Alejandro Fantino said goodbye to Intratables: "I tried to do it as professionally as possible"

Alejandro Fantino said goodbye to Intratables: “I tried to do it as professionally as possible”

Thursday’s program intractable It was no different from the others: the driver, the usual panelists and a handful of guests discussed the hot topics of the day: Jorge Lanata’s marriage and the rental law, among others. However, at 11:24 p.m. Alejandro Fantino decided to take the last minutes to say goodbye to the cycle, which had him as its fourth rider, after the departure of Santiago Del Moro, Guillermo Andino and Fabián Doman.

“Something happens on television, at least I interpret it that way, similar to what happens to a dancer, a football player or a tennis player. I come from the world of sports journalism and I am a person who loves sport; So I understand this job a bit ‘sportingly'”, began his long speech, eaten away by ‘football’ images.

And he continued, “Why am I saying about the dancer? Because today I thought that once, talking to Maximiliano Guerra or Julio Bocca, they told me that several times they had asked to go dancing at the San Carlos in Naples, or at the Bolshoi, or at the Scala in Milan, or dancing in a good theater in London Not to mention the Columbus. And since I have a lot of footballing friends, some may have chosen teams because they wanted to play in a city or because they wanted to feel what it was like to play for that team, in Europe or here too . intractable that’s it, it’s a football team, it’s an institution, it’s like saying ‘I play football and I had the pleasure of playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona or Inter , in Boca or in River'”.

Then he assured that when he accepted the offer to lead the program, he did so knowing that it was only a temporary affair: “It’s a big team. First point, why I wanted to come and drive intractable for a while, because I knew it was only a while. (…) He offered me to come and drive intractable Daniel Vila at home, having coffee, having dinner. And I jumped headlong to come and play here. Firstly because it’s a great team and I wanted to play in a great team like this. I had to leave important things to me… I worked at ESPN, I work at Disney, at an international signal, and I went to signal number two because I wanted to come and play for this team”.

“In addition, I wanted to come and meet another political subject, people from politics that I did not know Stray animalsbecause they didn’t come. Because Stray animals I had a guest or two a night and a minister came to see you, a vice president came to see you, or a president came to see you. So, out of curiosity, I wanted to meet them, and I had no way of doing it if I didn’t come here,” he added.

He also explained what is his contractual situation with the channel: “My contract ends in America; I still have a few months of contract with the chain and I don’t know if I will continue or not. It depends on a dynamic that is set up, these are issues that I do not define alone, but which also depend on the interest of the channel”.

When he left, he said: “I am pleasantly surprised to have met them. I will build from here inside. I came to learn, to do a sort of master’s degree on this program… I am a television host: I hosted realities in Mexico, I hosted husbands school, The football show, the mouth showI postponed football, I had to interview, do a political show like Stray animals who is coming back now. But I say to intractable I came to learn and I leave with a ‘mastercito’ done”.

“This program does not stop. A program like this is a brand, it’s a production line in a great brand that is America. So, it’s like they stop making such a car for a while; but it’s not that it ends and never comes back”, he reflected. And he dared: “Perhaps intractable continue the weekend or next year… intractable had thousands of drivers, each one better than the other. I am just an anecdote on this long 10-year journey of intractable”.

Regarding his immediate future, Fantino said: “I’m saying goodbye to you today because I’m going to Stray animals. God willing, the first week of May we return with this classic. I want to do it. I’m leaving very happy because these children are great.” And continuing in a “football” tone, he added: “They don’t know what it’s like to play here! How easy it is to play in this team. Everyone. Those who are and those who were. They don’t miss a wall: you lift, you touch, you wave, the ball goes to the head. Because the production is brilliant. Because you have to bring it together six guests per night I see the guys coordinating the taxis and this is Frankfurt airport control tower I can’t name them because I don’t have all the names but the truth is I must say : it’s the most effective production I’ve come across in my 27-year career in television and radio. It’s awesome. That is why this program is a success and will continue to be so.”.

Regarding the future of the cycle, which has already been on the air for a decade in America, he explained: “Paulo Vilouta arrives tomorrow and stays a few days; they stay… I was very happy here. The program is dedicated to the Martín Fierro family, not because of me, but a little because of all of us. We had a good night today. Thank you to everyone from intractable and to you who allowed me to drive this short time. I hope you liked it. I did it with great care and tried to do it with the greatest possible professionalism; whether I did it right or wrong, it will be up to you”.

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