Benjamín Vicuña told in PH how he imagines his reunion with Blanca, his daughter who died in 2012: "On the beach"

Benjamín Vicuña told in PH how he imagines his reunion with Blanca, his daughter who died in 2012: “On the beach”

this Saturday at P: can we talk (call), a night full of emotion and memories was lived. María Becerra, Carola Reyna, Martín Seefeld, Emilia Attias and Benjamin Vicuña they opened their hearts and revealed the details of their intimacy. And it is the Chilean actor who did not avoid reflecting his sadness at remember his daughter Blanca, died in September 2012.

In a segment of the cycle, Andy Kusnetzoffshow host, asked the guests select one significant postcard of their life and one by one they revealed which one they chose and why. Vicuña did not hesitate to choose a photo with his daughter Blanca and, from this image, He told how he imagines his reunion with her.

Benjamín Vicuña remembered his daughter Blanca in PH

“I have a picture and I think there is also a picture of a sunset, of a magical hour, with my daughter Blanca, on the beachthat I still see her, because I believe in reunions and that’s the closest thing I have. And that’s how I imagine it too,” Vicuña said, with emotion that was evident on her face.

Along with this script, the actor provided more details about how he dreams of seeing the girl again. “I imagine it with this breeze, with this ocean, with these faces, which at this time of day and light go beyond what they seem. This is the wonderful photo of the reunion.

In another part of the cycle, Vicuña hinted at how her daughter’s death completely changed her outlook on life and how she deals with it. In this sense, he spoke of your connection with Roberto Garcia Moritan the husband of her ex-partner, Pampita Ardohain.

“I understood with Blanca that love is welcome everywhere. In this case, from my ex’s partner, always appreciate the love and affection of your children. What must be terrible, what happens to some of my friends and I’m grateful it doesn’t happen to me, is that they go crazy with the father figure of the man who walks into your house. In this dance, thank God, I did not enter, because it makes you very insecure, ”he concluded.

Benjamin Vicuña with his daughter BlancaInstagram: @benjavicunamori

Every 8th of every month, for Vicuña and Ardohain is a very emotional day since they remember with sadness White’s death died precisely on September 8, 2012 at the age of 6, following a hemorrhagic pneumonia.

Although everyone decides to remember this sad event in their own way, the past 8 March the actor chose social networks and shared a photo of the girl in which we see her kissing with his brother Bautista (14). in the emotional Publish just wrote down the number “8”referring to the date marked a before and after in life from the Chilean.

The photo that Benjamin Vicuña shared on his Instagram account
The photo that Benjamin Vicuña shared on his Instagram accountCapture

In this way, Vicuña shared this unforgettable memory with her more than two million followers, as she had done on other occasions.

Similarly, in 2020 -in the midst of the Covid pandemic-, the actor wrote a moving text addressed to his daughter. “What a difficult time, my daughter. But despite the fear and the drama, life slips through the windows and love is reborn,” he introduced in the story where he included a photograph of the young girl.

“There is no rush, my love. I only tell you as a father little revelations that you have surely already understood. I love you with my broken soul that is reborn every day and flies by your side at night. my little freedom“, hill. At that time, it had only been two months since coronavirus infections had broken out in our country, and Vicuña chose to take refuge in hope.

Recently, and to carry her daughter under her skin, Benjamin got a tattoo in his honor and wrote the reasons in another post which he also shared on his Instagram account.

Benjamín Vicuña remembered Blanca with an emotional tattoo
Benjamín Vicuña remembered Blanca with an emotional tattooCapture Instagram

Nine years ago, time stood still in your gaze. A vivacious butterfly spread its wings and I tried to read it like a papyrus, without understanding the letter. Since that day, I fill you with letters my daughter, letters that go to the sky like drunken butterflies. I tell you about our days and I imagine yours,” the actor said on September 23, 2021, a few days after the ninth anniversary of the girl’s death.

In moving words dedicated to his daughter, Vicuña added: “Nine years you dressed up as a starThe most beautiful of all. Nine years you shine in our eyes. Blanca, my free daughter, Blanca who lives in silence and dances amid the laughter of your brothers. Blanca you travel in time. I write only to stop this time and fly between the letters. I write to see if you want to change your costume for a shooting star, to see you closer. To know that these letters arrive and if when you tililás in the night, it is because you listen to my prayers”.

May 15 Another of the most emotional dates for Pampita and Benjamin is approaching, since It’s the day Blanca would be 16. Probably his parents will continue to carry his living memory and this is reflected in every post and interview they do publicly.

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