Beto Casella spoke for the first time about his addictions: "I have a chronic headache and I take powerful painkillers"

Beto Casella spoke for the first time about his addictions: “I have a chronic headache and I take powerful painkillers”

Beto Casella spoke for the first time about his addictions

Addiction isn’t covered as much in the media because it doesn’t have as much visibility, since it doesn’t have as much visibility as it doesn’t have political income. This is not news, will the portals lift it? No, so we go to a school to have our picture taken in the hospital… It’s a battle that has been lost since Ecuador,” he said. Beto Casellaat once and at the start of your conversation with Gaston Paul.

In free beings (Chronique HD), the show that deals with the hell of addictions, the host of blessed (El Nueve) spoke for the first time about his addiction to cigarettes and painkillers. “I have long been a slave to tobacco“, he confessed and illustrated it with an anecdote.

“I had had an episode where an artery was clogged and I was in the sanatorium. I had a cigarette but nothing to light it up and then I walked out little nightgown in the street, to see if someone has enlightened me. But a guard grabbed me and put me inside. I was already famous and I was with my little ass in the air, trying to light a cigarette… I tried with the fluorescent tube of the stretcher, with the heat of the tube, to see if it would enlighten me, but there a soul charity helped me light the cigarette,” Beto said.

He also revealed that he heals himself daily. “Today I have chronic headaches, severe headaches. Almost every day of my life I have a headache. And that’s where it stays with me all day and I have to take strong painkillers, which I know are bad, have side effects, but I can’t choose… Over there you talk to the neurologist and he says to you and says to you: ‘No, try taking paracetamol’. But I don’t mind,” he said harshly.

Beto Casella opened up about his addiction to cigarettes and painkillers

“These remedies are addictive. The blood, when 24 hours have passed without the potency of the analgesic, also begs you for more and there is a reflex pain that appears to you, which probably would not appear without this vicious circle. I have a headache, life will hurt someone else, day to day will hurt. There are elderly people who cannot live without three or four anxiolytics a day. he is not factothere is no cocaine, but where you are going, in the house, there is a box of clonazepam,” Casella said.

Media man, he analyzed how the rating influences his colleagues. “The rating is sick, it is like any substance. Some are calm, they know it lasts 15 minutes and they take it easy. Of course, it will change your life, but you choose. I’ve seen people whose tone of voice has changed, their tone has changed asking for things, they have had to change where they go to eat, they have had to go and live in a closed community and then they brought them together by selling them a small winery with ‘wines of Pauls’, something of a tilinguería that I have never understood”, he analyzes laughing.

“If tomorrow my space on the radio or on TV ends, I would look for another job: I sold books for years of my life, I would have no problem… But I know people who if a gap or cycle ends and no one pulls them out of depression“, he concluded on this subject.

Gastón Pauls and Beto Casella talked about addictions

Gastón Pauls and Beto Casella talked about addictions

Later, Beto resumed his experiment with tobacco. “Cigarettes are shit that kills a lot of people. I can’t buy a vaporizer because they were banned, but I can go buy a pack of cigarettes, you can smoke firecrackers… But you can’t buy a vaporizer,” he compared.

“The cigarette is an enemy that you keep at a distance and that you respect. When I see a person smoking in a movie, something happens to me. But if you want to have a more or less beautiful quality of life, you have to fight for it. I came to smoke two packs a day, that’s a lot, for 10 years, easy. But it was common: before you put on the TV and Sandro smoked at Mirtha’s table”, says Beto.

Finally, he left a message for the young people. “I want to tell you that you have to believe in help. Because children may believe that places are masks and do not help, but there are very serious places where you can change. I believe in this change, where there are a lot of rules to follow and you have to move away from the bad“, I consider.

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