Algunos de estos casos son explicados con la teoría del Triangulo de las Bermudas

Bermuda Triangle: A scientist explains the truth behind the most famous disappearance

The mysteries that happened in the Bermuda Triangle has spawned hundreds of conspiracy theories. aliens, illuminatiblack holes and even forces from beyond they have been blamed for the disappearances of boats and planes in this sector of the sea.

The equilateral triangle, located in the Atlantic Ocean, between the islands of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and The city of Miami is famous for having been the scene of some cases where planes went missing and ships sank.

Location of the Bermuda TriangleTwitter: @valladu1986

For decades, scientists around the world have tried to make sense of what is happening in this part of the sea. Agree with National geographic, the most famous theories claimed that the deaths were caused by magnetic variations, caves (called blue holes) and methane explosions. However, the most recent theory does not point to any of these points. Karl Kruszennicki, an Australian scientist, claims to have solved the famous mystery with a new hypothesis.

As he himself told the British media The mirror, there is no secret to reveal, because the real reason why the planes crashed and the ships succumbed had nothing to do with aliens or the lost cities. The Australian scientist explained that The reasons are simple and can be divided into three: human error, bad weather and the high traffic of boats and planes that frequent the area.

“It’s near the equator, near a wealthy part of the world, the United States, so there’s a lot of traffic. According to Lloyd’s of London and the US Coast Guard, the number of missing in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere in the world as a percentage,” Kruszenlnicki said.

In 1945, not only the end of the Second World War was declared, but also the beginning of all this mystery. A crew of five United States Navy aircraft, known as Flight 19, disappeared while flying over the triangle, during a routine training mission over the Atlantic. The ships and the 14 crew seemed to have disappeared, because there was no trace of them.

“We searched all the islands for a week but found nothing”indicated for the BBC Lieutenant David White, who was then a flight instructor on the base. The scientist who analyzed the case assured The mirror that although it was said at the beginning that the planes were flown in ideal flying conditions, the truth is that there were waves of more than 15 meters that would have influenced.

In addition to the only pilot with certified experience, among the 14 people, was Lieutenant Charles Taylor, who could have made a human error that would have cost the life of his crew. Transcripts from that day, according to the scientist, show that the pilot did not know the exact location where he was. According to Taylor, its location was very close to the Florida Keys, but it was actually north of the bahamas.

Besides, this lieutenant would have refused the help of a crew member of a lower rank than himwho said he had to change direction, causing the ships to crash into an area of ​​the sea where it was more difficult to find the bodies and remains of the ships.

“One of the students was heard saying, ‘Let’s go west, until we hit the coast'”White calls back. As for the seaplane which also disappeared when I was doing the rescue, Kruszenlnicki claims that one was seen exploding in mid-air due to an alien attack.

Some of these cases are explained with the Bermuda Triangle theory.
Some of these cases are explained with the Bermuda Triangle theory.istock

In 1948, a four-engined Avro Tudor IV Airline British South American Airways was covering the Bermuda-Kingston route when he mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Tom Mangold, journalist and investigator, investigated the case and confirmed that “the plane’s heater exploded causing immediate and catastrophic damage” and that the strong waves were the cause of the movement of parts and bodies, this is why these they have not been found.

Almost a year later, another Avro Tudor IV of the same airline disappeared between Bermuda and Jamaica under similar conditions. However, this time the blame was not attributed to the triangle either, but to a flaw in the design of the aircraft.

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