Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich speak out after Graciela Alfano's resignation live: 'There hasn't been a big wave'

Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich speak out after Graciela Alfano’s resignation live: ‘There hasn’t been a big wave’

Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich spoke out after Graciela Alfano resigned live

Nothing to say, everything happened in the air“, he summed up Adrien Pallares before consulting TV show after the surprise live resignation of Grace Alfano in the air of Show partners (The Thirteen). “It seemed to me that sometimes, and I tell you this coldly, they did not look at me. Let’s take charge. And they didn’t look at me, not because they’re rude or rude, maybe it had nothing to do with the features of the program. I was painted here, then at some point I said, ‘I come here to clac (applaud)?’. It seemed to me that it was necessary to bleach, the boys, plus you, Adrián, I tell you to your face, you are suffering, I swear to you, ”slammed the diva to Pallares but also to Rodrigo Lussichthe other engine of the cycle.

For me with Graciela everything is fine. Then we discuss when the program ends; and personally, everything is perfectAdded Adrian. A little later, Lussich gave his views when approached by a cell phone from LAM (America). “Apparently Graciela is not comfortable on the show and we found out out of the blue. Because he was on the Carmen show, he went there to talk about it, and I had spoken yesterday with the people of the channel. The truth is we didn’t know. And what was seen was what happened in the air, basically,” the Uruguayan agreed with his partner.

“What happened is not what we prefer to happen on the air. But it doesn’t feel like the end of the world either. I mean, beyond the textbooks, we’re creating a program where the footprint rules all the time. So we won’t care either if it happens to us“, analyzed Lussich.

The unexpected resignation of Graciela Alfano from Partners of the show

Regarding the link with Graciela as a panelist, Rodrigo assures that “there was never the intention to bother her, to make her uncomfortable… Mistreating her, even less. I think the word ‘abuse’ is very trivialized for things that have nothing to do with it. We all know and have worked with abusers, we know what it is like to work under abuse. It happened to me, as a panelist, that I did not hit the wave with the program, I did not hit the wave with a driver or with a driver, I did not add what the program needed”, he compared. And he summarizes:It’s everyday bread: it can happen to all of us, no matter which side of the counter we are on”.

He also insisted that they didn’t know Graciela was uncomfortable on the program. “He never said that. She toyed with it a bit about fucking Adrián, which maybe could come across in some way when she says something semi-brave sexually. Who reacted: “Well, Graciela…”, but never a place to silence or upstage her. It’s Graciela Alfano, guys. He has strength for everything he does, for good and for bad. He knows where to hit, where to go, how to say. He’s got a fucking job even for that. It will not go unnoticed. If you want to make noise, you can. If you don’t want too. It’s her,” Lussich considered.

“She never said she was uncomfortable in the program,” Rodrigo Lussich said of Graciela Alfano’s surprise resignation from Partners of Shows.

He also recounted how Alfano felt during the first days on the program. “I have always seen her very integrated. She herself, when the program started, called me on the phone and said: “I want to be one of the girls and be part of the game they play. If you come to a program that plays a game, you play it. If not, don’t come’“, revealed.

“She will have her reasons for not feeling comfortable and we will have to listen to her like any colleague. It doesn’t appear to me that there was any neglect, abuse or anything like that. That’s why you have to be careful with words,” Lussich insisted. “Maybe it wasn’t a big wave, maybe she didn’t feel comfortable, yes. Daily life may not go as planned… But it happens all the time, it happens to all of us on all the shows, in the role that touches us,” he concluded.

"Out of respect for my colleagues, with whom I am on screen with them until the end of the contract at the end of the month, we will leave everything there"said Graciela Alfano after resigning from Partners of the Show

“Out of respect for my colleagues, who I am on screen with them until the end of the contract at the end of the month, we will leave everything there,” said Graciela Alfano after her resignation from Show Partners.

at the exit of Show partnersGraciela had been approached by cellphones and limited herself to what she had said on the air without adding anything: “It was pretty clear what I said in the program. I have nothing more to say on this and, out of respect for my colleagues, with whom I am always on screen with them and until the end of the contract at the end of the month, we will leave everything there. Nobody got angry. No anger, none. No, no,” he said goodbye from the car.

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