better accessibility, WearOS customization and emojis

better accessibility, WearOS customization and emojis

Android is preparing to receive a handful of interesting news: that’s all we expect

The Android “Feature Drops” that Google announces every few months are the example that best demonstrates that no need to have the latest android version to be able to benefit from the most recent novelties of the operating system. In many cases, it is enough to keep the system applications updated to be able to rely on Latest changes.

Taking advantage of the arrival of September, Google announced a new “Feature Drop” update loaded with news, which will begin to reach Android devices in the coming weeks, to present interesting changes on most devices worldwide. Let’s review all the new features coming soon.

New Android Features

New Android features are coming to devices around the world.

Nearby sharing will work better between your devices

A few months ago, Google launched NearbySharea system aimed at share files and data with other devices wirelessly and without the need for an internet connection, in the style of Apple’s AirDrop.

Now Google has announced that this tool will work best between different devices of the same userso it will not be necessary accept transfers on the receiving device. It will be enough to share the desired files with a device associated with the same Google account, and automatically the transfer will take place.

More apps suitable for large screens

Android 12L and Android 13 They came to improve the experience on devices with large screens, such as tablets and foldable smartphones. Little by little, Google continues to introduce changes in this regard.

The last is to update even more apps of the Google Workspace suite, such as Google Drive and Google KeepTo present most useful widgets intended for use in this type of device.

More (and better) emojis

The “Emojification” of messages has reached Gboard, Google’s keyboard app. From now on, the keyboard will integrate a new button which will allow add the most suitable emojis to each message automatically.

At the moment, yes, this function is only available when the keyboard is configured in English.

On the other hand, they added even more emoji combinations to the Emoji Kitchen function.

How to combine emojis and create new ones with Gboard

Games are coming to Google Meet

Not all video calls have to be formal. With the latest Google Meet update, new entertainment features are included in video meetings, from games like UNO! Mobile, Kahoot! or Caution! with a maximum of 100 playersuntil the option of watch youtube videos with other people.

In addition to this, the application has included a useful tool that allows adjust the screen to pin multiple people, so they always appear above the rest of the participants during a video call.

Accessibility features become even more useful

Google has spent years improving the operating system accessibility thanks to features such as instant transcription. On this occasion, we wanted to improve one of the the most useful tools of this section: Sound notifications.

Thanks to them, it was already possible receive notifications on the mobile or smartwatch when the smartphone detected a loud sound, such as doorbell, dog bark, door slam or fire alarm. Now it will be possible add our own sounds to receive a notification each time the mobile detects them.

Also added the option to use audio description on google tva feature for people with vision problems.

More customization for Wear OS

Google does not forget its operating system for smartwatches, especially now that the google pixel watch It’s just around the corner.

The latest update introduces a new Google Keep card which allows you to quickly add notes or to-do lists.

On the other hand, with the new Bitmoji app for Wear OSit will be possible to use a new clock face with a personalized Bitmoji.

Android is getting a big update: better accessibility, customization of WearOS and emojisAndroid is getting a big update: better accessibility, customization of WearOS and emojis
Android is getting a big update: better accessibility, customization of WearOS and emojisAndroid is getting a big update: better accessibility, customization of WearOS and emojis

The various new features announced by Google will soon arrive on compatible devices. The company encourages us to remain vigilant update page for more news related to its deployment.

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