Carmen Maura, honorary platinum: "This work is a vitamin" |  The actress, distinguished for her career

Carmen Maura, honorary platinum: “This work is a vitamin” | The actress, distinguished for her career

Sunday evening will have a very special moment in Platinum Awards Gala when the great Spanish actress Carmen Maura receive the Platinum Honora distinction already held by Mexicans Diego Luna and Adriana Barraza, Spaniards Raphaël and Antonio Banderas, Brazilian Sonia Braga, Mexican-American Edward James Olmos, and Argentinian Ricardo Darin. A recognition of the long career of the Spanish interpreter, who has behind her a career of 50 years in film, television and theater productions In the whole world.

Maura is one of the most internationally recognized Ibero-American actresses and has worked with directors such as Pedro Almodóvar, Álex de la Iglesia, Mario Camus, Carlos Saura, Fernando Trueba, José Luis Borau, Ricardo Larraín, André Techiné, Francis Ford Coppola, Pilar Miró and Fernando Colomo, among other filmmakers. It is one of the most remarkable in the Ibero-American panorama, which reflects the long list of awards it cherishes: the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festivalfour Goya Awards, two Felix Awards from the European Film Academy, the Silver Shell from the San Sebastian Festival, the César Award, the Donostia Award from the San Sebastian Festival, the Honorary Award from the European Film Academy, etc.

Carmen Maura was born in 1945 in Madrid, and after studying French Literature and studying Philosophy and Letters at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he began to play at the Teatro Español Universitario to turn to the theater at the end of the 1970s, with his first roles in cinema and television. . It was first with Fuck… Fuck… Fuck me Tim! then with Pepi, Luci, Bom and other girls from the lot when the name of Carmen Maura would be linked to that of Pedro Almodovardirector with whom she collaborates regularly, becoming the first “daughter of Almodóvar”, and playing in several of his following films.

A summary of his expressed career Enrique Cerezo, President of the Entity for the Management of Audiovisual Producers’ Rights (Egeda), promoter of the Platinum Awards with the Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers (Fipca). It was this Saturday during the conference of the actress, who was very relaxed and ready to joke with the audience, although there were also times when, without losing heat, she spoke very seriously. “How low I am here! It’s just that I’m so low…”, joked Maura, as soon as she started, because of the chair she had been given for the occasion. “I am enough moved and when you are older, you are more sensitive and more impressed. There is one thing that happens to me: sometimes, when people talk about me, I have the impression that it is someone else because being an actress has been so beautiful for me, so much fun and basically much easier than all things in life. So I was impressed after Cerezo’s speech,” Maura said, before joking again about where to sit. It wasn’t five minutes and he had already won over the public.

He then listed some countries in which he has worked: Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. “I’ve seen wonderful times happen so this award is good for me because it will help me tell people what the Platinum Awards are because movies don’t come. Sometimes I make copies for my friends But the greatest satisfaction of making movies is that people see them. And many times that doesn’t happen,” Maura acknowledged. He also spoke about the complicated moment that cinema is going through. “I am 76 years old, but I will continue to work because for me this job is like a vitamin. I’m sure if he let me in front of the camera, I’d go bland. I love doing nothing, for example. Or go out into the field and look at the trees or the animals. So, I’m going to continue working instead, ”he said between the audience’s laughter.

For Maura, the camera “is a gift because it does half the work for you”. “I really like the theater, but the camera is special”. As for the difference in terms of work in Europe and America, Maura associated it with the fact that a Chilean is not the same as a Colombian or an Argentinian. “In each country, the characteristics of the actors are not the same. But in general, I found, for example, a lot vitality and a lot of enthusiasm.

In the heat of Movida Madrileña, Maura continued to work, especially with Almodóvar in In the dark, What did I do to deserve this?, Bullfighter Is The law of desire, some of the most relevant films of the time. Maura was the protagonist of Women on the verge of a nervous breakdowna film that will earn Pedro Almodóvar his first nomination for Oscar and with which the actress won the Goya and Félix awards at the European Film Awards.

Of course, he was also referring Pedro Almodovar. “I feel like by getting the two of us together, we’ve done each other some good. It helped me a lot. I met him while doing theatre. He made a pretty bad sentence. He was not a good actorLaughs). But he was the nicest and he was the person I identified with the most. And that at that time the image I had was that of the “more or less healthy girl”. So I met him and we became great friends. He was the last monkey in the company, but he had nothing to do with the others. And he would say things to me, he would talk to me, he would walk me home,” Maura recalls. The actress told her, “Now tell me a story about ‘je ne sais quoi’. So on the way home he was making up a script for me.

The first job the actress did with the director of La Mancha was a short film in Super 8. “Then he did me a huge favor and a present when he gave me the role of What did I do to deserve this? Because this It totally shattered the image I had of the girl on TV. Moreover, he did it against everyone’s advice. I remember that neither the crew nor the producer agreed. Everyone said that no one was going to believe me, that it was impossible after the strength that television had had. Later, the history of cinema took her by the hand.


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