Flor Peña a horas de debutar con La Pu*@ Ama: América me banca en quién soy y me pone muy contenta

America puts me in who I am and makes me very happy

The team of artists who will accompany him in this new project are: Diego Ramos, Dan Breitman, Noralih Gago, Walter “Chino” D’angelo and Miss Bimbo. All are characterized by their flexibility for humor.

-Why the title of La Pu*@ Ama?

It was one of my fights… I have to admit that America pays me hard, although I don’t know if it’s good or bad (laughs). They bet on who I am, what I have to give and that makes me very happy. I brought it to the title as an idea because it’s something that defines me, but not defines me as the whore…mistress of the world. It defines me, I’m the fucking mistress of my life, I do what I want. It seemed to me that it was a title that defined me at the crossroads of my life, my personal history and all the path travelled. And America was with me on that. It’s kind of because I come to this channel, because they bet me on everything.

Flower Rock

-How do you live the hours before the debut in America after so much time on Telefe?

I love Telefe, I’m friends with everyone and one of my best friends is one of the stars of Telefe, Marley. At this stage of my life, I may have a somewhat complex personality for a channel like Telefe. I adapted last year with Flor de equipo, in which I was nominated as a host and the program as well, in which I was very happy and learned a lot for what is to come. But I felt like it was a milestone for me. I have a way of being, a way of speaking and showing myself that for Telefe the morning was a lot. I needed a change and to take a step where it contained me and my originality, and it was not put in the scoring result. America has that, it has always been an irruptive, experimental channel… Although in recent years it has turned more to the news, it now wants to return to something that has always been the spirit of the America, that of betting on new proposals.

-At Telefe, they would never have let you put that name…

Of course not. In Telefe, I could never have given this title to my program, they kill me and crush me with the remís (laughs). I spoke with Marley the other day and he was like “what a strong title, isn’t it?”. We laughed because I love all the Telefe directors, they always made fun of my madness. But now I don’t care about her anymore, and I’ve already accepted this madness I’m not hurting anyone and if you’re not interested in what I have to give or don’t like that, I continued, nothing happens.

-Do you think there are still a lot of prejudices in the artistic world?

We are still full of prejudices in our society in general, there is a lot of hypocrisy. And I realize because today I can show myself as a sexual woman and I can show several facets at the same time, like a mother, like a daughter, like a friend or like a lover… But I I realize that there is a question that you are one thing or the other. It is as if the parts could not be joined, as if a woman had no right to be all those together or separately. And when it comes to sexuality, I think there are people who would rather you worship Hitler than appear sexual. It challenges them in ways they can’t handle. Today the truth is that I show myself as a woman who really says enough with the mandates or that of trying to be what society imposes on us. This is where I reveal myself and this is why La Pu… Ama has something to do with it. And beyond the usual serial haters, many tell me that we play there, and that’s already a step. He talks about the series going a different route. Now we have to live up to the name and by going at 10pm I’m going to be more comfortable and not going to ask for as many excuses as when I was in the morning.

-What can you tell us about your role within LPA?

In this program, I will combine driving, which I have been learning since last year with Flor de equipo, with the actress who is humorous and with the actress who sings. We’re going to do everything, sketches, interviews, musicals… all imbued with humor. It’s a show that brings together multiple edges and we don’t have panelists, we have a cast in which I do every segment with them. I love bringing things to TV that aren’t there right now. From now on, there are no more comic programs and even less with a woman at the head. The last ones that were, like ShowMatch or Unencrypted, were with 99% of the guys. In my program, we have more than implemented the female quota.

Florence Pena on La Pu*@ Ama: “This program is for me a before and after from all points of view”

-We also saw that you were involved in the production and in all the details of the content…

It’s like that. I work side by side with this program because I am also part of the idea and everything that happens. I needed this air and the one to raise the bar. I always need to go further and not stay in comfortable places because that’s how it works. I’m curious by nature, I don’t stay still because I need to see how far I’m going.

-Do you think that La Pu*@ Ama will be a before and after in your career?

Yes, this program is for me a before and after in every way for my profession. I’ve done a lot of things but it’s my program, it’s a program that I lead and for me it’s a huge challenge. And even though I laugh a lot at myself and have a good sense of humor, when it comes to work I am very demanding because I like things to go well.

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