After her controversy with a painter, Viviana Saccone accuses a mason of having scammed her: "I am a villager of confidence"

After her controversy with a painter, Viviana Saccone accuses a mason of having scammed her: “I am a villager of confidence”

Viviana Saccone’s home is still in chaos, but she’s finally found the right people to finish her job

This week, Viviana Saccone was embroiled in a major controversy that erupted in Twitter. It all started because the actress made public a message sent by the painter that she does home repairs and that many users have not forgiven her. ‘I warn you we’re not going today, the boys don’t want to get wet, so I’m not going alone. We don’t ‘see tomorrow’ (sic). Signed: the painter. Work culture ». A little later, he admitted: “As well, I must say that they work very well. But today they had to prepare the whole wall. They’ve been working for three weeks, and I’ve put everything back together. The ‘boys don’t want to get wet’ knocked me out (the work is inside not just the paint)”.

In the meantime, and after the criticism he received for not understanding the worker – to which he responded in part – Saccone also shared the friendly back and forth you had with the painter who even gave her a bed backrest and shelves.

But this Thursday, Viviana revealed the story behind hiring this painter. Because until now, we did not know that before contacting him, she had been defrauded by another mason, who left her house in ruins. “Since my tweet about the ‘painter’ (whom I’ll call M, because if there’s anything I’ve never done is scratch it, as those who always say bad things always say) aroused so much interest in public opinion, I will refer to it a little history so that they know certain things from the beginning”, he began by expressing himself, opening a “thread” to tell the details.

So began her story Viviana Saccone

So began her story Viviana Saccone

And he continued: “Last year I sold my house and bought another one. This one needed repairs, adding a room and other things as it was quite old. I didn’t have a lot of money, rather little, so someone recommended me to a mason who had worked for 30 years with his family. This man (I’ll call him F) came to see the house and we agreed on a quote. We sign a contract. That would be 60 days straight with the heavy fabric included and I’d take care of everything else. Mid-September 21, work began”.

“It all started well. My friends and acquaintances can say that I kept saying wonderful things about F, it generated incredible confidence and respect in me, which I was grateful for as I could barely be on the job site as I was working on The Academy and theatrical tour. Understand that I am a breadwinner, so working (no matter what) is often my best option,” he clarified.

Viviana Saccone's Twitter feed recounting the scam a bricklayer made her

Viviana Saccone’s Twitter feed recounting the scam a bricklayer made her

In this sense, he recounts the economic sacrifice that involves him: “F asked me for the apartments. ‘First class’ because it does not work second hand. Durlock also doesn’t work because it comes from the brick, like the best ones, and neither does Microcentro or smoothing, so I bought, with all the effort in the world, the porcelain first dream that I loved so much”.

But at some point the problems started. “The days passed and the work was slow. “It was like that at first,” F told me. And I trusted. He was so confident that of the US$3,000 we had agreed I would keep for the end of the work, he asked me if I wouldn’t give him US$2,000., because he had a unique opportunity to change trucks,” he continued. And he pointed out:and I gave them. When December arrived, I started to hurry because I had to leave the apartment I was renting. So I found a job in Cordoba, I said to myself: “I’m going to leave the furniture at home, there isn’t much left”. I did it. I moved the furniture. I went to Cordoba. In February, the relationship with F was strained”.

In this way, the actress continued her long outing: “I’ve been through enough, haven’t I? Yes, here they may think “that’s stupid…” And yes, I am a confident country girl. It usually happens to people from honest families. Anyway… In February, I asked F from Córdoba for answers on the progress of the work. The hour of return approached and nothing.

Viviana Saccone told what was the moment when she started to be suspicious of the mason

Viviana Saccone told what was the moment when she started to be suspicious of the mason

I called the person who recommended it to me and I couldn’t believe the condition it was in, not only the work but also my furniture inside the house. He tried to take matters into his own hands at the last moment, to save the day and I could only say that I didn’t know what happened“, she underlined with indignation.

And he listed the excuses that the mason gave him: “That the country had gone mad, that the dollar and I don’t know what… Question, I came home and saw that I had paid to have it destroyed. It was worse than how I bought it. My ruined furniture. He started a battle with F because he fulfills his contract. He said he was out of money and if he wanted me to finish it he had to pay more. In addition (and it’s even funny) I had to pay him some extras, so I also owed him money. There I call a lawyer, this man has nothing to his name so I give up submitting myself to a trial for nothing. ‘Force Vivi’, I say to myself, ‘I continued and everything will improve’. Of course, from that moment on, my daily struggle was not to punish myself for having trusted again. Because faced with the scam of the other, the worst thing is that we feel guilty, when in reality the other is the hdp”.

The apologies and the money the mason asked for

The apologies and the money the mason asked for

Faced with the critical situation he was going through, Saccone tried to readapt and it was at this time that he met his current painter. “Imagine that I lost the whole year of work in this house; every peso earned was donated to F. That means a lot of effort and time not shared with my daughters. There appears Mr. Have you seen how far there is still to go? I was with all my sadness and desolation on my back, picking up the pieces of months of illusion dreaming of my home (at this point in the story, a bit of melodrama helps) when someone wonderful who appeared in my life tells me that they know someone, that they have done work for them and very well. The only thing I wanted was my beautiful, livable home”.

But the problem was that he had to start all over again. “Zero walls, zero floors (yes, porcelain doesn’t work, it’s so bad) finish the bathrooms, and if I had to pay again, may the best come. M is really very good. Works great. The work is very expensive but he does it well.

“Until the day of the tweet. At 8:20 in the morning he writes to me that they are not coming because the boys do not want to get wet and he, to come alone, does not come. I repeat, he, coming alone, does not come. Imagine if at this point in the game I was going to get angry. I am already delivered,” he said.

Eventually, Saccone was able to find the right person to complete the repairs he needed to make to his home.

Eventually, Saccone was able to find the right person to complete the repairs he needed to make to his home.

And he further clarified:I wrote the tweet because “I’m not going to go it alone” made me laugh, but the truth is I want them to end. At two o’clock that day, the sun split the earth. It was a lost day for me, but I was already delivered. AM would choose him again because he works very well, I would recommend him”. And he showed a photo of the chaos they left him: “And everything is so good, that He didn’t come today either because there are elections in the guild. And here I am, writing an endless thread sitting on the rubble”.

Finally, and after also thanking Laura, the architect who helps her for free, she left a powerful reflection on the hateful: “The most striking thing in this whole story is the people of Tweeter. These are the people who have the mouth water to destroy anyone as soon as what they read as evil appears. They are vampires. They despair. They show their teeth when the other bleeds. They proclaim themselves defenders of nothingness itself and in the name of that they kill anyone. They are violent. And ignorant because they don’t realize that what they say is about them, that’s how they see the world because that’s how they would act. Like honest trusts, motherfucker thinks everybody’s a mess”. “Have a good day. I’m really lucky.”

Viviana Saccone's reflection on the "hateful" on social networks

Viviana Saccone’s reflection on “haters” on social networks

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