China Suárez contacted Mauro Icardi again and Wanda Nara exploded: what did he say

China Suárez contacted Mauro Icardi again and Wanda Nara exploded: what did he say

China Suárez recontacts Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara explodes (Video: “Partners of the show”, El Trece)

“Back home”wrote Wanda Nara on your account instagram on Tuesday accompanied by a romantic photo with Mauro Icardi in Paris, where he returns After spending a few days in Argentina: she had traveled to promote her cosmetics brand and also to attend her niece’s birthday Malaikathe daughter of Zaira Nara Yes Jackov Von Plessen.

In the post, the couple were spotted on the sofa in the living room of their home in the French capital, and the businesswoman held a companion in her hand. During their reunion, Wanda and Mauro caught up and among the topics they talked about, the footballer told her that the actress Eugenie China Suarez had contacted him during his absence. Case by case, did it at the exact same time Nara was giving a mobile live on THEMlast Wednesday.

As stated this morning in show partners, the actress tried to communicate with the player of the PSG via the mobile phone of one of his best friends, the producer Marcelo La Tourwho is nicknamed Stain. Cycle pilots, Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich, said he used said intermediary because Icardi blocked him on your mobile phone and on social networks. And also to your barber and confidant, Juan-Manuel Cativa since on other occasions, he wrote to her from his phone.

They gave details of China Suárez’s strategy to write to Mauro Icardi (Video: “Partners of the show”, El Trece)

“Hi?”was the message that Mauro Icardi received on his mobile phone this Wednesday while Wanda Nara gave a mobile phone in the program directed by Ángel De Brito. Conociendo el modo en que se había comunicado en otras oportunidades con la China Suárez, que también lo había saludado con signs de pregunta, el futbolista evitó responder, le hizo captura e inmediatamente se lo envió a su esposa, quien al principio no intendía de qué it was.

Once she arrived in Paris, her husband explained the situation to her and the businesswoman contacted Luli Fernandez -panelist of the cycle of El Trece- and pointed against the actress. “Wanda is angry and fed up, she can’t believe this situation,” the model said after speaking privately. Meanwhile, they showed the full conversation and clarified that they had his permission to make it public.

The first thing he confirmed was that Icardi received the message in question, the “Hello?” “Yes, Mauro had told me and sent a capture a few days ago (me in Buenos Aires). Now that I’ve arrived, I’ve seen it all. But it’s handled like that. It is not the first time. Mauro shows me and tells mewarns Wanda.

The photo Wanda Nara shared of her reunion with Mauro Icardi

Later he confirmed that China had written to Icardi from La Torre’s phone and clarified that when he referred to the fact that it was not the first time he had tried to communicate with him from a other phone, he said it because he had previously made Juanma Cativa’s. “Mauro blocked them from all sides”I add more.

The panelist asked Wanda why she thought China would try to contact Icardi again, and the businesswoman was adamant in her response. “He doesn’t care about anything. It hurt a lot of families.”he assured of the actress, who in October last year, when the scandal broke, he described as “bitch” accusing him of “loading families”.

“I am very feminist, but mine is bad We are talking about the same who stroked a pregnancy and slept with her husband in a fitting room. And then she got pregnant. I expect the worst from him. I only trust the love of my family. Let it be handled as you wish. For me the subject is closed”, concluded Wanda. In the cycle of El Trece, they assured that the words of the businesswoman refer to Eugenie Tobalwho lost a pregnancy Nicolas Cabre time before the actor started his relationship with the ex almost angels.

The chat between Wanda Nara and Luli Fernández (Partners of the show)

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