Adele's radical decision that worries her fans

Adele’s radical decision that worries her fans

He was his right arm in the conception of his shows and, nevertheless, Adele chose to prioritize the launch of his long-awaited residency in Las Vegas and which involved the dismissal of Esmeralda Devlin, his close collaborator in the development of his shows.

According to what was reported by the portal Page 6, The British singer is “desperate” to fulfill this contract which she suspended in January this year, to the anger of her fans, who had already bought tickets. Adele suspended her shows a day before the start of the first concert and The decision to release Devlin is of greater concern given that the staging will return to zero and the residency will be delayed longer than expected.

Adele, in her last public appearance to date, in February, at the BRIT AwardsTOLGA AKMEN – AFP

“Adele now wants a complete overhaul,” reported The Telegraph. Therefore, following Devlin’s dismissal, immediately hired Kim Gavin, the artistic director of the group of boys Briton Take That, and member of the Stufish team, which designs Rolling Stones concerts. “The idea is to form a creative duo who can design a whole new show, since everything that Esmeralda thought was rejected by Adele”, communicated a source close to the orchestration of the shows.

Adele, 30,'s new album hasn't premiered in Las Vegas so far
Adele, 30,’s new album hasn’t premiered in Las Vegas so farSimon Emmett – Sony Music

The drastic dismissal of your employee logically impacts the waiting time for a specific date in the rescheduling of the residence, date that the fans, unable to be reimbursed for the money invested in the tickets, wait with annoyance that they pour out on the networks.

Let’s remember that Adkins and Devlin conducted what witnesses described as “an explosive argument” in the process of assembling the titled residence. Weekend with Adele. “Although it cost millions to put the set together, Adele was not happy with the result and made it very clear to Esmeralda,” a source close to the team revealed. “She was already nervous and the fight freaked her out, because she desperately wanted everything to be perfect.”

According to some versions, fights with Rich Paul were an incidental factor in Adele's mind to complete the residency - Photo: Getty Images
According to some versions, fights with Rich Paul were an incidental factor in Adele’s mind to complete the residency – Photo: Getty ImagesGetty Images – Getty Images North America

The return of the artist on stage for the presentation of his fourth album, 30, could not materialize whereas in January of this year, 24 hours before the start of his residency in Las Vegas, Adkins announced that he was canceling it due to force majeure.

Due to, concerts scheduled for January, March and April they were adjourned. Although Adele explained through a video on her social networks, in which she was seen very sad, that the decision had been made because his team had the Covid and elements were missing for the shows to be perfect, the publication The sun He reported that the cancellation responded to other reasons, among them, bad predisposition of the singer, stage fright and disgust with the design of the production.

Adele announced with a video the suspension of her shows in Las Vegas

Those responsible for the sets that had been installed in The Colosseum theater at Caesars Palace reported that among the attractions of the show was a swimming pool they had installed on the stage which the artist did not like. Adele he defined it as “an old pond” and refused to continue participating in joint creative decisions.

“The intention was to fill the pool while lifting it with a crane-like mechanism, creating the illusion that it was floating in the water,” they detailed. On another side, The daily mail He also communicated with the Las Vegas team and the dissatisfaction was notorious, so much so that They assured that working with Adele “was a nightmare”. Also new york post office revealed that the British singer couldn’t calmly go through any rehearsals and her dating was an incidental factor.

“Adele was crying and screaming, and she was still on the phone with her boyfriend, and very broken,” they reported, in connection with sports agent Rich Paul, with whom he allegedly argued on several occasions. After his controversial residency suspension, he was Keith Urban who ended up replacing Adele, who in February publicly reappeared for awards that showcase the best of British music: the Brit Awards. adkins swept in the categories of best album for 30, best song for “Easy On Me” and best artist of the year; Additionally, he performed one of the most acclaimed songs from his fourth album, “I Drink Wine.”

that same weekend, appeared on the Graham Norton Showor hinted that she is engaged to Rich Paul, She explained her desire to be a mother again next year and alluded to the controversy over the shows being cancelled. “The residency in Las Vegas will definitely be done this year because I want to have a child next year,” he said.

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