Blame the rating: Bewitched, the series that was going to consecrate Florencia Peña but ended up surrounding her with curses

Television, in general, goes through stages or modes. At the beginning of 2001, reality TV was the big fashion format, of the emblematic Big Brother At Popstars and El Bar, the unknown participants (ordinary people) were the owners of the screen. Then came the time of talk shows, where the public was also the protagonist, but telling their miseries in the afternoon. And in 2004, it was the turn of sitcoms “made in Argentina”, with Florencia Peña as the great candidate to be the queen of this format.

The nanny created in January 2004 on the Telefe screen with an average of 29.2 rating points and it was the first of several sitcoms that would come over the years, with great success, to stay. just goodbye the notes he still has today Married with childrenalso featuring Peña and a stellar cast led by Guillermo Francella, Érica Rivas and the Lopilato brothers, only to realize that the channel has taken the good decision when importing this format to our country.

Peña, who excelled in the difficult role of finkel flower and then it got hilarious Moni Argento, was the ideal actress for this type of project. For this reason, it was not unreasonable for Telefe to bet on it when considering the local production of Nice To Meet Youthe hit series that It launched Elizabeth Montgomery to fame and much later brought Nicole Kidman to the big screen.

On January 9, 2007 at 10 p.m., it was finally created Nice To Meet Youwith a cast of personalities, including Florencia Peña (Samantha), Gustavo Garzón (Darrin) and Georgina Barbarossa (Endora). Comedy was Telefe’s big summer proposal, which debuted with 21.4 rating pointsnot insignificant brand for the time of year, but losing out to direct competition from iron noisewhich averaged 22.6.

The story, as many will recall, told of the adventures of a newlywed couple, and modern young witch trying to go unnoticedlike ordinary mortals, without using their powers.

But the project that was launched as one of the chain’s big bets of the year, was born with a curse under the broom. After seven months of recording, which began in January 2006, Telefe halted productionsince he decided to do married with children 2and I needed Florencia Peña to put herself, again, in Moni Argento’s shoes.

“I think things happen for a reason, What happened to Married with children it helped us to postpone Nice To Meet You. When it happens that a channel comes out on top with such an important project, because it’s a series that a lot of people loved, and it gets delayed, all kinds of speculation starts to be made: that the recordings have got arrested, that it was never going to come out, that the channel didn’t like it, and none of that happened. I always knew he was coming out because the chain I had not only invested a lot of money, but also a lot of energy into it,” Peña said. at the time in dialogue with LA NACION.

Florencia Peña, as Samantha, and Gustavo Garzón, as Garrin, in Bewitched

The second curse was the calendarsince with the exception of the debut and a few other broadcasts at 10 p.m., the channel moved its place in the grid. For the first month it aired Monday through Friday, but since February it aired Monday through Thursday. The schedule has also undergone changes: the first two broadcasts and that of February 6 were at 10:00 p.m., but little by little it went to 9:30 p.m.

So many changes caused audiences to abandon the sitcom that was averaging 16 points at the time. On February 7, Telefe set the airtime again at 8:45 p.m., and from then on his grade fell to 12 points. The comedy unexpectedly lifted on February 28 with more than 20 episodes without airing.

During 35 episodes on air averaged 15 points (It had peaks of 21 and on its last show it hit 11.4, according to Ibope measurements). There were several reasons that complicated the sitcom, beyond the schedules. On the one hand it was a story that was effective at the time but by then it was too naive; and on the other there were many internal complications due to gimmicks and special effects that delayed the product. Making an episode took nearly eight days on the line between recording and post-production.

2007 was quite a fight, in terms of rankings, between Telefe and El Trece. Although the canal de las pelotitas, managed by Claudio Villarruel, has maintained the annual average, Adrián Suar managed to win the months of July, August, October, November and December.

And though the chains set off with Big Brother, Dancing and skate for a dream, ignition was down sharply from previous years. As an example, take the first half of 2005 with 32.5 points, and in the same period of 2006 the average fell to 32.4 and in 2007 it fell to 29 points.

Channel 9 has changed hands since Daniel Hadad sold 80% of the shares to Mexican businessman Remigio Ángel Gónzalez Gónzalez, and surprised America with another comedy: lalolacreated by Sebastián Ortega and with Carla Peterson and Luciano Castro as the main couple.

2007 will also be remembered as the year when TV found itself, for a time, without fiction because of a wage dispute between the Argentine Association of Actors, the Chamber of Independent Television Producers (Capit) and the Association of Argentine Broadcasters (ATA). By failing to reach an agreement, viewers were deprived of seeing singles or strips, due to successive strikes in the sector.

39.1 on average the final of Big Brother who devoted, after 119 days of confinement, to Marianne Mirra edition winner. That night, when Jorge Rial announced the finalists, Telefe’s screen went to a Peak of 50.1 points. Figures that even with the best of fates, we couldn’t replicate on today’s television.

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