Alfredo Casero exploded in fury at LN+ and left the studio screaming

Alfredo Casero exploded in fury at LN+ and left the studio screaming

the comedian Alfredo Casero reacted violently this Friday during part of the program +Voicein LN+. Angry, slammed in the tv studio office, he scolded the drivers and left screaming. “Don’t take me for an asshole”, he came to break the driver of the cyclo, majul louis.

Alfredo Casero exploded in fury against LN+ and left the studio screaming

“You’re all a bunch of…everything you do in this country, everything you’ve done, you absolutely know that. Journalists, politicians, they know it, they know what they’re doing and they take it all“, he said at one point.

The actor I was angry when the members of the program, in a round table, they argued about Speech by Cristina Kirchner at the Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral, where he graduated honorary cause and criticized the government. The comedian questioned the fact that in the media there is talk of the intention of Alberto Fernández or Cristina Kirchner to vote, saying that many people are projecting “numbers that are lies”, whereas, according to him, “they rob the Republic”.

“From the outside, I can tell you that what I see is that there’s laziness, a way of taking us for idiots, we who are on the other side of this screen, at home“, he said delighted. And I add:Gentlemen, stop messing around, you’re stealing the Republic from us”.

Faced with this question, Majul asked the comedian if he could “calm”. “You get restless on TV too,” Casero replied. And he asked the driver if he was angry. The reporter said no and conveyed that concern to the guest, as tension mounted in the studio.

“Yes, of course I am. It can’t be what is sold from today, “launched the comedian. “There are many people who are behind the thieves, who have their scheme, their life, they live perfectly happy, and they are the only ones who are fine: the politicians,” he added with annoyance. “We see how well or badly this person dresses, how much, how little or how little he speaks”he complained to the table.

Afterwards, Casero said he could express himself that way because he was not “afraid” of Cristina Kirchner or “anyone”, and posted: “And as much as you want to leave me as one Freakor like crazy I can tell you…”. Majul contradicted him then, but Casero interrupted him again:Yeah you mad at me and I’m sorry”.

Startled by the statement, Majul tried to convince him otherwise, but Casero made it clear that he didn’t mind. “If you don’t mind, I don’t mind either,” Majul said. “Oh, what lead! my God! I can’t, I can’t like this“replied the actor. “Are you talking about me?asked the reporter. “Yes, now I refer to you, can I finish speaking?”, he asked.

Yes, homemade”. Majul’s affirmative response angered the eldercha cha cha. He banged his fist hard on the table, stood up, and began to remove his microphone.while declaimed against the driver and the journalists who made up the table.

Don’t take me for an asshole, because afterwards I have c… on your legs, and you start seeing Mandelas everywhere,” he said. And he again criticized the debate they had on the show. “You journalists [a los] that they are fine, the first thing they do is put cute pants and earn money [mientras] people are on the street. And they keep looking at whether it’s right or wrong that this person is there,” he said, referring to Cristina Kirchner. “You’d have to get these people out of there, because politicians can’t,” he added.

Faced with the perplexity of the study, and while keeping a high tone of voice, the comedian approached the table again. “Yes, kick me out, you win the problem, not mehe told her as he left, though the camera still recorded his movements.

Casero disqualified members of +Voces from LN+video capture

Majul, who has always remained in office, made it clear that he was not expelling him. “You leave“, he pointed. However, the comedian has continued to express disqualifications and the tension has become noticeable. It is in this context that the driver specified that he was not “afraid”.

The sentence brought Casero back into the office, he approached the table and stared at Majul.. “You who read psychopaths, when someone says ‘I’m not afraid of you’ it’s because he’s c… on his legs”, he assured.

After saying these words, the comedian withdrew from the show for good and the driver, still amazed by what had happened, continued to broadcast the cycle.

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