Alec Baldwin's interrogation and doubts minutes after fatal shooting in 'Rust': 'It's a bullet'

Alec Baldwin’s interrogation and doubts minutes after fatal shooting in ‘Rust’: ‘It’s a bullet’

Alec Baldwin’s statement to police after the Rust shooting

Questioned by two investigators, Alec Baldwin has pieced together what happened when the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fired during the filming of the film “Rust” and was shocked to learn he was holding a gun loaded with live ammunition, video released Monday by investigators showed.

Baudouinwho apparently spoke without even knowing that Hutchins was dead, said that the weapon should have been empty for a rehearsal without shooting.

He hands me the gun. Guess he did it the right way like he has for the past two weeks. I put it in the case, take it out slowly, we repeat. We don’t film anything. I slowly pull her out, turn around, grab the gun, bang, it goes and she (Hutchins) falls to the floor. And then he (director Peter Souza) started screaming.”

In the Oct. 21 video, Baldwin repeatedly says there were no prior issues of any kind with guns on the set of “Rust.”

A police body camera shows the actor speaking on the film set after the shooting that killed the cinematographer

“I’ve never heard of such a thing. Now some people say you can accidentally get stuff down the barrel. Maybe a stone, something, happens. That’s why she (Hutchins), every time we did that, I’m here to tell you, to testify that every time we did that, she did it right. He cleaned the barrel, made sure there was nothing lodged in there,” he said.

These statements contradict the latest findings from state security regulators. professional, who Last week they issued maximum possible fine of almost $137,000 against the film production company “Rust”.

Baldwin also questioned whether someone deliberately tampered with the bullets loaded into the actor’s prop gun.

The location where the accident happened (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office / AFP)

“What… is going to answer all your questions is, what’s on (Rust director) Joel (Souza’s) shoulder. Is it a stone or is it a ball?he said in a dramatic scene from his statement to police.

Police from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department said pthey hated showing the actor an image of the bullet being fired from Souza’s shoulder.

“It’s a Bullet” Baldwin told officers in disbelief. “If it was a bullet that came out of his shoulder, then someone loaded a real bullet into the gun he was holding.”added the actor, visibly surprised.

When the police asked Baldwin If anyone on set could have a reason to trade innocuous prop balls for real balls, the actor said he didn’t think so.but added that several members of the film crew affiliated with a union of members of the film industry, the IATSE, had left the day before.

Guns on set (Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office/AFP)

Guns on set (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office/AFP)

Baldwin, also the film’s producer, has been named in several lawsuits filed in connection with Hutchins’ death, including one brought by her husband, Matthew.

the director of photography Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed when the gun Baldwin was holding fired a live bullet that hit her in the chest and lodged in director Joel Souza’s shoulder.who survived the gunshot wound.

On Monday, authorities also released a dramatic video showing the moments immediately after the shooting.

The dramatic moments the cinematographer is treated by medics after being shot by the actor

Souza recounted his experience in a hospital emergency room, where he was treated for a gunshot wound and questioned by investigators.

Souza describes “a very strong blow, and then I felt someone kick me in the shoulder”. He knew that Hutchins was also hurt and asked her if she was okay.

Baldwin said in a December interview with abcnews that he was on set pointing the gun at Hutchins following his instructions when it went off without him pulling the trigger.

Baldwin denied responsibility for Hutchins’ death. and said live ammunition should never have been allowed on Western’s film set at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico.

On Monday, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department turned over part of the investigation into the fatal “Rust” shooting to the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

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