Carolina Baldini redoubles the bet after the letter document of her ex, Diego Simeone: "I will continue to speak"

Carolina Baldini redoubles the bet after the letter document of her ex, Diego Simeone: “I will continue to speak”

“It was me who made the decision to separate,” he said. Caroline Baldiniex-wife of Diego SimeonFriday on the program THEM. His words had an impact on the Atlético de Madrid coach, who sent him a documentary letter so that he does not mention more details about his private life. However, the former model has spoken again.

This Wednesday, Baldini returned to the cycle led by Ángel de Brito and disagreed with Simeone’s decision to impose a legal muzzle on him. In this regard, he first clarified that if he had not received the letter document, “everything would have come to nothing”, he declared on the floor of América TV.

Baldini said he tried to speak to his ex, but received no response from him. “I see in the programs that they were reading the document letter and I wrote to him. He read me and didn’t reply to me,” he said. However, he later got a response from his ex. “For your sake and the sake of our children, better…”, allegedly wrote Cholo to him via WhatsApp.

Then the old model shared: “I haven’t appeared for 10 years [en los medios]. I appeared here and in a magazine. Where did I say something bad about Diego? I didn’t say anything bad. I would have liked him to write to me to tell me what is bothering him”, he assured. He added: “On the contrary, I wanted to present my clothing brand, add some followers, but it’s my life. What’s wrong with being married to him and having three divine children? Of course they’re going to ask me and it’s fine”She complained.

On the show they wanted to know if their presence at Cholo’s father’s wake was not well received. On this, Baldini said, “How can I not go on behalf of my children with a family who gave me their love after 18 years?”

Carolina Baldini furious with her ex, “El Cholo” Simeone

Baldini was finally against the imposture of no longer talking about his personal history. “Basically, they’re asking me not to talk about me, my life, my family or anything. How do I do? I feel anguish. Came because of how many messages I got, women saying ‘shut up’, ‘same thing happened to me’“, he confessed.

De Brito called the document letter Simeone sent to the former model “unusual” and asked the interviewee: “Isn’t he afraid that you will say things that you haven’t say?” Faced with this, Baldini replied: “If he’s afraid of me saying things, he’s not messing around. I come because I no longer want to be silent, I come because I will continue to talk about my life, my family, my children, my business and everything I experienced when I was little. I got married at 21, at 18 I met him, I can’t talk about this whole life anymore?“, he stated.

Last Friday, Baldini appeared at THEM and revealed some information about his split from the former Argentina national team player. “It was on good terms” or “I gave everything to the couple” are some of Baldini’s statements that quickly flooded news portals. She even confirmed that it wasn’t until Simeone met his current wife, Carla Pereyra, in 2014 that they decided to formalize the separation: “We separated until he found a partner. . I knew he wanted to start a family.”

On learning of the declarations of the mother of his three eldest sons, Giovanni, Gianluca and Giuliano, Simeone told LA NACION: “I’m tired of him coming to talk after fifteen years. Especially since I never talked about everything that happened and the damage it caused. She continues to talk as if no one has a memory. I got tired of trying to take care of my kids and protect them from the environment. There is no turning back. She broke strong family codes and I’m out of patience“, mentioned.

Regarding their separation, the final break took place at the beginning of 2008. The former Cholo was on vacation in San Bernardo, where the Simeone family had had a summer residence for years. The paparazzi noticed that it was common for Carolina to talk to one of the lifeguards who was in the tent across from her in-laws. The discussions between them were recorded on several photos published in gossip magazines. Simeone, who was just starting out as River Plate’s technical director and was in pre-season with the team, trusted his wife’s word.

Although tranquility was maintained in the privacy of the couple, the football world took advantage of these photos which were made public and which were uploaded several times on and off the field. It was during a visit to the Estudiantes de La Plata stadium – the team Cholo had left for River – where fans received him with humiliating messages and even waved life jackets at him, alluding to the “bathroom” that his wife had encountered. summer.

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