Amber Heard's body language on trial with Johnny Depp, expert says

Amber Heard’s body language on trial with Johnny Depp, expert says

Since early April, the spotlight has been on Jhonny Depp and Amber Heard, who fight a pitched battle in a court in Fairfax, Virginiaafter the actor sued her for $50 million. The defamation lawsuit, which is televised to the general public, has captured the attention of media, fans, spectators and experts in different fields including body language. Many scholars have spoken out about the behavior of the two, but some of the most notable sightings came from Janine Driver, former federal agent retired, who currently devotes himself to “reading people” outside the state sphere. Behaviors such as biting her lips, changing pronouns and raising her nose betrayed the actress.

Driver, who had a career spanning more than 15 years as a state trooper, is one of the best-selling authors in the New York Times and an award-winning speaker. Since heard took the floor to testify earlier this week, the expert, known in her professional environment as the lying tamer (the tamer of liars), fixed all his attention on her to decipher through her bodily movements, whether the events described were true or part of a learned scenario.

Janine Driver analyzed Amber Heard’s body language during her statement. (Video Capture/CourtTV)

Both on her social networks and in the various media that interviewed her, Driver explained in detail the behavior of the actress. The origin of this millionaire fight was born from an opinion piece that Heard published in Washington Post in 2018or identified herself as a “victim of domestic violence”. Although he didn’t explicitly mention Depp, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean He claimed to have lost around $40 million in various contracts, including the sixth installment of the famous adventure saga. Additionally, he argued that the charges in Amber’s text were the same as those he alleged during the divorce proceedings, which ended in 2016, and with which She received seven million dollars, the destination of which is also controversial and where the mogul – and recent new owner of Twitter -, Elon Musk, would be involved..

In an interview with Court Television, Driver began with an analysis of Heard’s first statement, where he said the prosecution process was “the most painful and difficult thing” he had ever encountered in his life. Also, at the end of this sentence, she bit her lip. The expert explained that it was a way of reproducing the movement similar to thumb sucking, which translated as a comforting gesture.

Amber Heard's gestures during her testimony at the trial where Johnny Depp sued her for $50 million for defamation. (Video Capture/CourtTV)
Amber Heard’s gestures during her testimony at the trial where Johnny Depp sued her for $50 million for defamation. (Video Capture/CourtTV)

Another problem with the testimony of the star of Aquaman is that he used many phrases from beginning to end. Janine said that this type of structure corresponded to a person lying and explained it in numbers. “When he refers to Depp’s attack, he barely talks about it. I would estimate it took 15% of the time. Before that, he was recreating the whole scene and using most of it, so real testimony was rare,” he said. He compared the case with that of the actor Jussie Smollett, who staged a racist and homophobic attack in Chicago in 2019. Their percentages were similar to Amber’s and both gave a lot of irrelevant information.

The driver clarified that liars used to give a lot of truthful information at first, to distract to people about real events. According to him, when Heard started talking about the attack, it was barely 15%, when the reality should have been at least 50%. It would be a strategy to divert attention.

A former federal agent analyzed Amber Heard's body language. (Video Capture/CourtTV)
A former federal agent analyzed Amber Heard’s body language. (Video Capture/CourtTV)

Another detail that the expert detected was the use of pronouns. When Heard described an attack, which he apparently suffered from Depp, he was heard to say: “He slapped me.” However, during the interview, he encouraged everyone to listen to the segment again. Amber didn’t mention the pronoun and just said: “He slapped me.” The specialist explained that, in body language, when people delete or change these words, it means they are lying.. As if that were not enough, he added that the actress constantly changed verb tenseswhich was often a mistake made by those who made up their stories on the spot.

A body language expert analyzed Amber Heard’s gestures during her statement

Subsequent analysis focused on the occasion in which Heard said Depp “made her feel dirty”. The driver considered that the part in which she spoke about her ex-husband’s comments was true, since the upper lip was pointed upwards, which showed disgust. However, the tone of voice did not agree with his story. He said that after when he described the ‘attack’ in detail, there was no harmony between the body language and the story he told.

The libel trial airs on TV and online Monday through Thursday and is expected to last five weeks. However, there will be recess from May 9 to 12as the judge appointed to the case, Penney S. Azcarate, will attend a previously scheduled conference.

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