Los premios se entregan esta noche y son transmitidos por Telefé.

All the winners of the Martín Fierro Awards

After three years, The Martín Fierro awards returned last night on open television issued by the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (Aptra).

The 50th edition of the ceremony began with the red carpet at 7:30 p.m. and continued around 9:30 p.m. with the start of the gala. It was televised on Telefé and could also be followed for free on the Pluto TV platform.

The big winner of the evening was MasterChef Celebritywhich won gold as well as Best Reality Show and Best Complete Production.

Telefe, which broadcast the delivery, took another 14 statuettes, ahead of El Trece, which won seven, including four for its nocturnal drama “La 1-5/18”.

Susana Giménez was recognized for her career (Martín Fierro de Diamantes) for his 35 years on the air. Mirtha Legrand He got the same award in 2017.

One of the first surprises of the evening was the The triumph of Jey Mammon in revelation on the favorite of the public, Darío Barassi. In any case, “100 Argentinians Say” won as an entertainment/knowledge show.

One of the most emotional moments was the award of “The Rock of Morphi” in the musical field. all members they remembered Gerardo Rozínwho died in March and a former host of the show.

In addition, as every year, the personalities who have left since the last broadcast have been recalled, with a special mention to Diego Maradona, which had a separate tribute. His TV moments were reviewed during Valeria Lynch performed “You Give Me More Every Day”Kabbalah song by the Argentine world champion team in 1986.

It was also special price for Juana Viale, as a driver for her grandmother’s replacement in “Lunching with Mirtha Legrand”, who was very moved by the attribution to her granddaughter. Guido Kaczka He won it in the men’s branch, for “Welcome aboard”.

As Best Fiction, it won “The 1-5-18” which also won the screenplay award for Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci. The Canal 13 series also retained the main performances for Luciano Caceres and Agustina Cherri.

As a supporting actor, he prevailed Diego Cremonese, present in ‘Monzón’ and in ‘El Tigre Verón’ and in the supporting actress, the chosen one was gala sofia for his role in “El Tigre Verón”.

Other programs that received an award were “Cut for Lozano” (magazine), “Let the paddocks come back” (sport), “By everybody” (travel and tourism), “Argentine cooks” (gastronomy).

The red carpet featured the conduct of Paula Chaves and Ivan de Pineda. During the ceremony, the one who will be in front will be Marly, present in the last two editions in 2018 and 2019. In 2020 and 2021, it was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The gala took place at Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero with 650 guests. The winners correspond to the year 2021.

The ceremony was full of tributes. On the one hand, at the opening there was one for 50 years of Argentine television, which featured a large technical and production display; Also, after two years of the pandemic, there has been recognition of doctors and specialists who have dedicated themselves to informing the public.

all winners

-Martin Fierro de Oro: Celebrity Master Chef (Telefe)

– Fiction: “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece), “The 1-5/18” (eltrece), “Monzón” (initially launched in 2019 by Space then broadcast last year by Telefe), “Pequeñas Victorias” (Telefe)

– Journalism: “Intractable” (America), “Friendly fire” (elnueve), “Journalism for all” (eltrece), “Siglo XXI ATR” (Telefe)

– Humorous or topical: “Bendita” (elnueve), “NETT, it’s not so late” (Telefe), “Bar Trouble” (America)

– Deportivo: “The football show” (America), “Passion for football” (eltrece), “Let the Pastures Return” (Public TV)

– Day newspaper: “Arriba Argentinos” (eltrece), “El newscast de la gente” (Telefe), “Telenueve at noon” (elnueve)

– Central News: “America news” (America), “Telefe News” (Telefe), “Telenoche” (eltrece)

– General interest: “Lunch with Mirtha Legrand” (eltrece), “PH, we can talk” (Telefe), “I live for you” (the nine)

– Musical comedy: “Country Festival” (Public television), “The Rock of Morfi” (Telefe), “Los Mammones” (America), “Saturday Passion” (America).

– Magazine: “Coupe for Lozano” (Telefe), “Team Flower” (Telefe), “Nara to see” (elnueve), “We in the morning” (eltrece), “Pampita Online” (Net TV), “Every afternoon” (elnueve)

– Cultural or educational: “Environment and environment” (elnueve)“Archive of Argentine Emotions” (Public Television), “Filmoteca” (Public Television)

– Entertainment (games): “Welcome aboard” (eltrece), “The roulette of your dreams” (America), “Minute to win” (Telefe)

– Entertainment (knowledge): “100 Argentinians say” (eltrece), “The 8 steps” (eltrece), “Pasapalabra” (Telefe), “Who knows more about Argentina?” (Public television)

– Big show: “The Argentine voice” (Telefe), “Showmatch La Academia” (eltrece), “Deal Concluded” (Telefe)

