Call of Duty MW2 and Warzone 2: what we learned and what you missed

Call of Duty MW2 and Warzone 2: what we learned and what you missed

2022’s Call of Duty Next event left us with the announcement of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode and with a revitalized Warzone 2.0: whether you’re more competitive or battle royale, this year you’ve got something for everyone. .. more united than ever.

We weren’t prepared for the huge amount of material that fans of Call of Duty they are going to have this year, or so I thought after reading the huge press release that arrived in the mail from 3DJuegos in preparation for the event Next. That an editor the size of Activision aspirations are offered in the manner of the transmedia format, cross-experiences and simultaneous developments are nothing new (just a few days ago we saw something similar to Assassin’s Creedwithout going any further) but if I wanted to represent the true weight of having almost at the same time Modern Warfare II 2022, warzone 2.0 and its mobile compatibility, it should be written in capital letters, bold and with the font in size 18. Two superlative content blocksinterconnected with each other via a single engine and, in the case of the desktop versions, a single anti-cheat system.

What officials define as “the next generation call of duty“It has improved graphics (obviously), new mechanics, a new anti-cheat system in the desktop versions, modes for all tastes and you can stay hooked at home and on the go through your phone. Yes And now that the Call of Duty Next event has taken place, it’s time to relax a bit and go over all the details – new game modes, new features and traits defining the generation of CoD planned for this year .

The result, I anticipate, is promising to say the least: Infinity Ward has been able to renew itself in the right direction, which is to extend its sandbox into a flexible, non-intrusive; with an improved and unified tech section, and even a Warzone that, far from just imitating its peers in the battle royale genre, has decided to go its own way and call itself virtually all massive shooters. It will take a little longer to come out than MW2, but it will do so with renewed ambitions on all fronts: new map, new AI, new Gulag, new mode. What is being said soon?

The new technical deployment of CoD

In pursuit of that unified experience we talked about above, Activision wants to support all of its shooters this year’s army with the same flag: an improved version of the graphics engine which was created Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). For those in the know, that would be something like IW Engine 9.0, or 2.0 if you consider the rebuilt version from three years ago as a new starting point for the franchise. Its authors boast new features for the MW2 campaign, like a new physics-based water rendering method – we’ll come back to this later – as well as new flows to pass the geometry to the GPU, which should be noticeable during benchmarks; global volumetric illumination and photogrammetry improvements. Similarly, we will notice an advance in the locomotion of the characters, and even in the AI behaviors: NPCs will react more naturally to our actions, enemies will develop new behaviors and allies will adopt optimal positions. It looks like Warzone 2.0 will also benefit from these improvements.

We’ve been hearing rumors about the DMZ mode for Warzone 2 for some time.All of this is part of what we would call the “honeymoon effect” of discovering the game, marveling at its graphics. But in this article, we have a strong interest in competitive multiplayer, and here we may be more interested in talking about Ricochet anti-cheat system. He was already practicing previous war zone, so you’ll know all too well how effective he is at showing the masses the red card. For this occasion, Activision promises that the kernel-level driver will be available from day one in MW2 PvP and Warzone 2.0, along with some improvements that (reasonably) have not been specified. Perhaps with the idea of ​​not allowing manufacturers of “small programs” to easily take advantage of others. It remains to be seen how this updated and beefed up anti-cheat performs, but for now we’ll settle for knowing that the maintainers are excited enough about it to designate this point as one of the launch muscle, l also calling the most advanced in franchise history.

New in MW2 multiplayer (and its beta)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) PC

I have a feeling Infinity Ward has thought very seriously about how Call of Duty should evolve as a franchise. I mean, if you remember how Treyarch invented jetpacks in black ops 3, many fans found this mechanic somewhat out of place. Not in vain, CoD has held a privileged position in the world of multiplayer shooters for decades, so its fans have definite ideas about what each of its titles should be To avoid a feeling of stagnation (more pronounced than the series implicitly , I say ) the developers have implemented what I believe will be an “all or nothing” for the legacy of the game: a set of new actions it should feel perfectly natural in the sandbox, hopefully bringing it to a level more agile and modern (offhand joke). To be specific, I’m talking about things like being able to hang from a ledge and shoot from there; or new aquatic navigation techniques such as dolphin diving. By the way, the latter is a technical detail: you can look it up on the Internet.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) PC

