Analía Franchín's dumplings fell to the ground and she was eliminated from Masterchef Celebrity, the rematch: "It can't happen to me"

Analía Franchín’s dumplings fell to the ground and she was eliminated from Masterchef Celebrity, the rematch: “It can’t happen to me”

Analía Franchín lost a large part of her pastry because it fell on the floor (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge, Telefe)

After have obtained the Martin Fierro Gold during the awards ceremony organized by APTRA last week, this Sunday the competition for Mastercfef Celebrity, the revenge, where there are only five participants left in the race. Close to the semi-finals, Analia Franchin, Sofia Pachano, Juariu, Joaquin Levinton Yes Vicky Xipolitakis They clashed in a complicated night that asked them to the maximum.

In this sense, the jury composed of Donato De Santis, Damian Betular Yes german martitegui He announced the catchphrase of the night, which was to perfectly replicate one of four boxes of thin, dry pastries presented to them. It was chance that determined which pasta each participant had to prepare: thanks to a roulette wheel, everyone got the type of pasta they had to prepare. And then they had 75 minutes to make it.

Before, however, they had to go through the market to get the ingredients. There, everything was chaotic, to the point that the cries of competitors – who were desperate to get everything they needed for their recipe – exploded. Santiago del Morowho at one point covered his ears and exclaimed: “Shut up!”. “Like we’re making Santiago a little nervous, right?” admitted the daughter of Hannibal Pashano backstage.

Meanwhile, and once the three minutes had passed to gather the ingredients, came the moment when they had to get to work. “The most famous burners in the world are lit! », announces the driver. The test was not easy at all, so many participants had problems, especially with the cooking of the pasta. But without a doubt, the moment of greatest tension occurred when Franchín dropped a large part of his pastry on the floor.

The moment when Analía Franchín’s dumplings fall (Capture: Telefe)

It all happened when the panelist took her tray out of the oven, set it on a counter, and in one bad move, it moved and it all ended up falling. “Do not!”she cried desperately. “It can’t happen to me. The spirit of the Gunda seizes me”commented disappointed behind the scenes, referring to the similar situation experienced Claudia Fontan in the second season, when she picked up her candy from the floor and was severely punished.

“What should I do, do I catch it or not catch it?” No, no,” he hesitated for a moment backstage. “I’ll put the others together,” he finally decided. “I’ve got a bit of a chill, but I’m not filling the box. I won’t do the big Gunda“, she confided to Martitegui, who began to encourage her to continue. “I have to do something with what I have, because I can’t present anything. My dignity does not allow me not to present a box,” he said. However, while trying to continue with the slogan, he continued to lament: “How I dropped the box on the floor and the rep… who gave birth to it!”.

Finally, time ran out and the comebacks began. “You took them out at the right time. But it happens, you get distracted, you catch, you burn, and what are you going to do? will you hold it? No, it’s instinct. It’s very rich, too bad the quantityBetular told him, and his colleagues agreed.

After considering Sofía and Vicky the best of the night, and also saving Juariu, the final one-on-one match was between Analía and Joaquín. “We had a big debate to make this decision, but we made it. The chef or the cook who leaves the kitchens of Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge is… Analía“, announced the former pastry shop.

After some moving words from the jury about her, the new eliminated said goodbye to reality: “This seems completely fair to me and it shows the transparency of the contest and, as they always say, the worst dish is gone. I love you, I love you, thank you Masterchef for betting on my intensity and my teammates”.


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