China Suárez and Rusherking spent the night in a hotel, and the crane took the cars

China Suárez and Rusherking spent the night in a hotel, and the crane took the cars

China Suárez and Rusherking spent the night in a hotel and the tow truck took the car (LAM, America)

Eugenie China Suarez Yes Thomas Nicolas Tobarthe rapper known as dash They were showing signs of starting a relationship. Monday morning after Martín Fierro we saw them kissing in a after the party from the awards show confirming the rumors that had started circulating of a romance between them that has only grown since then.

A few days later, a lunch at her house transpired with a very special menu: Milanese with tomato sauce. Over the weekend, the thing continued in the birthday parties from him in a bar, and while they were careful not to show up together, their respective social media posts assumed they had been in the same place. All that was missing were the first images together on the public highway, and they arrived this Tuesday, on the LAM screen.

In the program that leads Brito’s Angel in America, they stood guard in a hotel in the Recoleta district where the actress and the singer were to spend the night together. For a long time, there were no images of the bride and groom, who enjoyed their privacy inside the establishment. But interesting things were happening outside too, and when it was barely 8 a.m. the cameras caught the tow truck picking up the pickpocket’s vehicle. Previously, he had done the same with the truck of the ex almost angels.

China Suárez shared a Twitter feed and spoke about ‘harassment’ (Instagram)

According to the testimony of the chronicler, who passed the night in the place, The two dined in a restaurant then went to the hotel, from which they did not leave until the afternoon. The actress was first seen, dressed almost entirely in black, with a cap and dark glasses, smoking a cigarette. After a while, the ragman appeared, dressed in blue sportswear and a white cap, and they headed around the corner for a surprise.

As the footage progressed, neither his truck nor his car were parked where they had left them. When they arrived at the scene, they looked both ways as if looking for an explanation and instead found themselves with the cameras and the presence of the columnist, who informed them of what had happened and started asking them about their relationship.

Without commenting on the matter and with a few courtesy greetings, the actress and singer crossed the avenue and prepared to stop a taxi. LAfter a few futile attempts, the scavenger managed to find a free unit and pounced on the vehicle.. He went up first and China went behind, who said goodbye to the columnist with a “hello” and warned him that she was going to close the door, in the only words the microphone picked up.

The release of Angel de Brito to the complaint of China Suárez for harassment

During the afternoon, the actress shared on her Instagram stories a Twitter thread that had been sent to her which revisited different times when she was talked about in THEM: “That sums up what I always say about cruelty and harassment,” said the formerATAV, although he clarified that he was not doing so from the location of the victim: “I was wrong and I’m wrong like everyone else, but I’m talking about a persecution, and I’ve never talked about it so deeply because it’s hard for me“, he acknowledged in a video, in which he also declares to feel strong: “I’ve already been through what had to happen, I’ve already run away from the people I had to get away fromI am very well surrounded and in a very good moment”, he affirmed.

of your program Ángel de Brito took a few minutes to respond. “Everyone knows what they think of the people exposed and everyone also chooses what to show his conduct in lifesaid the driver, who added that he had not received any document letters from the actress as it happened, although he had no problem confronting her. in justice : “I would love to, I have no problem clarifying anything you want. She’s the same one who picked me up at Martín Fierro and started dancing with me all night long. Looks like a judge will laugh when he sees this the same person who sends you a document letter asks you to dance at a party; that the same person reporting the harassment is going to a party with her new boyfriend where the press is full. There is not the slightest point of consistency,” he said.


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