Chano Charpentier is again hospitalized in a clinic in Entre Ríos

Chano Charpentier is again hospitalized in a clinic in Entre Ríos

The singer entered Vida Sana Puiggari to continue his treatment for his addictions and undergo medical check-ups

Eight months after the incident with the police at his house in Exaltación de la Cruz in which he almost lost his life, Santiago Moreno Carpenter -popularly known as Chano- is hospitalized again. This time, of her own free will. The former head of Tan Bionica entered the Vida Sana Puiggari rehabilitation clinic, in Entre Ríos, continue his drug treatment and medical visits.

“He is admitted to the Centro Adventista Vida Sana, the rehabilitation clinic. They confirm that he had to undergo a complete physical check-up and in this establishment they already have all his medical history. She went to get ready for the wedding, because Saturday he will be at the main table of Jorge Lanata. They are very close friends and he wants to be there in the best way.”Maite Peñóñori told this Thursday in Intruders (America). “Hospitalization is for those three days,” the panelist said. So much so that the singer entered it on Wednesday and will remain there until Friday afternoon.

“The treatment is to be busy all day and it serves to reduce stress. For example, they have planned activities: interview with the psychologist at such time, lunch at 12 p.m., nap from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. It’s arriving tired at the end of the day, ”added Lucas Bertero.

The musician chose this institution to spend a few quiet days to be able to be well on Saturday 23 at the wedding of Jorge Lanata, his friend, with Elba Marcovecchio. “These kinds of situations constantly test him and he wants to release the stress because he knows that he will be under everyone’s gaze”highlighted the journalist Pablo Layus in the cycle of emissions from America.

The singer entered the clinic on Wednesday and will stay there until Friday afternoon (Picture: NA)

In the early hours of Monday, July 26, 2021, the musician performed in a violent episode at the house he had been living in for a few weeks, in the Parque La Verdad neighborhood of Exaltación de la Cruz, on Route 39. According to the report submitted to Justice at the time, in the midst of an alleged mental health episode, the musician attacked his mother and tried to attack a member of the Buenos Aires police with a knife who had been sent to the scene, who shot him and injured him in the abdomen.

The singer was immediately transferred to Otamendi Sanatorium where he underwent emergency surgery. “He is in intensive care with one of his kidneys, pancreas and spleen affected by the shot”had issued a press release from their entourage.

Recall that after this episode, the artist spent three months in a therapeutic community in the province of Buenos Aires and was discharged in mid-October. “Now I live in a very rigid structure that I needed the truth. There are people who can quit, I’m grateful for the disease I have because there are people who don’t use and live compulsively without realizing that they have a disease to be treated and that allowed me to get to know myself”, he admitted some time before, satisfied with the results of his psychiatric treatment.

Already in November he was able to return to the stage with several dates full of emotionsince in July, when he was shot in the abdomen for which he lost his spleen, a kidney and part of his pancreas, it seemed impossible for him to continue his career.

“I want to apologize for worrying you, my family, everyone… I promise you that I will change. this time yes. Seriously, friends. Those of us who write are unfortunately autobiographical… I don’t know if the best is yet to come, but it’s okay to think of it this way. When we become self-pity and victimized, we believe we have the right to live badly and have a good time,” the singer said ahead of the most intimate and moving moment of his show in a Luna Park at sold out at the end of last year.

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