– Reality: “Bake Off Argentina” (Telefe), “Cut and confection” (eltrece), “Masterchef Celebrity” (Telefe)

– Television Jury: Ricardo Montaner, Soledad, Lali and Mau & Ricky for “La voz argentina” (Telefe); Donato de Santis, Germán Martitegui and Damián Betular for “Masterchef Celebrity” (Telefe); Ángel de Brito, Pampita, Jimena Barón, Guillerma Valdés and Hernán Piquín for “Showmatch La Academia” (eltrece); Nacha Guevara, Karina “La Princesita”, Oscar Mediavilla and Moria Casán for “Singing 2020” (eltrece)

– Gastronomy: “Argentinian Cooks” (Public Television), “Cucinare” (eltrece), “What a morning!” (the new one)

– Travel and tourism: “Selfie mode” (America), “Around the world” (Telefe), “Rest of the world” (eltrece)

– Work in female leadership: Verónica Lozano for “Cortá por Lozano” (Telefe), Karina Mazzocco for “A la tarde” (América), Florencia Peña for “Flor de equipo” (Telefe), Juana Viale for “Lunch with Mirtha Legrand” (eltrece)

– Male leadership work: Darío Barassi for “100 Argentinians say” (eltrece), Marley for “Around the world”, “La voz argentina” and “Minuto par gana” (Telefe); Santiago del Moro for “Masterchef Celebrity” (Telefe); Mariano Iúdica for “Controversy in the bar” (America); Guido Kaczka for “Welcome Aboard” and “The 8 Steps” (eltrece); Marcelo Tinelli for “Showmatch La Academia” (eltrece)

– Female journalistic work: Marisa Andino for “Telenueve at noon” (elnueve)Soledad Larghi for “América Noticas” (America), Silvia Martínez Cassina for “Noticiero Trece” (eltrece), Cristina Pérez for “Telefe Noticias” (Telefe)

– Male journalistic work: Rodolfo Barili for “Telefe Noticias” (Telefe), Nelson Castro for “Telenoche” (eltrece), Jorge Lanata for “Journalism for all” (eltrece)

– Columnist or mobilero: Guillermo Panizza for “Telefe Noticias” (Telefe), Fabian Rubino for “America News” (America)Santiago Zeyen for “We in the morning” (eltrece)

– Panelist: Martín Candalaft for “Intratables” (America), Paulo Kablan for “Team Flower” (Telefe)Yanina Latorre for “LAM” (eltrece)

– Main fictional actor: Facundo Arana for “Pequeñas Victorias” (Telefe), Luciano Cáceres for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece)Marco Antonio Caponi for “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece), Julio Chávez for “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece)

– Fictional lead actress: Agustina Cherri for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece), Lali González for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece), Julieta Díaz for “Pequeñas Victorias” (Telefe), Natalie Pérez for “Pequeñas Victorias” (Telefe)

– Supporting actor: Alberto Ajaka for “Apache” (Telefe), Diego Cremonesi for “Monzon” (Telefe) and “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece), Roly Serrano for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece)

– Actress in a supporting role: Leticia Brédice for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece), Sofia Gala Castiglione for “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece) and “Apache” (Telefe), Florencia Raggi for “Monzón” (Telefe)

– Revelation: Darío Barassi for “100 Argentines say” (eltrece), Jey Mammon for “Los Mammones” (America), Mau & Ricky Montaner for “The Argentine Voice” (Telefe)

– Humorous work: Martín “Campi” Campilongo for “Team Flower” (Telefe)Roberto Moldavsky for “Deal done” (Telefe), Patricio Muzzio for “La peña de morfi” (Telefe)

– Production of a humorous or current affairs programme: Beto Casella for “Blessed” (the nine), Diego Korol for “Editing TV” (Net TV), Guillermo López for “Holy Saturday” (America)

– Author or scriptwriter: Germán Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal for “El Tigre Verón” (eltrece), Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece); Erika Halvorsen and Daniel Burman for “Little Victories” (Telefe)

– Director: Adrian Caetano for “Apache” (Telefe), Alejandro Ibáñez and Jorge Nisco for “La 1-5/18” (eltrece), Juan Taratuto for “Pequeñas Victorias” (Telefe)

– Complete production: “La 1-5/18” (eltrece), “La voz argentina” (Telefe), “Masterchef Celebrity” (Telefe)

– Advertising: “Cuarentennials” (by Easy, by DON), “Everything is better in black and white” (by Stella Artois, by GUT), “I See, I See” (from Flow, by DON)

– Institutional place: “Infinia, new formula” (by YPF, for Riotous Hare)“Essentials” (by Mercado Libre, by GUT), “Payada” (by Proyecto Colectivo Liberal, by Together With).

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