Underwater combat gets stronger than ever with new mechanicsIf things go well, and so far it looks like they will, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer will go in the right direction –with feet on the ground, but more flexibility than ever. It’s more vertical too; This is partly due to the maneuvers we just described, but the design of the mapping deserves special attention because it will include underwater caverns (these seem more interesting than in the past, in everyone’s opinion) and stages through which they can be activated. new devices. Whether they are classified as lethal or tactical is something that eludes me, yes. Personally, I would find the possibility of dying to something I don’t see troubling. We’ll have to wait for the beta to see firsthand if the deal clicks or not. On the other hand, Vehicles they come for their slice of the pie with amphibious tactics. IW will offer dynamism, more realistic destruction effects, and improved combat with the ability to aim while sticking your body out of windows or the roof. Vanguard has done a pretty decent job of this already, so it would be surprising if MW2 didn’t deliver.

Apart from this, at the level of modes and functionalities, it is worth highlighting the system of gunsmith 2.0, designed to maintain or exceed the usual depth while focusing on faster response in the weapon customization menu. MW2’s multiplayer trailer isn’t very explicit, but it does at least hint at a new UI with what appear to be drop-down menus for each weapon part. From my humble point of view, I would appreciate seeing something similar to the quick menu of Battlefield 2042 in the future: a button to overlay the weapon on the screen and make adjustments on the fly. We will be able to test it throughout the multiplayer, some new or revamped game configurations.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

  • There is a new cooperative experience for two players. This year is called Special Ops and takes place on larger and more open battlefields than ever before.
  • As part of post-launch support, a mode called Raids (“Incursions” in Spanish) will arrive: a 3 vs. 3 dedicated to communication and team execution. In the absence of more information, it should be an evolution of the veteran Gunfight (Shooting) which premiered at MW 2019.
  • There is at least one new playlist which is played with the third person camera.

Many details about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II open beta have also been revealed. Visit the link above for more information on the subject. As a reminder, this year’s MW2 will launch on Friday, October 28 on PC via and Steam, and on PS4, PS5, XONE, and XSX|S. Those who pre-order the game will have access to the campaign a week in advance as well as the multiplayer beta.

How is CoD Warzone 2.0?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) PC

It seems not, but it has rained a lot since the Call of Duty saga wanted its piece of the cake with the battle royale. In 2018, Black Ops 4 It was clear to him that if the campaign had to be nipped in the bud to get BR, it went smoothly. Later, the enhanced and expanded version of CoD Warzone “went on its own” as a stoic, unwavering free-to-play. It’s not uncommon for the Infinity Ward team to see him more as a platform, so it ended up evolving into a 2.0 version which is going strong (as we’ve been saying for months). “The most ambitious release in CoD history,” as the North American publisher calls it, takes place in a fictional region based in West Asia called Al Mazrah; which will feature its own faction of AI-controlled enemies – a reminder that this is one of the points where the saga wants to evolve with this opus – as well as carefully designed scenarios to facilitate close face-to-face combat . I understand that this is what prompted its authors to rethink the progression of the ring: instead of just one, there will now be several that redefine the last minutes of each game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

The new AI will also make its debut in Warzone, in addition to the campaignThis all sounds great, but I suspect Call of Duty die-hards will be especially pleased to learn a few more details: the first is what the devs call gulag 2.0. In case you haven’t played the original Warzone, it’s a second-chance mechanic that allows disqualified players to get back into the match if they survive a thunderous duel against each other, as their peers. The updated version of this feature is played in 2 vs. 2 and allows you to interact with the jailer himself (no, not the one in WoW). Another important point is the confirmation of DMZ, a 100% new game mode that has been rumored on the internet for months. From what little we know, it might just be designed to stand up to another multiplayer titan such as Escape from Tarkov. It will be available from day one, so we won’t have to wait long to get to work.

As for the launch, we’ve got you covered: Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is set to be available November 16 on PC via and Steam, as well as PS4, PS5, XONE, and XSX consoles. the usual free play format. Moreover, it will also extend its reach to mobile devices.

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