Assessment: how was the farewell to Intratables, the cycle that made the show of political debates

Assessment: how was the farewell to Intratables, the cycle that made the show of political debates

In America, yesterday there was a night of farewells and anticipated nostalgia. At 11:42 p.m., after a decade in the air and several pilots in the lead, term intractablethe cycle through which all the voices of the country’s broad political spectrum have marched. The program, which was born as a debate magazine with a strong interference of content from the world of entertainment, turned to a formula that ended up defining it. In intractablethe debate was featured and the political news was given with all of a show.

The cycle, which in recent weeks has lowered its rating averages, yesterday it closed with 2.1 points and hit a high of 3.4 points, an unusual number for the format. These ratings allowed him to surpass the new one, its direct competitor. Throughout so many seasons, the format had a panel where their names alternated and the direction of Santiago del Moro, Paul Vilouta, William Andin, Fabien Doman Yes Alexandre Fantin.

Still in America’s prime time, a channel that had a very good day yesterday, THEM scored 3.7 points on average and reached a high of 4.2 points. The program hosted by Brito’s Angel, produced by Mandarina, gave America back numbers it hadn’t had in a long time. On Monday, the channel’s prime time will be joined by new format that will lead Florence Pena.

The most watched this Thursday was the strip the first of us (Telefe) with an average of 11.9 pointsfollowed by fugitive (Telefe), band of Turkish origin who scored 11.4 points. In the night of eltrece, The famous hotel Yes The 8 million steps they scored 10.5 and 10.3 points respectively, ranking second behind Telefe.

Deep life stories and an attractive cast, some of the keys to The First of Us’ success

in the new, blessed opened in prime time with an average of 4.9 points and a peak of 5.9 points, good marks for the historic cycle driven by Beto Casella. Next, The exact timewith Coustarot head Yes Boy Olmi, he averaged 1.7. Before prime time, from 6:58 p.m., central soap opera reached 3.5 points on average.

In the 1 p.m. slot, People’s news (Telefe) led with 7.3 points, followed by noon news (eltrece) who scored 5.8 points. In America, intruders achieved a very good figure: 3.5 points on average and a peak of 4 points, reached at 1:45 p.m. The very good performance of the program hosted by V flower left elnueve far behind, who scored 2.2 points with the spectacle of trouble, talk-show hosted by Claribel Medina. Previously, also in the new, soap opera at noon He had performed very well with an average of 3 points and a maximum of 3.7 points.

The Public television managed to reach the number. This Thursday, Argentinian cooks scored 1 point. In Net TV, The Lord of heaven led with 0.6 tenths.

Paul Viloutalast driver of intractable and who replaced key drivers for a decade, spoke to Santiago del Moro, which he defined as “the heart of Intratables”. the leader of Master Chef Celebrity He spoke hand in hand with Vilouta to share his feelings about a program that marked him and which was his prologue to the pass on Telefe.

In the last minutes of intractableVilouta, who always respects his roles with professionalism and sobrietyhighlighted what this talk show meant on America’s screen.

It is not too late (Telefe) raised its figure and closed its average yesterday at 5.1 points. The Late Night Midnight Show hosted by german paoloski had a visit from Lito Vitalewho had to answer a question from his friend and colleague Juan-Carlos Baglietto.

In central soap opera a report was released in which the word of Beatriz Rojkés, wife of the former governor of Tucumán José Alperovich, was heard. The woman did not believe the abuse complaint against the politician and for which Justice has decided to prosecute him.

Who knows more about Argentina (Public TV) is a BoxFish format that bets on knowledge, which is always appreciated. Beyond the value of its content, Robertito Funes Ugartehis driver, gives him his stamp with a lot of humor. Yesterday, he took the opportunity to practice some physical postures that prevent him from falling, as happened to him two days ago. The program must make up for the low audience of the cycle that precedes it. Who knows more about Argentina yesterday it averaged 0.3 tenths, but if it stuck to a format like Argentinian cookswho gets a better grade, his fate will change.

a. the first of us (Telefe) 11.9 rating points

of them. fugitive (Telefe) 11.4 points

3. The famous hotel (eltrece) 10.5 points

Four. The 8 million steps (eltrece) 10.3 points

5. Zuleyha (TV) 10 points

6. To dream of you (Telefe) 9.9 points

7. Telefe Newsfugitive, part two (Telefe) 9.5 points

8. hercai (Telefe) 8.6 points

9. People’s news (Telefe) 7.3 points

ten. Cut by Lozano (Telefe) 6.8 points

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