the snack that everyone wanted to eat. They were gay parties in private homes because there was almost no gay bowling, they weren’t allowed”.

Returning to the present, Silvia’s brother takes the opportunity to clarify the reason why he will not be part of the series which will tell the life of the chocolate businessman. “They called me, but they gave me an insignificant role and I didn’t accept. They told me I had to be in the fourth chapter, but I was his first partner. They wanted him to be like walking into a museum, looking at his clothes among thousands of people, like he was a fan. I was offended because they treated me like I was making it all up, which is why I’m so glad this photo came out. We were a couple and we even lived together in Punta del Este, they distort the real story. And he pointed out:I loved Ricardo for his heart and not for his wallet. When he went out with me he had no gripI paid because he didn’t work and his parents didn’t pay him because they wanted him to work in the factory and he didn’t want to”.

Finally, he spoke of the family prisoners who went on a rampage after the death of Gustavo Martinezex of the media and who had been entrusted with his children, Martha Yes Philip. “I think they’ve already erased him, Gustavo gave his life for those boys and didn’t get what he expected in return. He expected more love, more affection, more of gratitude and today’s boys are colder These guys have discovered money and money makes frivolous The girl does not, but It seems to me that Felipe has strange attitudes, but I’m not a doctor or anything to judge him. But his look scares me a little”, and closed: “Gustavo Martínez and I were the only two people who loved him for his heart”.

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