Amber Heard: Who is the actress facing Johnny Depp in court today?

Amber Heard: Who is the actress facing Johnny Depp in court today?

“I’ve worked a lot over the years, trying to be more than a pretty face. I think that’s always been a challenge. Those words chose Amber Heard to describe her place in Hollywood, an industry that she says always wanted to absorb her in its beauty.

And while several blockbusters prove that he succeeded in his objective, currently, his face is not so much linked to the cinema, but to the long argument -and the televised trial- which opposes him to his former partner, Johnny Depp. From a traditional childhood, to being the Hollywood spotlighthow is the life and work of Heard.

Amber Heard was born in 1986 in the state of Texas

Amber Heard was born on April 22, 1986 in Texas. He spent his entire childhood and adolescence there, in the company of his sister, his father and his mother. When she was 16, the young woman suffered a severe blow that began to change her perception of things. At this age, one of his best friends died in a car accidenta fact that deeply marked Amber.

Although her background ardently practices Catholicism and her education is closely linked to the Church, this loss leads the future actress to deep anguish, which leads to turning one’s back on religion.

From that moment, she declared herself an agnostic, abandoned face-to-face school and studied remotely. Shortly after, he said goodbye to his native home and vHe traveled to New York to try his luck in the modeling world.. Her family gave her daughter wings and encouraged her to pursue her dreams, although her father gave her a curious gift beforehand: a 38 caliber revolver (Texas, as you know, has a very lax gun policy.) But in New York, the situation was not simple.

With only 17 years old, without the presence of her parents and being a minor, many agencies preferred not to work with her. Because of this, he changed his destiny and went to Los Angeles, this time to try to make his way into acting.

Heard didn’t need too many castings until she found her first job, a minor character on the show. jack and bobby. From that moment, and at the age of 18, he began a series of small participations in titles such as Friday Night Lights, The Mountain, The OC, Californication and a protagonist in fiction hidden palmsa proposal that lasted very few episodes.

But his focus was, of course, the big screen. In 2008, he obtained his first relevant role in Pineapple Expresswith Seth Rogen and James Franco (who would become a key figure in his argument with Johnny Depp several years later).

This film was followed by participations in Zombieland, The Informants, The Joneses Is Machete kills. With each of these projects, her screen presence grew, and in 2011 the lead role alongside Nicolas Cage in driving hell, marks a break in his career. In the years that followed, blockbusters like Machete kill, Magic Mike XXL Is the danish girlconfirmed her as one of the biggest new names in Hollywood.

Amber is always looking for authenticity for herself. No labels, no doing what the public expected of it, no obeying industry canons. may be a childhood crossed by mandates seemed more than enoughand when she moved to Los Angeles, her priority was her personal happiness, rather than projecting that image of irresistible beauty with which so insisted his agents.

For this reason, tired of hearing again and again that she hides her sexuality, Amber took advantage of the anniversary of Glaad (an organization dedicated to LGBT activism), and in 2010 he formalizes his relationship with the photographer Tasya Van Ree.

Faced with the need for the media to label the affective and sexual life of the actress, she declared: “I don’t brand myself one way or another. I had beautiful relationships with men and women. I love the one who decides to love, because the important thing is the person.

Amber and Tasya’s relationship went through some tough times, and although it lasted nearly four years, There was one episode that colored said court with controversy. In 2009, the police had to intervene in a complaint of domestic violence, because allegedly Heard shook the photographer’s arm.

The situation did not escalate and Tasya assured that everything was misunderstood and used by homophobic sectors to defame the actress. The complaint did not reach the majors, and to this day the two are friends. Because courtship ended in 2012, shortly after Heard met Johnny Depp.

In 2011, Depp and Heard coincided in the filming of the rum journalsbased on the novel of the same name by Hunter S. Thompson and when the actor was asked what he thought of his partner, he said it was “a southern beauty”.

