Bill Murray: A long history of filming problems that now reaches its trickiest chapter

Bill Murray: A long history of filming problems that now reaches its trickiest chapter

A rumor has been circulating in Hollywood for some time, now almost an open secret, that working with bill murray is a real nightmare. The actor, in fact, starred in several scandals in which he was accused of humiliate and mistreat colleagues.

For that reason, it wasn’t too surprising in the entertainment mecca when news broke that the comedian was being investigated for “inappropriate conduct” while filming be mortalhis latest film alongside Seth Rogen and Aziz Ansari.

What was surprising was the reason – “inappropriate behavior” – why the production company finally decided to suspend filming of the film, despite the fact that only half of the scenes remained to be shot. As the site reveals Page 6, the actor of ghostbusters allegedly touched several women on set without their consent.

Bill Murray at the photo shoot for The French Chronicle, in CannesBrynn Anderson – AP

Murray – according to the production source who spoke with this medium – was very “touching” during filming and “wrap an arm around a woman, touch her hair, pull her ponytail”, making her “Some women felt uncomfortable.”

Another source quoted by the same medium tried dramatize his behaviorassuring that Murray “loves to flirt, loves poetry and romance, but always wrapped up in comedy“So, he said, “it’s not clear if he crossed the line. “

From the production company Searchlight Pictures did not give more details about it. They only assured that they had opened an investigation as soon as they had discovered it. “At the end of last week, we received a complaint and immediately investigated it. After reviewing the circumstances, it has been decided that production cannot continue for the time being“, they reported.

Aziz Ansari, director of Master of None and the movie Being Mortal, reportedly had a strong altercation with Murray for his behavior
Aziz Ansari, director of Master of None and the movie Being Mortal, reportedly had a strong altercation with Murray for his behavior

As it appeared, Aziz Ansari, director and co-star of the film, did not tolerate Murray’s behavior and the two had a strong confrontation on set. the protagonist of lost in tokyo He has yet to make a statement about it.

Ben Dreyfuss, an actor like his father, Richard Dreyfuss, just revealed in a Twitter thread that Disney was forced to hire several bodyguards to separate his father and Murray during the filming of How about Bob!Frank Oz’s memorable 1991 film.

Richard Dreyfuss himself once revealed that his film partner’s aggressiveness had escalated sharply: “Bill got drunk at dinner. Suddenly he put his face against mine and shouted at the top of his voice, “Everyone hates you! We only tolerate you!. Then he grabbed a glass ashtray and threw it in my face. He weighed at least a pound and just missed“, he added.

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 2, 1989
Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 2, 1989

For its part, Laura Ziskin, the producer of this film, recalled that Murray pushed her into a lake after an argument. bill too threatened to drag me across the parking lot. He also broke my sunglasses. I was furious,” she confessed.

At the end of the 1970s, Murray also had a tough fight with Chevy Chasepartner of Saturday Night Live. Jealousy and egos at stake, the two actors began to argue in the dressing rooms and made such hurtful remarks that they ended up hitting each other. “They both knew what they had to say to each other to get hurt and that’s what started the fight. It was very sad and painfulsaid Laraine Newman, who witnessed the fight, some time later.

‘Unforgivable and unacceptable’ is how Lucy Liu summed up Bill Murray’s behavior while filming Charlie’s

Actress Lucy Liu was also one of his most famous victims while filming Charlie’s Angels. As noted, the actor began to dish out insults to everyone on set for no reason. “It was unfair. Some of his language was inexcusable and unacceptable. I wasn’t going to sit still and say nothing. So, yes, I fought back and I don’t regret it,” said the actress, who was also surprised at how the media changed the version. “People thought it was the woman who was confrontational and not him”he remembers.

In an interview with GuardianMurray referred to his “fame”: “I have this reputation of vsblame people I don’t like working with or who don’t know how to work. Some believe they are hiring you and that is why they can behave like dictators.

However, the charges against Murray also go beyond the workplace. Jennifer Butler, his ex-wife and mother of four of his children, filed for divorce in 2008, accusing the actor of domestic violence, infidelities, addiction to sex, marijuana and alcohol.

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