Anna del Boca opened up about her legal request to change her surname: 'It's in progress and it would affect me positively'

Anna del Boca opened up about her legal request to change her surname: ‘It’s in progress and it would affect me positively’

Andrea del Boca’s daughter shared how she felt about her acting debut

In dialogue with THEM (America), Andrea del Boca and her daughter Anna Chiara They provided a cell phone where they talked about their common passion for theatre. They also mentioned the aggravated sexual abuse complaint that the young woman initiated against her father, Ricardo Biasotti. Almost two months after the judgment of the unfounded case, they told how they had reacted to the legal setback. The actress’ daughter also opened up about her stance on the media fallout with whom he has lived for more than two years.

Andrea and Anna attended an event related to the world of cinema together and the columnist pointed out that they are now colleagues as well as family. In this sense, he wanted to know on whether the 21-year-old feels she’s ‘following in her mother’s footsteps’ in view of the artistic heritage that runs through his veins. “I don’t know if it’s just that, I don’t know if it’s just a carbon copy, but I always say she was like my first teacher, it’s kind of my little school; but we are also very different personallyso not the same either,” was his heartfelt response.

The actress, for her part, assured that she was proud that her daughter let her acting vocation flow. “And how do you manage the question of the rupture between actors? Because there are people you admire or not according to your political thought,” the mobilero asked them. Again, Anna replied honestly:I don’t feel like there are people who look up to me, I’m very much from home, I don’t know if I’m getting too addicted to TV shows eitherI don’t have the weight of that public eye, that vision.”

Regarding the end, he asked them about the judgment in favor of Biasotti, which was known two months ago, and initially Andrea ended the topic. “Now is not the time to talk about it, there is a lot of noise, and it continues at Justice”, underlined while her daughter took the floor to support her: “We came for the cinema, that’s what we love.” Shortly after, they spoke about the media effect that each resolution related to the cause started at the end of 2019 has on their lives.

The assignment of Anna Chiara del Boca after learning of the lack of merit in the aggravated sexual abuse case against Ricardo Biasotti

“Personally it’s not something that I really don’t mark, my life is not the media, beyond that, the media have always followed my daily life. We are very calm, “said Anna Chiara, and also underlined her mother’s attitude towards the subject:” It does not bother me either, I know that she presents herself as an advocate because she’s my mother, but that doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t mark me”. He also clarified that Last name change application continueswhat he asked for and assured that he is attentive to the times of Justice: “It’s ongoing and it would be something that would affect me positively, but we will have to wait.”

Recall that the complaint was filed before the Correctional and Correctional Court No. 43, and last February the judge Maria Gabriela Lance ruled lack of merit against former Andrea del Boca. Carlos Monty, program reporter us in the morningrecounted the details of this decision in which the judge established that the young woman “implanted memories” and assures the “lack of credibility of the complaints based on the results of the projective tests and the investigation of his personality”. In this way, Lanz has determined that he finds no reason to sue Biasotti, but he also finds no reason to dismiss the lawsuit.

A few hours passed and Anna reacted with a strong message after the court decision. He did so with a letter and a series of images he posted on his Instagram account: “’Implanted memories and lack of credibility checks’. May the sharpest thorns urge you to turn your everything into rays of sunshine,” he wrote as the title of the post on the social network. In a handwritten text, like a diary, Anna notes : “My mind is a rainbow garden. My memories are planted”, underlined in reference to the court decision and beginning a reflection with nature as an axis: “These are seeds transformed into flowers, my reason is the only and exclusive planter. My memory is a plantation of experiences, my petals form a garden of certainty”.

Still in the same vein, Anna Chiara continues her defense: “I answer with facts but the raw sincerity of my life is wasted; a withering thanks to the masked speeches and the black hands”, he affirmed. And he continues: “I let myself be devoured by the earth. Unknown mouths are filled with me. Intended to prune me, they dirty. But I douse myself and the wind isn’t a storm anymore, it’s just tickling.” Finally, the actress wrote, “I strip myself of checking the credibility of the rest, it is my true freedom. And so I bloom“, concluded the young woman with the drawing of a flower as a signature.

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