Until then, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had a long relationship with Vanessa Paradisand Heard with the aforementioned Tasya van Ree. After months, both ended their respective partners and started appearing together officially.

When they started dating, he was in his 50s and she in her 20s. On the red carpets, the couple got all the attention, and sometimes they even flouted the law, like when they forged documents to illegally bring their dogs to Australia. And although they decided to get married in 2015, the romance ended in 2016, when they filed for divorce. But far from ending, the real dispute between the two began there.

When she filed for divorce, the actress She reported that her partner beat her and demanded a perimeter order. In a fragment of the document, Heard claimed to have suffered “emotional, verbal and physical abuse”.

When this information reached the media, the star of Scissors He categorically denied everything and the parties sealed a multi-million deal. Shortly after, a statement they released jointly assured that the relationship between the two had been “intensely passionate, and sometimes volatile, but always with love”.

The photo with which Amber Heard presented her daughter on Instagram
The photo with which Amber Heard presented her daughter on Instagram

In the following years, Heard was in a relationship with Elon Musk for a time, then had brief romances with art dealer Vito Schnabel, with Andy Muschietti and with director Bianca Butti. On the other hand, on April 8 last year, Amber became a mother through the surrogacy process.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot in 2015 and divorced the following year amid a tough legal battle over mutual abuse accusations.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot in 2015 and divorced the following year amid a tough legal battle over mutual abuse accusations.

Despite the agreement, Depp began to have a bad image in the media and different groups boycotted his presence in his most popular franchises, such as fantastic animals Is Pirates of the Caribbean. In 2018, the tabloids The sun called him a “wife beater”what prompted Johnny to sue them for defamation (which the newspaper eventually won).

That same year, Heard published an article in Washington Post in which he claimed to “confront sexual violence”, and detailed: “Two years ago, I became a public figure who symbolized domestic violence, and I felt our culture’s anger against women who raise their voices.” Although she didn’t directly mention her ex-husband, the reference was more than obvious, and for that reason Depp sued him for defamation, for fifty million dollars.

Amber Heard at the premiere of Aquaman, where she played the heroine Mera
Amber Heard at the premiere of Aquaman, where she played the heroine Mera

In their trial, Depp’s lawyers considered that the actress had denounced in her article, being the victim of domestic violence, which represented a lie. Confronted with this, Amber decided to file a countersuit in which she claimed he was waging a campaign to defame her and that once again she was being harassed and abused.

In her letter, the actress demands to be exempt from the complaint for her article in Washington Post, and receive a hundred millions in compensation. From this moment, a veritable parade of crosses begins between the two. There was a lawsuit to verify whether Heard had really donated some of the settlement money to charity (as she had publicly stated)., Footage also emerged of Amber with a bruise on her face and leaking sound in her alleged voice hitting her husband.

For all this is that Depp and Heard will finally see each other again in court, in which it will be a trial that will last for months, and which will have as witnesses recognized personalities such as Elon Musk, Jason Momoa, James Franco and Paul Bettany.

Amber Heard is facing a defamation lawsuit from Johnny Depp, who she accuses of the same and of physical and psychological violence
Amber Heard is facing a defamation lawsuit from Johnny Depp, who she accuses of the same and of physical and psychological violenceGrosby Group

Ever since she set foot in Hollywood, Heard knew she didn’t want to be just a pretty face. In an interview, and referring to the place she has always sought in the industry, she said: “Creatively, it’s not hard to just be sexy. I haven’t done anything to look like I do. No one controls the genetics given to them, so being proud of how I look would be a mistake. And besides, in Los Angeles there is always someone prettier than you”.

For this reason, he was looking for characters that were out of the ordinary, powerful heroines (only in Aquaman) or women seeking to twist their destiny (Nicola Six in the fields of London). And although practically on a daily basis, she is the favorite target of haters on social networks, other voices support her fight and actively accompany her in a legal process, whose verdict will probably mark a before and after in his career and in Hollywood history.

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