Cande Molfese has revealed the key role Tini Stoessel played in her split from Rugero Pasquarelli: 'Friend, realize'

Cande Molfese has revealed the key role Tini Stoessel played in her split from Rugero Pasquarelli: ‘Friend, realize’

The actress opened up about her split from Ruggero Pasquearelli, whom she had been in a relationship with for eight years

Like every Saturday, the guests of PH, can we talk they followed the driver’s instructions and drove to the meeting point whenever they felt they had a story to tell. And it was like that when Andy Kusnetzoff he called those who “know the disappointment in love”, Cande Molfese stepped forward and didn’t hesitate to open her heart and tell how her eight-year relationship with actor Ruggero Pasquarelli ended. whom he met in 2012 when they were both part of the strip starring Martina Stoessel, Violet.

“My last partner disappointed me, he made me believe a lot of things that in the end I didn’t believe”the actress began her story to refer for the first time to this story that had many rumors but little confirmation by the protagonists. The news of the separation had been given by Cande via his social networks, which also provided clarification on the violence in the couple, something that his followers have always marked him in his messages or in the live ones that the couple shared. “It was a tough decision but that’s what we both need today”the young woman tweeted in October 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic, while living together in mandatory quarantine, the couple was involved in an episode that had an impact on social networks and the media. On this occasion, Cande published in its accounts a video in which she said that Pasquarelli was angry with her and he, in the midst of a fit of rage, threw a remote control at her which hit a wall, but nearly hit her in the head. In the recording he justified himself by saying that he is Italian and as such he has his temper. But it was a wake-up call for friends and followers. And finally, a few months later, the relationship ended.

Cande Molfese and Ruggero Pasquarelli were in a relationship for 8 years

You end up getting to know the person when you break up. It’s very crazy, but it happens, what do you say: ‘Who was I with? What happened? He wasn’t the person I thought he was. My last partner too, but the disappointment is more with one. I was very much in love. In a pandemic, many personal files fell on me, the rumors and the voices already existed. What bothered me was that I always knew where we were but I was scared: We lived together six years ago, we shared everything, but hey, life settles down later, that’s why I want to play it down, ”explained the young woman, visibly moved during the cycle.

But what surprised him the most was when he revealed who was the key person who ended up opening his eyes. “A friend of mine, a very close friend, sat me down in the middle of the pandemic and she told me the typical phrase ‘friend, realize’. It was the key. He said to me: ‘Look Cande, these things are happening, or rather, they have happened, I don’t know how you feel about it, but these are behaviors that were not’, he recalls, finally recognizing that It was her former partner who alerted her, Tini herself.

It was not the only one, there were other friends too, and there I think that when the information reached me one hundred percent, I decided. I didn’t have all the complete information,” she assumed of all the cheating rumors surrounding her ex-boyfriend. “I have no doubts about the love we had as a couple. , everyone wears their own and does things the best they can”, he also made a point of specifying and added: “it seems that I speak in code, but it is not my business. We grew up together, they were a couple who taught me a lot, but hey, they sent it to them and I couldn’t stand it”.

As part of the healing process, Cande Molfese and her sister created a self-help book
As part of the healing process, Cande Molfese and her sister created a self-help book

The actress also said that from this healing process, came up with the idea of ​​writing a book with one of his five sisters: a different year. “In reality, it started to take shape in 2019, I separated in the middle of a pandemic, I took charge of many files, I came out of a lot of crises and discomfort. analyzing is not that it’s a long life for pepa. This book has the design of a year, where you can write things to find yourself,” he explained.

To conclude, he wanted to leave a message of overcoming: “now I removed the prejudices from my life and I left. I’m not afraid of a lot of things, now I’m more bossy, I don’t have a problem, and if now I have to say to someone ‘let’s go have a beer’, I say it and that’s it “.


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