China Suárez has revealed the first details of the song with which she is launching as a singer: what Lali Espósito told her

China Suárez has revealed the first details of the song with which she is launching as a singer: what Lali Espósito told her

Since Jasmine in almost angels, April in The red wire Yes Heaven in absurdity, Maria Eugenia ‘China’ Suarez He played various characters who received hundreds of compliments from viewers. The 29-year-old actress grew up on stage and cultivated -at the same time- another great passion: music, with which she has now doubled her bet and He starts as a singer. From this news Several people in the entertainment world gave her the green light, especially her close friend, Lali Esposito.

With a teasing of what will be the video that he will present with the Cordovan musician Santiago Cellithe artist announced his landing in music. “The Game of Love”written in a post you shared on Instagram, where he also added the release date of his first song: next April 21.

The clip that Suárez shared on his Instagram account

In the clip of only 20 seconds you can see the mother of Magnolia, Amancio Yes Rufina wear a blazer on a black and white background, walking around several people who are surprised to see a flash in the sky.

Additionally, in another video, Celli is seen sitting at a table listening to a radio report that says, “Only the brave can look up to the final song. I would like there to be a second existence to be able to do a bit of what I always wanted to do.

This is all that can be seen in the lead they shared. The musical rhythm and the lyrics of the song are still a mystery.

Following your message, Many people around Suárez have taken to social media to offer their support. This is the case of Lali, who shared the stages with her for several years.

The interpreter of “Discipline” He responded to his friend’s post and was happy with the announcement. “Give it baby,” he wrote alongside the emoji Grateful for this gesture, China expressed: “Since and forever”.

The message that Lali Espósito wrote on her Instagram account and to which Suárez repliedinstagram capture

As famous, many His supporters joined in the praise. “I die, much success”; “You’ve become a singer again!”; “I’m dying of emotion, I’ve waited a long time for this moment,” are some of the comments that can be seen in the publication.

The most nostalgic remembered when China has excelled in music as a member of the “Teen Angels” group, which derives from the novel almost angels and in which the other members of the cast of the band produced by Chris Brown What Nicolás Riera, Juan Pedro Lanzani, Lali Esposito and Gastón Dalmau.

Although with his companions he visited various places in the world such as Israel, Europe and Mexico, in 2011, Suárez became the first to leave the group. He did so abruptly through a moving letter he shared on Twitter, and he took his place Rocio Igarzabal.

“Today I feel the need to express something publicly because I feel like a stage in my life is coming to an end. almost angels It was a very important part of my life, it was the beginning of my adolescence. With this project, I grew, learned and met people that I will never forget”, he presented in the post.

The letter that La China Suárez shared on his Twitter account, to announce his retirement from the group Teen Angels
The letter that La China Suárez shared on his Twitter account, to announce his retirement from the group Teen AngelsTwitter screenshot

“I also won’t forget the trips, the recordings and the fun we had. I will never forget my colleagues, who ended up becoming friends, each with their own personality. I take something from everyone forever, I admire them as artists, but more than anything as people”He continued.

In addition to mentioning some of the many anecdotes he has experienced with his colleagues, he spoke of the hundreds of shows he has shared with them: “Thank you for letting me share the stage of the big rexand the different scenarios across the country and abroad with you, are amazing, and It was an experience that I hope we will return to And I’ll never forget that again.”

After thanking all the support from her fans, the artist concluded the story with a sentence in which she clarified that his singing side would return at some point in his life. “I was happy, happy, happy. But, a cycle ended. The disappointment is big and there is something that breaks. Today I feel like it happened. I tell you promise that I have NEVER given up anywhere, as I told you, but I am reassured to understand that life is a constant change.There are two poles and two positions, today incompatible. As Cris would say, every ending always heralds a new beginning. I’m sure we’ll meet again. I love you so much forever.”

Teen Angels, the iconic cast of Casi Angeles
Teen Angels, the iconic cast of Casi Angeles

One year after this decision, China has followed her path as an actress and model. At that time, she was already the face of the brand’s most important campaigns. Ricky Sarkany and starred in the bestselling novel The uniquein The Thirteen.

Today, 11 years after his musical retirement, Suárez returned with all his might to his role as a singer and all expectations are placed on their first song, which will be released in just four days.

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