Amber Heard asked Johnny Depp not to testify at trial

Amber Heard asked Johnny Depp not to testify at trial

When everything made us suppose that Johnny Depp was going to testify again in the trial against Amber Heardthe actress’s defense lawyers changed their strategy before the imminent cataract of the “judicial bombs” that the actor has prepared.

A few hours before the start of the new hearings on Monday, Heard’s legal representatives preferred not to summon Depp again because “Until now it didn’t matter” what he said, published the magazine People.

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Why did Johnny Depp no ​​longer testify?

It had been known for weeks that Depp was going to take the stand to be questioned by Heard’s defenders. But the lawyers changed their strategy and Hollywood producer Kathryn Arnold was called to testify.

A source close to Heard’s defense told the magazine People the reasons they didn’t call Depp: “It would have been as relevant to us as a bike is to a fish. Everything Depp has testified to so far was irrelevant to the heart of this matter and there’s no reason to believe it would be any different now.

Johnny Depp speaks with his lawyer Ben Chew during the hearings of Amber Heard’s trial. (Photo: Reuters/Steve Helber)For: Reuters

In recent days, it had appeared that Depp was preparing a defense to “judicial bombs” about Heard, sources close to the actor’s lawyers tell British media Daily mail.

In addition, this modification was accompanied by another novelty. What Amber Heard cited in her statement against Depp for Kate Moss, who was the partner of the actor, the supermodel will appear to testify this Wednesday.

For his part, Arnold testified in favor of Heard, who he claims had a career “similar to that of Zendaya” if she hadn’t been involved in so many legal troubles. “It would have been very reasonable to believe that his career would have had an upward trajectory“, he condemned.

Amber Heard waves to her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft during the hearings for her trial by Johnny Depp.  (Photo: Reuters/Steve Helber)
Amber Heard waves to her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft during the hearings for her trial by Johnny Depp. (Photo: Reuters/Steve Helber)For: Reuters

The domestic violence specialist also appeared in court David Spigel who assured that Depp has narcissistic traitswith little self-control, sudden mood swings and power-worshippers.

What has happened so far in the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

This week is the last of the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Witnesses on Monday called by the actress’s defenders to testify against the Pirates of the Caribbean protagonist joined testimony from a former agent for the actor who took him down.

Tracey Jacobs assured that the actor had “erratic behavior” on the sets which made him lose many jobs. The manager is one of the principal agents of United Talent Agency which represented Depp until his dismissal in 2016.

In court, he argued the actor was complicating his ability to work for his “misconduct”. In a videotaped statement, Jacobs explained that he began having complications with Depp. during the last 10 years of his work with the actor. Meanwhile, the artist I arrived very late at the shoot, which gave him a bad reputation which made it difficult for him to get jobs for himself.

Tracey Jacobs.  Johnny Depp's former agent testified through a video.  (Photo: Reuters/Shawn Thew)
Tracey Jacobs. Johnny Depp’s former agent testified through a video. (Photo: Reuters/Shawn Thew)For: Reuters

“At the start, the teams liked him. He was always great with everyonebut bands don’t like to sit around for hours and hours and hours waiting for the star in question to show up,” Jacobs said.

For the agent, what Depp has most complicated it was his own “erratic behavior”, which included an increase in drug and alcohol use. “His silhouette and his star faded because it was more and more difficult to find him a job. People were talking and doubts about his behavior were,” he defined.

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He also confirmed that at some point he asked the agency to represent him. about 20 million dollars because he needed the money due to the high amount of expenses that had to be paid.


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