Analysis of The DioField Chronicle: a proposal that is updating to attract new audiences

Analysis of The DioField Chronicle: a proposal that is updating to attract new audiences

A few weeks ago we talked about The DioField Chronicle based on the first contact we were able to have with the game. Now, after playing the final version for several hours, I can now share an analysis with much more context and tell you why I think this new commitment to Square Enix’s strategy can be an interesting gateway for new users.

We’ll start by diving into its history. Like we’re inside a Game of Thrones story, the narrative will collide two important empires that will want to take control of Jade, an essential mineral for modern magic. Controlling this material can mean danger for the entire territory of Alletain and that’s when the Blue Foxes enter the scene, a group of mercenaries who will have to be guided to interfere with the evil plans of the enemy. .

Although its plot may seem somewhat linear, over the hours, alliances, betrayals, friendships and a few other unexpected twists make it very attractive. What I regret -and which I think can discourage many players- is the absence of subtitles in Spanish to be able to follow the story correctly. In any case, you don’t need a very high level of English to be able to enjoy it, but it would be a great detail to receive an update with its Spanish localization in the future.

The adventure will be divided into different chapters. In these we will have the option of advancing directly with the story missions or opting for secondary missions, which will give us materials to craft weapons, money to buy equipment, skill points to use in the improvement trees or experience to level up with our mercenaries. Anxiety sometimes forces us to take the shortest route, but I assure you that having a team with much more evolved statistics will make it a little easier for us to fight.

All our mercenaries will have different skills depending on their specialty. From the beginning we will have the basics: warrior, archer, magician and a rider who attacks from his horse. But, as we progress, we will meet new characters who will join our team and who will bring with them more specialties. They will all be present at a tree in which we can unlock new attacks and improve those already acquiredbut it will not only depend on the progression of the character, but also on the weapon that he will have equipped, which will be the one that will define the 3 main skills that each character will carry.

Once we have all our mercenaries equipped, it’s time to jump into the battlefield and the fun starts here. The game will give us a goal to achieve, it will show us the map as if it were a model and we will start planning the strategy.

In this context, its gameplay is very accessible. With one button we can move all units to one place and with another give the order to attack the nearest enemy. But the strategy begins when we stop time, as if it were a turn-based game, and start throwing their skills which, combined, can lead to the certain death of a handful of enemies. The game constantly invites you to try different combinations, vulnerabilities, and side effects. It is precisely at this level that the title shows a higher depth, but nothing that you cannot understand after several attacks.

Undoubtedly, the RPG genre – even by its abbreviation – can scare more than one because we know that we are dealing with extended games. In this sense, it should be noted the great job The DioField Chronicle does in bringing turn-based battles into a fast-paced, dynamic, and entertaining experience. A mission can last less than 15 minutes and the game rewards you if you complete it in less than 4 or 6 minutes. This is great for short games and picking it up whenever you want to return to Alletain.

Analyze its artistic component, from the musical point of view we have a jewel, since its entire soundtrack was in charge of Brandon Campbell and Ramin Djawadi, composers on Game of Thrones. Graphically, meanwhile, it’s not really exceptional, but the title reaches its peak during the cutscenes, which are very well done.

As a final conclusion, I could say that The DioField Chronicle is a new franchise that, from my point of view, has a future in the genre. A game that, although it does not try to break completely from the mold, offers changes in its gameplay to adapt to its times. inviting all kinds of players to enter a fantastic medieval story from which it will be difficult for us to detach ourselves.


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