Agustina Cherri’s reaction to learning of the controversial end of La 1-5/18: “I had a hard time accepting it”

This Friday completed 1-5/18. After a perhaps useless time jump, all the problems of the inhabitants of this emergency district which served as the setting for the fiction of eltrece have been resolved and the characters who have managed to survive the whims of the scriptwriters have succeeded to live happily, as if they were characters in a classic tale of princes and princesses. This almost fantastic ending did not satisfy a large part of the comic book fans. Agustina Cherri, one of the protagonists of the fiction, echoed the criticism and gave her opinion.

“It was an atypical ending,” he began by saying, after carefully considering the words he was going to use. “At first, I had a hard time accepting it,” he finally confessed in an interview conducted by Catalina Dlugi in her radio cycle Wait for Catalina. However, aware, perhaps, that his remarks were going to generate a stir in the media, he added, in a tone of conviction: “But it’s okay… The story needed it.” The ending is good, it’s worth it. For everyone who saw the novel over the year, it was beautiful; The return of fiction after the shutdown imposed by the pandemic was beautiful. We forget that: it was the first fiction that marked the return, betting, with a production company, Polka, that it was very bad. And it worked, people banked it”.

Lorenzo (Esteban Lamothe) and Lola (Agustina Cherri) finally had their happy endingcatches

The actress also spoke about her character’s first postponed love scene, Lola, with father Lorenzo (Esteban Lamothe), and also did so with a screenwriters’ critical evening: “It took a long time! took so long to arrive, they stretched it so much, that it arrived in chapter 80. The truth is that we arrived at this scene with a trust between us that allowed a relaxation that helped a lot. We already knew each other and we already liked each other. It was good, because often you have these scenes at the beginning and you don’t even know each other.”

“The character for me was a challenge. We knew that we had the weight of the return of fiction and to engage, above all, with a theme and a genre that could make people talk. We knew that at the beginning people were going to give their opinion because we were talking about a very real context, but told through a soap opera”, he added. However, while she assured that the experience was positive, she was exhaustive in answering whether she would participate in a second part of the story: “No! As far as I know, they are not thinking of doing a second part, but if so, I will not participate”, he assured. And revealed, “I know they are planning the second part of Argentina, land of love and revenge for the next year. Honestly, this year I would like to stay home.

In addition to her commented role in the hit tape eltrece, Cherri was also in the news, but for her role as a mother. It’s that his daughter Muna decided to take a full musical theater course on Broadway. She traveled with her father, Gastón Pauls, and the three shared the little girl’s happy time in New York on postal networks. “It was a divine experience that came to us, because it was an invitation, a call from a school run by an Argentinian. As she is very young, she could not go alone, her father had to accompany her and it was something really incredible. He came back so happy! “recalls Cherri.

And he said, “Most likely, I’ll go back. He learns what he loves and it’s an experience in every way, not just professional. The language, clearly the lessons are in English, meeting new people, having to adapt… It’s really small! He’s 13 now, but he left when he was 12 and it was a very, very comprehensive course. Every day he was present, morning and afternoon. He didn’t stop and took it very well, so he wants to go back. Let’s see what happens.”

Muna traveled to New York to take musical theater classes and workshops for a month
Muna traveled to New York to take musical theater classes and workshops for a month

“She’s in her second year of high school. Right now she’s in school and I have to pick her up, but she loves music, she composes her songs, surely by the end of this year we’ll have three or four songs recorded to highlight them. We are in this learning process; without rushing, with its time. Precisely, what I do not want is that he has the pressure, ”he explained.

Dlugi therefore wanted to know if, in one way or another, she exercises the role of producer. And, between two laughs, the actress expressed: “Yes, amateur. At one point, yes. Since we don’t have a label behind us, we do it ourselves, but more than anything because I think it’s a girl and right now there’s no one who can accompany it better. that we ; at least until he begins his journey, until he has his musical identity, until he knows what he wants to sing, how he wants to sing it… When I say ‘we’ I prefer myself and the father, of course. We make decisions as a team. We have friends who advise us and give us their opinion, like Luciano Pereyra, like Fito Páez, who have to do with music”.

Although she started her career as a child, Cherri admitted that she has some resentment about her daughter following in her footsteps. “It moves me from a maternal point of view to see her achieve her dream. Professionally, sometimes I have a huge desire that he can show what he does in full, because so far he has very little shown. But, on the other hand, it also scares me, because I feel like it’s a girl and because this medium has everything good and everything bad too. Sometimes it’s is very difficult, very cruel. It is true that I started small and that I spent more time under the roof of a studio than in the sun, but it is also true that at that time television and the media wasn’t what it is now, this global and social media thing, that in a minute the whole world knew because we all have a phone. respectful, now it’s half-cannibalistic. The exposure is different.”

“My experience was very good, I can’t say anything at all; I would do the same thing again… I’ve never had a bad experience on television, on the contrary: they raised me and helped me a lot. Plus, I was able to transition that process from a child to a teenager and from a teenager to an adult on screen, which is sometimes what it takes. I was lucky,” he added.

“I talk to him a lot and I tell him that you learn more from failures than from successes. Everything is very ephemeral: fame, popularity. She’s been known since she was little for simply being the daughter of two people who work in the industry, and she’s always experienced that at school, on the streets… Now she’s empowered because she too wants to flourish in the world of entertainment. And my biggest challenge is to take care of her as a person and for her to understand that it’s just a means of communication, a job, a way of expressing myself and life happens on the other side,” he concluded.

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