Andrea Rincón says she had a long-distance relationship that didn't work out: 'I'm very loose'

Andrea Rincón says she had a long-distance relationship that didn’t work out: ‘I’m very loose’

The actress confessed that her last romance was with a man who lived in Spain and explained the reasons

In a new episode of PS: Can we talk? (Telefe), Saturday Andy Kusnetzoff he summoned his five guests to the classic meeting points. Amid a moving conversation about the disadvantaged childhoods they went through, Andrea Rincon He made a confession about his love life. The actress revealed that took a chance on love during quarantine by the coronavirus pandemic, and had a remote seduction. Candid about the experience, explained how the romance started and the reason for the breakup.

One of the segments this time was in honor of one of the participants of the evening, the former boxer Sergio Wonderful Martinez. The driver offered them to tell a moment in their life when they felt the meaning of the emblematic phrase “I got out of there, Wonder”delivered by the Uruguayan rapporteur Walter Nelson during the fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in 2012. In this sense, Rincón assured that he detects when a link no longer gives and that is how the conversation turned to his sentimental present.

When a friend tells me ‘I got out of there’, I get out by touch. I identify toxins from afar“, he said at the beginning. Facing the watchful eye of Monique Gutierrez, Rocio Gomez -daughter of Bug Gomez-, and Juanse, the actress assured that she is in a good moment on a personal level. “What happens is that I get on very well with myself, so it’s very easy for me to go anywhere because I really like being alone; and actually the last person I was with was in Spain“, revealed.

Andrea Rincón confessed that she had a long-distance relationship during quarantine

“We met in quarantine and had a virtual relationship, I never met him personally“, he commented. He also recalled the joke made by the leader of the Paranoid Mice, who saw his former partner through the computer screen during one of their interviews: “This boy has lost his legs, tell him to get up and walk around to see if he’s complete, because he’s still lying down”. Laughing, Juanse justified his assessment: “It’s that he didn’t do anything, so much so that in three months I haven’t seen him in another position.”

Impacted by the story, the driver used humor to delve into the reasons for the separation. “And what happened, why did it end?” Wi-Fi cut?, he asked in a humorous tone. “Do not, someone stepped in and told him that I had done things that weren’t true and that he didn’t believe me, so I said thank goodness…” the actress said, relieved that they hadn’t had a one-on-one date for the relationship to progress.

“I once said here that I was wrong many years ago with a person who I was unfaithful and promised that never again; I’d rather they cheat on me, before I cheat again“, he condemned. Gutiérrez wanted to know what drew her to the mystery man, and Andrea was honest about her stance on love: “I think it’s been a really long time since I’ve been in a relationship, I wasn’t ready and when I gave myself the opportunity, as I’m very scared, I gave it to someone who was very far away”.

The actress revealed her reasons for ending her long-distance relationship

The actress revealed her reasons for ending her long-distance relationship

I moved forward with everything because I’m very cowardly, very fearful. I was able to take the plunge and start, but the good thing is that I was able to move forward with someone even if it was at a distance. Let’s go!”, celebrated between two laughs. It should be remembered that during the summer, the actress faced romance rumors with Freddy Villarealwith whom he shared a cast in the 39 stepsand in dialogue with Moskita Muerta and Nilda Sarli for La Once Diez denied the version which had grown week after week: “There are no novels. My love is with loneliness”,

“I’m full of love but I don’t have sex. It’s a personal decision, I have proposals, but today it is a personal decision to be alone”assured the actress and deepened her argument. “I feel good, I have a lot to give and people who give me a lot. I don’t lack love, I don’t need the love of a partner. It’s a time when I’m in a personal choice, at some point it will happen,” he added.

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