Ana Rosenfeld resigns from LAM: "I'm really sad"

Ana Rosenfeld resigns from LAM: “I’m really sad”

After several twists and turns, discussions with her colleagues and after being absent from the show for several weeks, the media lawyer Ana Rosenfeld announced on Wednesday that she was leaving her position as a panelist in THEM.

“I would like to thank mainly Angel [De Brito]. When he called me in February, he said, ‘Ana, are you excited to be with us on a show like THEM‘. For me, it was very strong, but when I saw the schedule, it motivated me to accept the proposal. I thought the later I got home the better off I’d feel, so things you know i’ve been through in the last year and that I still live, “began the lawyer in her farewell, in reference to her recent state of widowhood.

And he added: “But I have too many things to do in my professional work that force me to miss out; last week I missed two days, this week I will miss Friday because I have to go on a trip again… Every week I have to be in the provinces, not only because I have conferences and courses to give, but also divorces to attend”.

“So it seemed really bad to me that you put on a substitute all the time, because it seems messy. I know we’re a different team, because we’re all different, but I feel comfortable because that each has her role, each occupies her place, each knows exactly what she brings and what she does not bring to the program”, continued, under the attentive gaze of the driver and his companions, Nazarene Velez, Andrea Taboada, Pia Shaw Yes Estefi Berardi. Yanina Torres Only then did he take his eyes off the screen of his cell phone.

“Me, from the legal point of view and the experience of my profession, I bring a lot”, he assured. “I’m really sad because it’s a great team of people, it’s a great team of professionals and Angel is divine,” he concluded. De Brito then took the opportunity to ask him to what extent the appearance in the media of a group of ex-clients of the lawyer influenced his decision, assuring that they were scammed by her. “Don’t! Not at all, quite the contrary… These women had already been there (sic) but until then they had had no impact… given the right to answer, that’s what these women ask me, harass me all the time (…) They have nothing to do with my decision.Moreover, I feel that I am a great contribution. There should be lawyers summoned several times”.

Ana Rosenfeld resigns from LAM: “I’m really sad”

Regarding his talks with Latorre, Rosenfeld said, “Obviously they were surprising to me, because up until the day before that climactic talk, we had a great relationship.” Latorre disagreed with his assessment and said, “They weren’t surprising. We don’t get along in the media all our lives.

“What happens is that Yanina wanted me not to be politically correct with my on-air clients. Every time I mentioned one of them, whether it was Victoria Vanucci, Luciana Salazar, Wanda Nara, Karina Jelinek… In a way, all the cases that have crossed my professional work, I didn’t want me to endorse them. [SIC]. And yet I approve of them; some are friends and some are clients,” she said, but her partner still disagreed and once again they got into an argument that wasn’t very conducive.

“Forty thousand times you’ve invited me for coffee to make friends and I don’t feel like talking anymore; It’s a relationship that doesn’t work,” said Diego Latorre’s wife. “If we make a controversy about whether I’m going because of her, no, I’m not going because of her. Know that no. And that if I have to find Mrs. Yanina Latorre in another place, it will not be said publicly, ”concluded the lawyer, with a certain mystery.

The addition of Roselfeld to THEM in its new stage in America, it was one of the television surprises of a year without too many proposals or ideas. From the start, the lawyer tried to find her place on a show where gossip historically rivaled the impressions, discussions and egos of the panelists. One of them, Latorre, began by questioning the participation of his new companion and ended up making her his new “intimate enemy” within the panel.

Uncomfortably, the lawyer sought to maintain her stance of not offering her opinion on certain issues and only contributing her wisdom where warranted, but a few months into her debut as a panelist, a scandal broke out on the networks that had him as a protagonist: some of her clients accused her of defrauding them. Although being a chain figure, in In the afternoon and in intruders They echoed complaints from the media, a fact that the lawyer would not have appreciated at all.

The bad relationship between Ana Rosenfeld and Yanina Latorre

In turn, the strained relationship with Latorre -who came to accuse Rosenfeld of hiring “dollar witches” to “engualicharla” – began to have an equally virulent correlate on social networks. “I thought that at first it was more a discussion on the air, but well, when I saw the nine thousand five hundred stories of Yanina this weekend – which I have not finished see because it was a track- I said ‘it’s serious'”, explained at the time the driver of THEM.

Indeed, the situation was serious. So much so that the lawyer decided to take a few days and go to one of her favorite cities, Miami. “I want it to continue and I think it will continue. I think she’s going to calm down in Miami, she’s going to do a lot of shopping, she’s going to spend a lot of money and she’s going to come back happy,” ventured De Brito .

From Miami, Rosenfeld began liking and retweeting posts that criticized Latorre and even the program itself. But De Brito’s prediction finally came true. After having made a strong shock in intruders over complaints from his former clients and threatening to take legal action against “three professional journalists”, Rosenfeld returned to sit as president of THEM, Like nothing ever happened. He remained there until Wednesday, when at the end of the show he announced his dissociation from the cycle.

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