Benjamín Vicuña was candid about his split from Pampita Ardohain and China Suárez

Benjamín Vicuña was candid about his split from Pampita Ardohain and China Suárez

Benjamin Vicogne was one of the Saturday night guests on the Telefe show, PH: We can talk, hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff, in which an intimate climate is generated, the ideal context for celebrities to frankly share moments of their lives with the public. Surrounded in the so-called “meeting point” by other personalities such as María Becerra, Carola Reyna, Martín Seefeld and Emilia Attias, The Chilean actor told how he experienced the separations of mothers from their children: Caroline “Pampita” Ardohain Yes Maria Eugenia “China” Suarez.

After Andy asked that “those who think you can have a good relationship with your ex” come forward, Vicuña did the same and explained the reasons, but not without first issuing a caveat: “Separation is a giant piece of shit, but you also have to put things into perspective, obviously there is an ideal, but I don’t want to go in the direction either because there are a lot of stories”.

Although the actor the first of us stated that understands and sympathizes with “the guy who is really excited and who does not want to see his wife”, he assures that his two separations did not go through this, and that he is very grateful. “I’ve seen some really awful cases, people approaching me and telling me about an abusive case, so I learned there were a lot of stories,” he said.

According to Vicuña, his separations took on another dimension due to the way the press treated them, distinguishing between the way he experienced them and the way they were presented from the outside. “The truth is that [mis rupturas] they are very inflated, distorted and amplified by the media, but inside of it all are still separations of love”, noticed and talked about the fact that on both occasions these were situations in which “two people assumed failure, even though that sounds like a swear word”.

Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña, when they started their relationshiparchive

“There are people who tell me that they have a perimeter, so everyone is with their mambo and I’m not going to tell anyone how things are done. He hit me this way, obviously the commonplace, as well that world peace, is trying to get along with an ex, of course. I experienced a separation where my parents were very radical, they separated and I never saw them together again”, he recalled to show why he always bets on harmony. “Everyone must adapt, find a way, because at the beginning there is a question of time, pain, you also need distance because there is anger and frustration.

Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez had a very media separation
Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez had a very media separationInstagram: @bloodjaponesa

Likewise, Vicuña alluded to how the death of his daughter Blanca in 2012 It completely changed his outlook on life and the way he treats it. Therefore, when Kusnetzoff asked how he got along with Pampita’s husband, Roberto García Moritán Vicuña was very clear: “I understood with Blanca that love is welcome from everywhere. In this case, from the partner of my ex, always appreciate the love and affection to your children. What must be terrible, what happens to some of my friends and I’m grateful it doesn’t happen to me, is that they go crazy with the father figure of the man who walks into your house. Thank God I didn’t get into that dance, because it makes you very insecure.”

Vicuña with her current partner, Eli Sulichin - Courtesy HOLA magazine
Vicuña with her current partner, Eli Sulichin – Courtesy HOLA magazineMarcelo Rodriguez

As for his sentimental present, Vicuña confirmed that he is in a relationship with Eli Sulichin. “I met her at my son’s baptism, it’s recent, it’s been six or seven months.” Recall that the actor began to show himself with Pampita’s friend in December last year, but in several interviews he made it clear that he preferred not to talk about his new bond because Sulichin is not not from the middle and wants to protect her.

“At the baptism of my son Benicio, we did a kind of two for one; something I never came out to clarify. That’s why I was present and I shared part of Ana’s baptism [la hija de Ardohain y Moritán], which is valuable. But I’m not going out to clarify because it seems to me that I don’t have the energy, nor the time, even if I listen and there are things that hurt“, revealed the artist in a in-depth interview and photo production with ¡HOLA! Argentinaabout where you met your current partner.

Pampita, former Vicuña, with Sulichin, the actor's current partner
Pampita, former Vicuña, with Sulichin, the actor’s current partner

“He was very beaten.. Now I am in a moment of great introspection, added to what has happened with the pandemic, what is happening all over the world, it is impossible not to be in a phase of reflection on life. In that sense, there is a maturity, a feeling of continuing to build the second stage of my life,” he said.

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