Ángel de Brito's response to China Suárez after the media harassment complaint suffered

Ángel de Brito’s response to China Suárez after the media harassment complaint suffered

The release of Angel de Brito to the complaint of China Suárez for harassment (LAM, America)

A few kisses at Martin Fierro’s after party, a mischievous and confusing statementa, an intimate menu based on Ketchup Milanesethe common signs at a birthday party. The relation between Eugenie China Suarez and the musician dash, ex of Mary Becerra, They gave more or less veiled signs of a beginning that everything was on track, even if more convincing proof was lacking.

In Tuesday’s edition of THEM, showed that the former almost angels and the ragpicker took another step on this path and they spent the night together in a hotel in the Recoleta district. The program that drives Brito’s Angel He stood guard at the door of the place and showed the images of the morning, the protagonists leaving the place and being surprised because both his truck and his car had been carried away by the tow truck.

At that time, the columnist approached the couple, in particular the actress, to conduct a brief interview, seeking to know above all whether they confirmed a seduction on which there are more and more clues. However, neither she nor he made a statement, just a courtesy “hello” from Eugenia before getting into the cab, followed by a “care” before closing the door.. This was seen after 21 in America cycle. But not long before, China uploaded a video to her social media in which she reminisced about a Twitter thread that went over the various times she was featured on the show.

China Suárez and Rusherking spent the night in a hotel and the tow truck took the car (LAM, America)

“Summarizes what I always say about cruelty and harassment,” said the formerATAV, although he clarified that he was not doing it from the victim’s point of view: “I was wrong and I am wrong like everyone else, but I am talking about a persecution, and I am not talking about it. I’ve never spoken so deeply because it’s hard for me,” he acknowledged in the video he uploaded to instagram stories.

In a serious tone, the actress went on to explain why she decided to talk about it. “It’s difficult, even though sometimes I say that things don’t affect me, that I have a shell, it’s ugly and painful, and I often feel ashamed and sads,” he assured, adding that he felt strong: “I’ve already been through what had to happen, I’ve already run away from the people I had to get away fromI am very well surrounded and in a very good moment”, he affirmed.

In the same vein, he pointed out that within his new companies the presence of a lawyer. “We’re moving forward, hopefully it works out and no one else goes through this,” he said. In later stories, the actress again spoke about THEMbut without mentioning it: “It’s the same program that catches you on the street, with a microphone anywhere, and you don’t answer because it’s the least you can do, and you don’t answer and they get angry,” he said.

China Suárez denounced the harassment on social networks

Return to THEM, and after showing the two videos from China, Ángel took a few minutes to respond. “Everyone knows what they think of the people exposed and everyone also chooses what to show his conduct in life“, The driver began by saying, adding that he had not yet received a document letter from the actress, as the rumor had it, which reached the hands of his partner. Yanina Latorre.

I would like to go to court with China, I have no problem clarifying anything you want”, expressed the driver, and referred to what happened a few days ago. “She’s the same one who picked me up at Martín Fierro and started dancing all night with me the best. After talking and chatting for a bit, she asked me to dance,” Angel revealed and imagined what meeting in court would be like, “Seems like a judge will laugh when he sees this the same person who sends you a document letter asks you to dance at a party; that the same person reporting the harassment is going to a party with her new boyfriend where the press is full. There is not the slightest point of consistency”, he assured.

For his part, Latorre made his defense: “I did a job as a journalist, no harassment, no obsession. The news was Wanda and Icardi and I have all the evidence and he could never deny me. I don’t understand when he becomes a victim,” the panelist said. And he added, “Pampita was not a victim, Wanda was not a victim, Tobal was not a victim, This girl should go to the psychologist more than to justice“, he pointed.


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