Amber Heard's sister and other witnesses backed her version of Johnny Depp's abuse at trial

Amber Heard’s sister and other witnesses backed her version of Johnny Depp’s abuse at trial

The lawsuit between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, is nearing its final stretch. If there is no delay, experts hope that the hearing can be completed at the end of next week with the parties’ submissions. After the statements of Depp and Heard, with diametrically opposed versions, The witnesses began to parade. The actress’s sister, her friends and other close people support, at least partially, his version that Depp assaulted Heard.

None said they saw an attack.but there were several who noticed scratches, bruises and other signs of possible abuse. Others heard her screaming or swearing and behaving in an uncontrolled and violent manner. Everyone those who appeared at Wednesday’s session they were proposed by the actress, so her version wasn’t a surprise either.

Vasquez suggested the photo on the left had been retouched to make Heard’s cheekbone more reddish.Getty Images

While Heard claims Depp assaulted her and came to rape her with a bottle, the actor claims to have never assaulted a woman and that he was the victim of ill-treatment. The trial, in which it is directed a civil, non-criminal lawsuit filed by Depp against Heard and the counterclaim thereof, takes place at Fairfax, Virginia, because that is where the presses of Washington Postthe newspaper where an article signed by the actress behind the affair was published.

One of those who testified on Wednesday was Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez (who adopted her husband’s surname). The two have a remarkable physical resemblance. Henriquez, who tried her luck as an actress without much success in the film homo erectus, describes the deterioration of his sister. He said he went from a cheerful, bright and happy person to a fatal person physically: “He weighed around 45 kilos. She was emaciated, she couldn’t sleep… He looked different.” And of Depp, he claimed he was loving, kind and generous when sober, but too often got drunk and got violent, throwing things around.

Amber Heard continued on the stand Tuesday, answering questions from Johnny Depp's attorney.
Amber Heard continued on the stand Tuesday, answering questions from Johnny Depp’s attorney.APE

Henriquez said that I suspected that Depp he beat his sister. The actor’s attorney asked if she encouraged Depp himself to punch Amber Heard. She admitted what she did was a joke about it. “I didn’t quite understand what was going on then. I would never have said that with what I know now,” he replied.

He also gave examples of profanity, swear words and vulgar expressions that Depp utteredespecially when drunk or stoned.

Amber’s sister answered questions from the podium. Of the majority of the witnesses, what was seen were pre-recorded videos from the past few years during the preparation of the case. Perhaps the most moving was that of her friend and neighbor of the couple at the time, Rachel Penningtonwho described between sobs signs of physical abuse in the photographs of the actress: black eyes, a swollen nose, a bloody lip. Penington said that I never saw Depp hit Amberbut that he saw cuts, wounds and marks on his body.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are going through a heavy trial (AP Photo/Steve Helber, Pool)
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are going through a heavy trial (AP Photo/Steve Helber, Pool)

The witness was asked if perhaps Heard had faked the injuries with makeup: “No, quite the contrary. She often had to cover the bruises and wounds on her face with makeup.he replied. Penington also denied agreeing with Heard to make a scene in his home which appeared to be abused and therefore seeking a restraining order.

“I was scared for Amber and I was sad for Johnny because he was also my friend.. I was worried for his physical safety and that he might accidentally do something worse than he planned,” said Penington, who assured Depp’s dark side They called him “the monster”a name that he himself had given to this facet of his personality, according to the witness.

A former girlfriend of Heard also said she was scared of Depp and seeing the swollen, red-faced actress. Her makeup artist said that if Heard ever claims she was beaten, she went on a TV show without being noticed in the least it’s because she she put on makeup covering the marks. And her personal trainer, who came to most sessions in tears. None of them declared themselves on the stand, but through videos recorded between 2019 and 2022.

The anecdote of the session was acted out by one of the participants on the public benches. During a break, he had an uncontrollable fit of laughter, it infected a good part of the room and eventually had to withdraw. The trial continues on Thursday.

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