China Suárez, intimate: "I had such a beautiful childhood that it is difficult for me to accept the passing of time"

China Suárez, intimate: “I had such a beautiful childhood that it is difficult for me to accept the passing of time”

China Suárez spoke with Teleshow at the Platinum Awards

At the Intercontinental hotel in Madrid, the press room moves to the rhythm of Latin America. In the luxurious building at the foot of the Castellana, a sea of ​​​​languages ​​and tunes from different countries of the region evoke one of the most important events. This is the previous IX presentation of the Platinum Awards, the great Ibero-American film and audiovisual festival, which will take place tomorrow evening at IFEMA. And in this atmosphere of stars, with a smile that denotes her state of mind, China Suárez receives Teleshow. He is still tired of his participation in the star game, which took place at the Wanda Metropolitano, and from which he is struggling to recover. “My legs are numb, I don’t know how I’m going to put my heels on,” he jokes before the gala where one of the prizes will be awarded.

It will be the fourth time for the actress in the Platinum, an event that resembles her and that excites her that the next edition will find her among the nominees It is that in the month of September the premiere of Objectsthe film shot between Spain and Argentina with Alvaro Mortethe teacher of money theft and whose information is kept under lock and key. “You saw that they threatened you, they tell me ‘say we’re doing the premiere in September but don’t say anything else'”, he apologizes, and concedes some of the privacy of the shoot. “It’s a spectacular story, with a director like Jorge Dorado con a lot of experience; Álvaro is a mega partner, extremely talented and a great cast, and a dark story. Yes Sarah She’s a very patient girl,” she sums up about her character, where she plays a young woman trapped since she was a child in a human trafficking organization.

China Suárez after performing at the Wanda Metropolitano with the stars

China’s diary marks that in August he will return to film sets with a project he does not want to let go. Instead, it stops in the second season of ATAV, the series that gave him so much satisfaction and on which there has been repeated speculation about his participation in the time jump that the plot will experience. Is it your Rachel will be omnipresent in the life of her granddaughter, embodied by Justina Bustos, who will carry her hanging from her chest, very close to her heart . “It’s a program that I have a lot of affection for and it was one of my favorite characters. much loved Rachel and people too, so maybe yes, at some point I will appear, ”he says with a certain complicity, knowing that these words will resonate among the fans.

But Eugenia’s focus these days is on music. The emotion for her launch as a singer with “Eljuego del amor”, the theme of Santi Celli with which he still does not come back to the repercussions, which keep him at the top of the rotations of the various platforms. “I was surprised because it was very well received by people of all ages, which I wanted. I want them to be able to listen to me in the car, people like my mom who has music that’s been left out”. Talking about the subject fascinates her, like those things that are done with passion, and which generate the unique adrenaline of taking on new challenges. Like the one who experienced the official presentation of the single in Niceto a week ago.

“It was short for me. I wanted more, because I remembered how happy I was doing that, “he laments. It was his return to the stage after the phenomenon of Teenage angels and the special Nurseryalways on the side Chris Brown. But it is another China, more adult, with joys and scars; with motherhood, separations and endless gossip around her. “It is impossible not to know. Sometimes it touches me a lot and sometimes I take it well. It depends on the moment. Today I’m very well“, he assures. And there is no reason not to believe it.

It will be necessary to wait until June to hear the first song which will reflect this full moment of the actress. “These are ballads, songs that come from the heart, with a lot of love and Santi helps me shape them. They were written a long time ago, and I think they’re going to love them.” And in this invitation to his followers to discover another facet of his art, he explains why he chose music as a tool to show this more personal facet: “I think all artists do it from somewhere, which happens is that the one who acts hides behind a character. And in music, in my case, there is no character. It’s me with my soul in my hands”.

China Suárez plays football at the Wanda Metropolitano

Friends forever. Among the ceaseless circulation of artists, a few sets in a row are Lali Esposito, who tomorrow will be the presenter of the event with Miguel Angel Munoz. China regrets having her friend so close and so far away, is counting the hours to give each other that long-awaited hug, and still longs for the possibility of meeting in something in the future. “We would be delighted, we always work together again. I love her, I admire her, I appreciate her very much and I love everything she experiences. No one deserves it more than her.”

Her relationship with Lali, and in her her debut as an actress, is one of the memories that the actress keeps as a refuge. There are others ? “My family,” he replies without hesitation. “I had such a great childhood that I think that’s why I have trouble growing up and accepting the passage of time. I don’t want to forget all that, the years go by, a loved one leaves you, your voices leave you, it’s infuriating… I liked it so much that’s why I don’t want it to stay so far and I try to give the best to my children”.

The Madrid look suits the actress well. He demonstrated it as soon as he set foot in the Spanish capital, sharing images of his visit to the city. He ratified it in his performance in the star game, where he was the big protagonist, stealing the eyes of the artists. And he transmits it in each of his gestures. “I love Madrid, it shows a lot“, he confirms, although he rules out the possibility of living there at least in the short term. “I hope I can come often and that people like the film. But I live in Argentina, my children live with me, so I will continue to come and go”, he concluded and said goodbye until See you tomorrow, until the red carpet, where he will parade with his colleagues in a new Ibero-American movie night.


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