Ana Rosenfeld's forceful response to her ex-husband's version of her illness

Ana Rosenfeld’s forceful response to her ex-husband’s version of her illness

The word of José Hener, the ex-husband of Ana Rosenfeld (Audio: Teleshow)

A few days ago, in an intimate interview with telecast, Anne Rosenfeld spoke like never before about the reasons that led her to separate from her first husbandIs, Joseph Henera businessman 10 years his senior: “I had been diagnosed that I had one year left to live”, assured the lawyer who was about to celebrate his 24th birthday at the time. This news reframed his way of thinking and how he wanted to live his life.

She also maintained that she felt “lonely” in the process. “I needed a different kind of person by my side. Someone to hold me in a different way. If I were to start a family, I would need a stronger pillar. I understood that he would never be the man of my life.”considered about her ex-husband, who made jeans and supplied companies such as Angelo Paolo, Mango, Stone and Quarry.

In the note, Rosenfeld accurately recounted the diagnosis that alarmed her: “They detected a tumor in the head of the right femur and the prognosis was pessimistic. In fact, there were missed x-rays that indicated metastases“, he indicated and added that the professional in charge of pathological anatomy had indicated that it was a benign tumor and that he needed an operation. Until then, she had to lie flat for three months so that she could only walk again with crutches.

Ana Rosenfeld and her first husband, José Hener

Before starting rehabilitation, the lawyer decided to separate. “I did not feel supported. It was I who took care of my partner and not the other way around”. He decided to notify Hener by telephone and from his parents’ house, where he had returned to live. “I think he never understood the reason for my determination. I never finished explaining the reason very well. Maybe you will find out by watching this interview“, he said in the note of this site.

Reading the interview Rosenfeld gave to TV show, Joseph Hener He contacted this medium to give his version. “I looked for the best pathologist in Buenos Aires. Diagnosed as ‘benign, non-invasive cancer’ and recommended curettage of the bone and filling with his own hip bone. Such a malignant cancer is never left without other postoperative treatments such as radiation therapy,” Hener continued.

With this diagnosis and the studies in hand, the man remembers going to see his wife to tell her the news. “That it was cancer, that it was a type of bone surgery. To call it kind of a benign cancer. ‘Cause it wasn’t a tumor. Instead, it gnawed at the bone, which is unusual for cancer. What if they told him he had a year to live? Of course not (sarcastic laughter). When I brought her the results 48 hours later so she could calm down and get her ready for surgery, I told her they were going to fill that part out. And they filled that part with bones, with his own bones because he was young,” he added.

That of Ana Rosenfeld and José Hener was one of the first divorces in the country
That of Ana Rosenfeld and José Hener was one of the first divorces in the country

Hener assured to have relegated his professional activity to accompany the lawyer in his health file. “My ex-wife in 60 days was already leading a normal life. I never neglected her in this situation. We weren’t divorced at the time either. A few years passed and the causes were very different“, he said.

Faced with the outcry caused by the words of his ex, Rosenfeld made a press release on his Instagram account. He mentioned the interview in this media, emphasizing the reference to “Failed x-rays that indicated metastases”and clarified his position. “It’s the only truth!” And I experienced it in the first person!! Nobody else”voiced the lawyer finally.

Release of Ana Rosenfeld, citing Teleshow memo
Release of Ana Rosenfeld, citing Teleshow memo

Ana Rosenfeld and José Hener’s marriage lasted three years and since that conversation, 43 years ago, they have never seen each other again. Meanwhile, she pointed out that the businessman was the first to call her when her husband is dead, Marcelo Fridlewskilast october. They divorced some time later when the law came out in 1987. Her case was one of the first to appear in court after a heated debate that divided public opinion at the time.


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