Bafici moves to Corrientes Avenue |  From April 19 to May 1, face-to-face and online

Bafici moves to Corrientes Avenue | From April 19 to May 1, face-to-face and online

The winds of change are blowing for Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (Bafici). After being suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic and having, in 2021, a mixed exhibition schedule, with a handful of face-to-face functions and most of the programming online, it will return to theaters for its 23rd edition, but without neglecting the digital leg, perhaps the only positive legacy left by health restrictions on audiovisual exploitation. It’s like that between April 19 and May 1 will be seen 290 films – among feature, medium and short films – divided into 450 performances and around sixty parallel activities will be carried out, from thematic conferences to public interviews with filmmakers from all over the world, in around fifteen locations in the capital.

Face-to-face and online

Unlike the 2019 edition, the last before the arrival of Covid-19, Bafici will not have its operational epicenter in the Belgrano district but in the city center, more precisely on Corrientes Avenue, one of the historic poles of the Buenos Aires exhibition. The two auditoriums Saint Martin Cultural Center will host conferences and presentations, while the two rooms in its basement will be available for screenings every day of the festival. There will also be daily performances at Leopoldo Lugones Room of the San Martin Theater, the Cinema Lorcathe Cinema Cosmosroom 1 of Cinema Gaumontthe French alliance and some screens Multiplex Monumental Lavalle. Tickets can be purchased online from April 15 at 10 a.m. on the Vivamos Cultura page, or in person at the theater ticket offices from April 18 to 20, depending on each room. General admission will cost 150 pesos and there will be discounts for students and retirees, while for all Baficito and Focos functions they will have a value of 100 pesos.

The Multiplex will see, Tuesday 19, the co-production between France, Argentina, Spain and Belgium Little Flowerby Santiago Miter (The student, Rangethe imminence Argentina, 1985) and with Daniel Hendler, Vimala Pons, Melvil Poupaud, Sergi López and Françoise Lebrun, who will officiate in the first part of a double program with the short film Now I know where to find you, by Diego Berakha. In charge of the closing will be Come, I will take you there (nobody’s hero), from the Frenchman Alain Guiraudie. The opening of the Baficito will be open to the public and will take place this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Parque Centenario amphitheater, one of the peripheral rooms – that is, with functions only on certain days – next to the Cinema Museum , the Usina del Arte, the 25 de Mayo Cultural Center, the Art Spaces in the Neighborhoods and the Museum of Buenos Aires.

The one chosen to inaugurate the boys’ and girls’ section is The Rise and Fall of the Chop Chop Showby Diego Labata mockumentary made with puppets that depicts behind the scenes of a puppet show broadcast via Instagram, proposing a cross between the ideology of “The Muppets with that of the Chilean series 31 minutes“, according to the artistic director Javier Porta Fouz, who was accompanied by the Minister of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro, during the presentation of the program held this Thursday morning in one of the auditoriums of the Center Cultural San Martin. The official confirmed that 220 of the 290 titles of the program will be available online on Vivamos Cultura.

Argentinian and world cinema

The programming will maintain its structure of three competitive sections (International, National and Avant-garde and genre, which returns to replace the American) and many other parallel sections, among which Trajectories stands out, which will include the latest works by renowned directors of the size of Claire Denis (With love and determination), Andres Di Tella (diaries), the Renaissance Paul Schrader (The card counter), Nani Moretti (three pianos), Marco Bellocchio (Marx può aspettare) and various regulars of the Buenos Aires festival such as james benning (united states of america), Denis Cote (A summer like this), Ruth Beckerman (Mutzenbacher) Yes Hong Sang-so (The novelist’s film), these last four newcomers to the Berlinale.

But the big focus of the lineup will, as always, be on national cinemaWhat will provide titles to all sections. Starting with the International Competition, where they will be Fanny takes a walkby Alfredo Arias and Ignacio Masllorens; runnerby Fiona Lena Brown and Germán Basso; Clementineby Constanza Feldman & Agustín Mendilaharzu; The KEOP/S system., by Nicholas Goldbart; Yes Paul, of Florencia Wehbe, born in Cordoba. In the national competitive section, and unlike other years where the mixture of novice filmmakers and others already veterans prevailed, the 2022 edition tipped the balance towards the second side by including three films with world premieres at the Berlinale: Middle ageby Alejo Moguillansky and Luciana Acuña, A little bundle of loveby Gaston Solnicki, and Camouflage, by Jonathan Perel. Among the veterans will also be Raúl Perrone (be eternal), Ulises Rosell (The future), Christian Pauls (the light field), Paul Lévy (Julia does not marry), Sebastien Caulier (The mountain) and Alejandro Hartman (The National).

The Argentinian competition will be completed by smog in your heartby Lucia Seles; Nancy Sport Laundryby Agu Grego; Amancay, by Maximo Ciambella; Yes Journey to the seed, by Madeleine Bournot. On the return side Avant-garde and genderwhich includes these riskiest securities, will be EAMIby Paz Encina, who has just won the Tiger Prize in the Official Competition at the recent Rotterdam Film Festival; bitter almondsby Andrés H. Denegri; sent to falseby Maia Navas; the sensitiveby Paola Michaels; universal historyby Ernesto Baca; visible animalby Javier Miquelez; the shine, by Martin Farina; Yes Cangallo and Canningby Azucena Losana.

And there will be many other things to see, such as the Spotlights dedicated to the French director, actress and critic Pascale Bodet and the Israeli documentary filmmaker David Fisher – both will give lectures – or the films that make up the tributes to Manuel Antín, Monica Vitti and the historical distributor Pascual Condito, who died a few weeks ago. we will also see restored copies from Happy togetherby Wong Kar-wai, 25 years after its release; Boliviaby Israel Adrián Caetano; prisoners of the earthby Mario Soffici, and even Rocky vs. Draco: The Ultimate Director’s Versionby Sylvester Stallone. To see and also to listen to, because among the parallel activities the masterclasses given by the Bruce The Brucewho will come to accompany the world premiere of his latest film, Lidia’s businessand the legendary composer Danny Elfman, famous for his work alongside Tim Burton and other Hollywood directors. From Burton to the most radical contemporary Argentine cinema, from the most recognized authors on the festival circuit to young directors ready to be discovered, Bafici returns to theaters with the top caps.


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