"Celebrity Masterchef" won the Martín Fierro de Oro |  Telefe, which broadcast the ceremony, was the most awarded screen

“Celebrity Masterchef” won the Martín Fierro de Oro | Telefe, which broadcast the ceremony, was the most awarded screen

After three years without a party, the television jet set gathered around the Martín Fierro award ceremony which distinguished the 2021 production of open TV. The Telefe Gastronomic Competition Master Chef Celebrity won the Martin Fierro de Oro, in addition to prevailing as the best reality show and a complete production. The 50th Awards Ceremony organized by the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (Aptra) distributed awards to all channels, in a gala where the emotion of reunion prevailed in front of a substantial discursiveness. Television celebrated itself again.

The round number of the ceremony and the return of the award after the pandemic set the tone for an evening he had in the Telefe productions for the various tributes to the best of the night. From the opening of the show celebrating 70 years of Argentine television to the very well resolved “In memoriam” with Soledad Pastorutti singing and using the resource of augmented reality, passing through the tribute to Diego Maradona with Valeria Lynch performing “More”, the special productions stood out on speeches that generally did not go beyond the formal thanks to the teams and directors. The ceremony lasted more than four hours.

The most awarded screen was that of Telefe, which coincidentally broadcast the ceremony and won fifteen statuettes, including Gold and a Martin Fierro diamond for Susana Giménez. El Trece followed her in the list of winners with ten gauchos, followed by El Nueve and America, which won four statuettes each, and Public TV, which won two.

Among the entertainment programs, The Argentinian Voice It established itself as the best Big show and in the new TV Jury category, with Lali Espósito, Soledad Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner and Mau and Ricky as protagonists. “Thank you for calling me to couch, just me who has never studied a donkey. More than couching, what we do is inspirational. The one who has worked hard since she was a girl, I left my life, try to inspire others to do this”, said Lali Esposito spontaneously while going on stage.

In the revelation category, the Martín Fierro rightly went to Jey Mammon, for his direction of The Mammons of America TV, one of the good surprises of last year. “It was very difficult to do a show in the middle of the pandemic and we had the joy of having people join us every night,” Jey recalled. Guido Kazcka was voted best driver, as well as winning another video game entertainment award for Welcome Aboard. However, Darío Barassi did not remain empty-handed: 100 Argentines claim that he took the statuette in a question-and-answer entertainment.

In fiction, the big winner was 1-5/18. Polka’s fiction was the most won program by Martín Fierro, with a total of four: fiction, author/screenwriter and female (Agustina Cherri) and male (Luciano Cáceres) protagonist. Diego Cremonesi for Monzón and the second season of El Tigre Verón won as supporting actor, while Sofía Gala won in the female category for El Tigre Verón and Apache. In the fictional sense, the gaucho was taken over by Israel Adrián Caetano for Apache.

On the news of The new one There were celebrations twice: soap opera at noon, the daily newscast hosted by Marisa Andino and Esteban Mirol, was voted best daytime newscast. And Andino, in addition, won in the category Best Journalistic Work. “We are proud of the October Group for being awarded. And we are proud to belong to a trade union organization that works every day to create jobs. We did that when we created the IP news signal in October 2020 and we will continue to do so by betting on entertainment and fiction,” he said. Sebastián Rollandi, general manager of El Nuevegoing up to receive the statuette.

For his part, Mirol thanked the entire editorial team and took advantage of the reward to send a message to the political class. “I want to ask a big favor: politicians and businessmen, stop the fight. Stop fighting because people are struggling. Get to work. In turn, Andino dedicated the recognition to “the entire team of serial who works with all the professionalism and sensitivity” and “to all the columnists who risk it every day in the street”.

The Martín Fierro for best central newscast went to Telefe Noticias. “You had to be essential and go out every day, with the streets deserted, to tell the Argentines what was going on. We put on the body and we still suffer from it today. Many of us when we got home were doused with alcohol out of fear, it was very hard to tell what was going on because we didn’t even know it. We had a light who was Dr. López Rosetti, who helped us and all Argentines,” acknowledged Roberto Mayo, director of information for Telefe. In addition, Intratables was chosen as the best journalistic program and Jorge Lanata was voted best journalistic work. Journalist Fabián Rubino won a statuette for his work as a columnist in America.

A particularly moving moment of the evening was when The Rock of Morfi Martin Fierro was awarded in the music category. With the recent departure of Gerard Rozin, producer and host of the cycle, the memory of his companions was inevitable, expressed through tears and words. “Gerardo sweated television,” said Claudio Belocopitt, Rozín’s partner at the production company. “Gerardo’s effort last year was incredible. We couldn’t complain about the fatigue as he came back from his treatments and started riding and steering with incredible strength,” Sole Pastorutti recalled. Corta por Lozano won the award for the best magazine and the best Argentinian cooks in the gastronomic category. “It is a program that has been made with the heart and that tries to reach every corner of Argentina, rendering service, entertaining but with content. We proudly represent the values ​​of public television, which must entertain but with values”, underlined Juan Braceli.

Although exceptionally blessed lost in the best comedy program category (it was absurdly and unfairly won by the anachronistic Bar controversy), Beto Casella won the Martín Fierro as host of a humorous and current affairs program. “Thank you to the guys who make the program,” the driver began in his speech. “I would have preferred – he said, not without complaining – a thousand times to go up with the whole Bendita team for the other list. I’m not judging the choice, nor criticizing the Aptra judging panel, it’s just the feeling of being left wanting Team Bendita back. As Bala said, we will continue to keep them entertained healthily and as a family”.

Although she was not nominated, Mirtha Legrand He was part of the ceremony and even took the stage to receive some kind of recognition/goat of a jewel from the hands of Luis Ventura, president of Aptra. “I’m 95,” he said. “And if El Trece wants and my grandson Nacho (Viale) too, I’ll go back to work,” he said, applauding. Previously, his granddaughter Juana Viale won the Martín Fierro as best driver. This seemed to be the clearest and most eloquent example that in addition to television spots, prizes were also inherited.


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