Chanchi Estévez wanted to leave El Hotel de los Famosos after a strong fight with Sabrina Carballo

Chanchi Estévez wanted to leave El Hotel de los Famosos after a strong fight with Sabrina Carballo

A few days after being married in front of the cameras, the actress and the former footballer assured that they could no longer bear

As the saying goes, from love to hate there is only one step. It seems so in the case of Sabrina Carballo and Maxi Chanchi estévez because of the conflicting relationship they have The hotel of the famous. Since arriving at the resort as contestants of the reality TV show El Trece, they have had several fights related to his past as a former partner. Although their dating was eleven years ago, they make it clear that there are outstanding issues, and even they agreed to get married in front of the cameras to try to appease the grudges and turn the page. However, Wednesday they erupted in a heated discussion and the former footballer packed his bags, determined to leave the competition.

Over the weekend, they showed friction and expressed jealousy for its proximity to other competitors. The drop that overflowed from the glass was a unfiltered conversation over breakfast, with Alex Caniggia as a witness to the situation. “You’re sated… bad, terrible, you want it, it’s terrible”, surprisingly commented the former Racing driver, referring to the sexual abstinence they have maintained since the start of the program that he’s leading. Pampita Ardohain near The Chinese Leuni.

“What are you saying? Stop because they told me that at first you were great”Sabrina replied. “I never do anything, ever,” said the former footballer, and behind the camera he condemned: “I don’t fight with Sabrina, she fights with me.” Although until then this could have been one of the confrontations they have at every meal, the fight escalated and Chanchi was the first to break out.

Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez, more confronted than ever in The Hotel of the famous

“It’s unbearable, he wants to tell me what my mother cooked for me. You can’t talk anymore, it makes your life impossible“, assured the participant more and more annoyed. Backstage, Sabrina also expressed her anger with a hard-hitting phrase: “The worst marriage of my life, he ruined my life. It ruined my life to have married Maxi, I say it”. Tired, the former footballer asked him: “Do we do something? Don’t talk to me anymore and I don’t talk to you anymore. We can do that?”.

Once the actress agreed, her ex-partner celebrated the end of the issue. “I don’t want to talk about Sabrina anymore, I don’t want her to talk to me anymore, I can not stand it anymore !“, he reaffirmed. Although they agreed not to dialogue anymore, they then shared several moments of coexistence and it seems that they have decided on a truce. At dinner, everything changed and they argued again, but this time the result was more dramatic.

“You look like a 4 year old to me, whatever he says to you, put it aside, talk about it, try to improve yourself and deal with it,” she told him. reproach. “They sent me to the duel of H and It was right after I married you; I’m sure it was you who pecked them to vote for me”, he claimed. More angry than before, Estévez stressed that “he had separated for something” and could not contain the mixture of emotions which invaded him.

After an argument with Sabrina Carballo, the footballer wanted to leave the competition and said goodbye to his teammates in a surprising way

“Do you really think you’re the DT of all this?”, questioned Carballo, outraged by the allusions that the former footballer threw at him. “You can go back to the H, you have a terrible desire it seems,” Chanchi retorted. “I think he’s against me because he knows I’m right, that’s the truth”Sabrina said backstage, in addition to stating that Pato Galván was right. when he said the former Racing ‘handled the rest to their liking’.

You are a bullshit talking machine dear. You are heavy. All the time talking, all day you talk. Who do you think you are? my god, this girlChanchi exclaimed, leaving his freshly served plate on the table and leaving the dining room. In an attempt to minimize what happened, Alex Caniggia humorously asked them: “Dad, mom, don’t fight, let’s enjoy dinner. my elders foughtThey remind me of that, it’s the same”.

The dubbed participant’s request The emperor was far from complete. As Sabrina apologized to everyone and stepped back to catch her breath for a few minutes, Chanchi was getting ready to pack. The best way to decompress is to step aside. Sabrina is embarrassed by everything“, he argued on the reasons for his decision before leaving the microphone on his bed and leaving the hotel without looking back.

Lisa Vera he entered the guest room and discovered that he was about to quit the competition. “I try to stop him, calm him down, but he just grabs his things and leaves,” the former explained. bandana. “I’m going home, I can’t take it anymore. I love you, but I’m coming home“, confided the former footballer, determined to revive it with the production.

It was the wedding of Chanchi Estevez and Sabrina Rojas in L'Hôtel des Célèbres
It was the wedding of Chanchi Estevez and Sabrina Rojas in L’Hôtel des Célèbres

Caniggia arrives quickly and is surprised that he doesn’t say goodbye to us before leaving: “He didn’t even give us a ball! His team, we, his family, didn’t look but not even there. There is no more family.” When they attempted to communicate this to Sabrina, the actress was upset by the recent situation and explained: “It’s not easy because Maxi isn’t an ‘x’ person, there’s love and there’s anger too, but for me since we didn’t separate well , everything was like that”. After informing him that his ex-partner had left the competition, he came clean in the following recordings:When they tell me he’s gone there, I go crazy and go get him”.

“I feel guilty, I don’t want him to go like this,” he admitted, and headed for the wooden door to ask to speak to her for a few minutes. Chanchi asked her to leave, and she begged him: “Look at me please. If you go, I’ll go after you”. Without changing a second of position, the participant insisted: “I don’t want, I don’t want to talk, don’t get upset, we’ll talk later.” And behind the camera, he again criticized the actress: “Sabrina goes too far to protect me, it’s like that with everyone, and with me even more exaggerated”.

The confusing situation went unresolved on Wednesday’s broadcast, and in the previews, a question from El Chino Leunis raises more questions than answers. “Can you imagine the moments of coexistence without Chanchi?”he consulted Sabrina, and sincerely, the actress replied with tears in her eyes: “We’ll see.”


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