Actress Amy Schumer said she received death threats for a joke she made at the Oscars

Actress Amy Schumer said she received death threats for a joke she made at the Oscars

Amy Schumer had a difficult task with her colleagues Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes, to be the hostesses of the last Oscar ceremony, the awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, the presentation of which had taken place without presenters on previous occasions. The responsibility of commissioning such an important event has become daunting for comedians due to the reception from viewers and the scrutiny of social media.

This is precisely what happened to Schumer with one of the jokes he made on the night of Sunday March 27, when in a gag, he described actress Kirsten Dunst as a ‘seat heater’took her from her place and sat down beside her husband, Jesse Plemons, both nominated for a statuette for Jane Campion’s film, The power of the dog.They threatened me with death for that“, revealed the creator and protagonist of Life and Beth in dialogue with Howard Stern on his radio show.

The actress said the situation had become so difficult that she was contacted by the US Secret Service to intervene if she deemed it necessary. “Seriously, it happened,” he said to Stern’s disbelief. “I told them they had the wrong number, that I was Amy and not Will be [Smith]joked Schumer, before getting serious. “They told me it was me who was getting a lot of death threats, the misogyny is unbelievable,” noticed.

On another side, The comedian reiterated what she should have explained on other occasions: that this gag was orchestrated with Dunst and Plemons, and that it was not an off-the-cuff joke. “I already tried a lot of jokes with the person who was going to receive them, like with Leonardo DiCaprio, and he was also not bothered by something he had prepared; and his girlfriend, Camila [Morrone]is the coolest person there is, and they didn’t care what he said about them,” he revealed. “I didn’t want to say anything and have the camera record an actor’s uncomfortable face,” he added.

Amy Schumer, Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst and a joke that cost the comedian dearlyChris Pizzello – Invision

Although several sections of the Oscar presentation were inevitably overshadowed by the “Slapgate” (slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock)some jokes by the hostesses have been questioned, such as the one for which Schumer was threatened.

“Okay, it takes 27,000 people to host the Oscars and every job is just as important. There’s the illuminators, the cameramen, the ‘heated seats’ [la gente que es invitada pero no está nominada]. Everyone, it’s okay. So what are seat warmers for? I hear they’re filling seats, I’ll explain what they’re doing,” the comedian said, then asked Dunst, who was seated next to her, for the seat. Plemons, his companion since 2016, with whom he has two children.

The hostess added, “Actually, let me show you what seat warmers do,” she said. in Plemons pointing and clarifying Dunst: “Okay, here’s a seat to warm up. Can you move, honey? Do you want to go to the bathroom? OK? We’ll get you up.”

The actress was uncomfortable, in what was a clear acting exercise that was not understood that way by viewers, who considered Schumer was embarrassing. At that point, the hostess sat down in her seat and pretended to flirt with Plemons: “Jesse, I loved you in dog power”. The actor was firm with his response: “Do you know I married her?” “Are you married to this heated seat? It’s very strange ! replied Schumer.

Amy Schumer's message on her Instagram account
Amy Schumer’s message on her Instagram

Social media echoed the moment and spoke of an “unforgivable humiliation” of Kirsten Dunst. Because of this, Schumer had to explain that the joke was still consensual. According to the comedian, the “joke” was arranged with the actors.

The comedian also claimed that she had no intention of making the Oscar nominee uncomfortable and would never “disrespect” her in such a way.. “Hey, I cherish the love of Kirsten Dunst,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “I love her too! It was a part of the act that she was also involved in. I wouldn’t disrespect this queen in this way,” he concluded, leaving no room for doubt and also to put an end to the death threats he was receiving.

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