Another former Big Brother contestant recalled her time on the reality show: 'I was super oblivious to everything'

Another former Big Brother contestant recalled her time on the reality show: ‘I was super oblivious to everything’

The former GH recounted her experience during the 2007 edition and evoked the words of former participants

the strong declarations of elders Big brother Pamela Bevilacqua Yes Emmanuel DiGiogia, both from the 2011 edition, had an impact on several former reality TV contestants. in the last hours jessica teddy Gómez told how he lived the experience of entering the house at the age of 21and confessed that at that time he was unaware of the media boom that would come later.

With over 25,000 followers on Instagram, the EX GH She defines herself as an actress and producer in her profile, and is generally very active on social networks. In dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen in miter liveexplained that he had a different point of view than the competitors of the edition where Cristian U won. Jéssica was part of the season that aired in 2007and according to his account, the cast was different from how Di Giogia and Bevilacqua portrayed it.

I don’t know if I put it down to my age at the time, but I was super oblivious to it all. The contract was irrevocable, I remember it and I didn’t even read it entirely,” he admitted. And he added, “My goal was to get into reality TV because I wanted to be famous, without knowing what it was like to be famous, which is to say a terrible degree of unconsciousness that one sometimes has at a certain stage of life.” Although thinking about it in retrospect, he assured that his time on the program was positive and defined it as “one of the best experiences he had ever had”, he sympathized with the words of former participants.

Jéssica Gómez participated in the 2007 edition of Big Brother, in which Marianela Mirra won

I clearly repudiate any form of harassment and even more when on the other side there may be abuse of power, more than sexual abuse, when there is a need for labor and you have to choose to belong to a certain place for an economic reason to survive, it is much worse there,” he said. “The people who felt that, I respect it and cash in on the people who come out to repudiate it,” he condemned. However, he cautioned about his particular case: “No one told me he was sexually abused or abused on the reality show in 2007they encouraged you and wanted to hold you back because the product worked”.

“It’s a bit of a butcher’s shop because that’s the format, it’s ‘let’s see the miseries and the more miserable you are the better, show me that’, but it’s like the issue of editions, it was even edited in the confessional to convince you to stay or leave, ”he says. In this sense, he recommended “not putting everyone in the same bag”, and differentiated the way each participant went through GH.

Exposure to some we like so much and some less so, and I’m in favor of the fact that if I expose myself to certain situations, I’ll open a door to my privacy and everything about me, knowing the rules of the game, it’s great that they speak out, but with a first and last name,” he said. “He ‘said such a production person,’ I don’t know, I can say and speak for myself, that in 2007 the head of production was Marcos Gorban and he had a wonderful eye for the cast which was later reflected in the measurement of the rating, and he wasn’t in the next Big Brother,” he commented.

Jéssica Gómez is currently dedicated to the world of acting and production

Jéssica Gómez is currently dedicated to the world of acting and production

Most of the production members later on were female so I tell you it’s good that when a complaint is filed it’s done with a first and last name“, he concluded. It should be clarified that Jéssica referred to certain situations that other former candidates mentioned in the dialogue with Etchegoyen. Di Giogia maintained that a psychologist had offered her money in exchange for a sexual proposal on the day of the casting: “She asked me if I was in a relationship, if she was also participating, because I tell you the truth, they were looking for sex and friction”.

“I remember in that office she started looking everywhere and getting money from everywhere, she told me she had 450 pesos which at the time was a fortune. He put the money on the desk and asked me: ‘With this money, what are you doing to me?’, I don’t know, like trying to taxi boy“, he assured. “I felt like I was being tested, like a game, instead if I put myself in the place of a woman who makes a proposal like that, it ceases to be a game and borders on harassment“, condemned Di Giogia.

A few days ago, his former companion Pamela Bevilacqua had assured something similar: “There are women who do it, having to be cool when you know that they touch you too much and for the possibility of achieving something thanks to that ; Nothing ever happened to me in time, but yeah I spoke with women who had not entered the house because they slept with someone, I knew girls who even accepted because they asked for sex at the casting”.

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